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  1. Yay DogBelly, that's fantastic! Congratulations
  2. Hi again @Hollyleaf, many of us suffered insomnia when we first quit. I used an OTC sleep aid a couple times a week and I found just taking one pill before bedtime was enough to take the edge off so I could sleep. It won't last forever but unfortunately just another annoying recovery symptom we have to go through to get to the other side, xoxo
  3. Hey @Hollyleaf, the first few days/weeks/months may be tough but unfortunately we have to go through them to get past them. Handy in there, throw out any cigarettes you have. You can do this
  4. 5. I used one to outline the shape of my pond
  5. 3. Hose down the front porch
  6. 10. Dry your hands A hose
  7. You know @Kate18, we smoked for so many years that it would be impossible to go through all those different triggers in just one year. I remember when I was eleven months quit thinking how nice a cigarette would be to celebrate my first year quit! And I still get that occasional urge to have one almost five years later. The beauty of it now though is I realize that its just a thought, I don't really want one, and will pass as quickly as it came
  8. Electronically controlled temperature
  9. 5. Use if you run out of toilet paper
  10. Hey @Annien, your quit starts the minute you put out your last cigarette. Mine's 10:15 pm. We have tickers here that will keep track of all the time, cigarettes NOT smoked and money saved since you quit. Its great inspiration and also shows what you're giving up should you relapse. Here's a how to if you want one https://www.quittrain.com/topic/15042-creating-a-ticker/
  11. I'm going to move your post Annien to the Introductions forum
  12. Hi Annien, YES it's a GREAT way to quit! I had known for a while that I needed to quit too and just decided one day to not buy anymore. That was almost five years ago now The only REALLY important step to take is to not smoke! But as far as tips and clues go, I recommend getting yourself some sweets to suck on as our bodies seem to crave that when we first quit. Also listen to your body, it's going to go right to work to start cleaning the years of damage we did by smoking so if it's craving something, give it what it wants. And if your body needs rest, rest. We also have great articles
  13. Welcome aboard our train full of quitters Holly leaf and congratulations on day 5! That's great that we helped your friend, maybe she'll stop by and tell us how she's doing? Make sure to look around the place and all we have to offer with our various forums
  14. babs609 Posted February 13, 2015 · IP (edited) Quitting smoking is often referred to a roller coaster ride, and with good reason. While one minute you are feeling confident and strong that you finally "beat" that sucker. Thinking.."Yes! I'm doing it..I'm gonna make it"..only to be followed by feelings of doubt, fear, anger, frustration, sadness, lonliness..and these feelings can change within just moments. This is the part that would beat me down in prior attempts. I just was tired of the ups and downs. I think having the "ups" was actually a deterrent to my quit becaus

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