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  1. Taking the road less traveled
  2. The other left isn't your left If two wrongs don't make a right, what do they make?
  3. It sounds like you are so when's the big day?
  4. 8. Use to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey
  5. 5. Use them to mark places on a wall map
  6. 3. Hold an outdoor tablecloth down with them
  7. 1. Hang posters on the wall
  8. Wow @reciprocity, good thing you brought food with you! I thought our lockdown was bad but we at least always had restaurant take out and our grocery stores and pharmacy stores never closed either. Stay safe my friend
  9. Why the confused look @Mac#23? He really does love wrapping gifts he gives using duct tape just cause he's a little shit lol
  10. 8. My nephew likes to wrap gifts with duct tape
  11. Well that must suck, no wonder she's getting fired! Do you think she's used to getting fired?
  12. It means you get a thrill out of slapping things If they keep robbing Peter to pay Paul why hasn't Paul beefed up his security?
  13. Dang, you really don't like her do you?
  14. So you hired a cook that can't cook?
  15. Regurgitated egg noodles

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