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  1. 6. When we were kids we would tie some fishing string on it and throw it out on the road at the end of our street to mess with people who stopped to pick it up
  2. It's a life or death situation
  3. See above Why do guys call their muscles guns?
  4. I don't pray but I do wish for it but wouldn't you too if you lived in a place that hardly ever gets rain?
  5. 4. Carry a photo of a good-looking guy in it and tell everyone it's your ex boyfriend
  6. It won't always suck, I promise!
  7. Yes, have you not seen my yard?! Why do people like living in subzero temperatures?
  8. We don't keep a count oona, but we have a lot this year and you guys are all doing awesome
  9. I agree @reciprocity, especially since I can't understand what he's mumbling over the phone and have to ask him to repeat pretty much everything he says I find it a little irritating that my phone appt was 2:30 and he didn't call until 3:10!
  10. Waiting for my telephone Dr visit which was scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Geez, you'd think they could call on time since the whole call lasts less then five minutes tops
  11. So happy for you Kate, huge congrats on eight months
  12. You're doing great Christine and we're here if you need us

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