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  1. Been looking into new drums Drums
  2. jillar

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Fake an orgasm
  3. Did you see they're giving away a dumpling restaurant in NYC mac?
  4. No. That would be a monopoly and prices would be much higher I heard meowing but my cats mouth wasn't moving. Does that mean she's a ventriloquist?
  5. And here was an alternative for the 2016 Buttkickers
  6. It took an hour to get a blood test today. No one is allowed in until they come out and ask for the next person in line. Apparently they sanitize the rooms after each patient and it takes eight minutes for the sanitizer to work. So with six people in front of me it was 48 minutes before I even got in the door. Most of our blood labs are closed temporarily so it's really creating an influx on the few that are open
  7. Do you have vegemite on your menu?
  8. jillar

    Phrase Connect Game

    Better late than never
  9. Jo loves numbers so if you don't than maybe you should keep your current job?
  10. jillar

    Phrase Connect Game

    I got nothing but time
  11. Do you know it though since you haven't tried it?
  12. Isn't that safer at your age?
  13. I thought you meant working FOR her not for her so my bad, forgive me?

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