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  1. 6. Use it for gift wrap
  2. That's not you! Is it?
  3. Did you get that from Impractical Jokers @Mac#23? 4. Cover leftovers
  4. 1. Line your pans with it for easier clean up
  5. For @reciprocity, because you've been working so hard at your moms place A spa day!
  6. 9. Use them in your pillow shams
  7. To: @catlover, the worlds largest popcorn ball!
  8. I know exactly what you mean Kate. I still even four years quit notice smoking in shows I'm watching where I never would of before. Its so weird to watch still. And I'm surprised when I still see someone smoking in newer movies or shows. No cravings though but it does stand out. Glad your craving passed
  9. ACT NOW and you can go into 2021 COMPLETELY SMOKE FREE! You heard that right folks. No more burn holes everywhere No more stale smoke stink on you and all your stuff AND we already told you about all the extra CASH All this and there's STILL MORE! You heard that right, I've saved the best for last. Quit now and enjoy better health and less colds. Better circulation, pinker gums, the list goes on and on... So give yourself the ultimate gift this holiday season. You won't regret it
  10. 7. Use the stuffing in something else
  11. To my good friend @Stewbum, who's soon to join us on the train

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