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  1. Game *The answer is a question*

    does it count if I haven’t stepped foot in a McD’s in over a decade? Maybe 2?
  2. Game *The answer is a question*

    Didn't I just match you, one ridiculous question for another?
  3. Game *The answer is a question*

    Are you going to agree that amercians do everything else better? Can I say "Yes, for purely scientific purposes"?
  4. Game *The answer is a question*

    aren't americans too rigid and conservative to have something called "gaytime"?
  5. Game *The answer is a question*

    If you prefer vomit over normal food, then that's normal...right?
  6. Game *The answer is a question*

    Would it surprise you @notsmokinjo if I said I thought they were fake?
  7. Game *The answer is a question*

    Isn't KFC "American (<ahem...the K is for Kentucky!>)? Wouldn't the Americans be doing it right?
  8. Game *The answer is a question*

    Should everyone individually ask about mashed potatoes and gravy?
  9. Game *The answer is a question*

    Doesn't everyone have mashed potatoes and gravy at kfc?
  10. Change A Letter Game

  11. chicks or sticks

  12. chicks or sticks

  13. chicks or sticks

  14. chicks or sticks


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