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  1. That's awesome Amy, Congratulations! Thanks for checking it
  2. SueBeDoo Quit Date: 29th september 2013 Posted October 24, 2014 · IP I was one of those people that quit smoking more times than i care to remember and i always gave in at the first sign of a crave. But this time when i quit, i got through each crave and do you know what, i felt euphoric for making it, it is the best feeling ever, you have the strongest urge to smoke but you hang tight and do not give in and the high you feel is just amazing. Cant beat a free buzz :pleasantry: when i would wake up the next morning after not giving in i would be on cloud nine all day,Got to the point were i was looking forward to getting a crave because i knew the feeling i would get when the crave went was priceless, no cigarette can give the same feeling. I promise you it is fab, Give it a try quit now and see how you feel when you get through the really tough ones, you will feel a million times better than if you had gave in and smoked. When a crave hits face it head on say come on do your worst, is that the best you can do and try laugh through it. You owe it to yourself to give 1oo% to your quit xxxx :give_heart: :dance2: Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/3233-give-it-a-try/
  3. Did mac change the search on us?
  4. Well if I'm watching it specifically to see if he talks about bushes then no?
  5. So far not much but should I keep watching just in case?
  6. I'm watching A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood maybe Mr. Rogers knows something about them?
  7. What are you currently researching katgirl? ( @Linda, looks like you got the quote vs tag down )
  8. So do a poll on whether we should ask mac and katgirl to do a poll?
  9. Ok so then what's the question?

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