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  1. JOD

    Thursday 6th December 2018

    That's easy! I don't smoke! NOPE
  2. JOD

    The holidays

    You can do this! I quit just 3 weeks before a Thanksgiving holiday, and just 7 weeks before Christmas, and looking back I wouldn't have done it any other way. The confidence you've earned from being free of your addiction is a treasure, and sharing that joy wtih all of the folks coming to visit will make you feel great. Enjoy everyone's company and quirks and let them pull whatever S&*& they want - stay enveloped in your happiness in being free
  3. JOD

    Monday 19 th November 2018

    NOPE, I don't smoke!
  4. JOD

    JOD is 8 years smoke free

    Sometimes I have to almost pinch myself to believe that I'm free after more than 30 years of addiction. But NOPE and the comraderie of supportive folks made the difference for me. With gratitude to all, I think this is my favorite day of the year! My celebration today has been quiet, confident, and joyful. Thank you! Jim
  5. JOD

    1 to 20,000 in pictures

  6. JOD

    Sunday 19th August 2018

  7. JOD

    Why N.O.P.E is a must!

    The law of addiction is very, very real, that's why! "Administration of a drug to an addict will cause re-establishment of chemical dependence upon the addictive substance." https://whyquit.com/pr/072907.html Jim
  8. Simply, after 35 years of smoking, I came to the place where I decided that I would no longer be a participating slave to the addiction. I looked at it as a battle that I had to win. And with help from a great bunch of warriors (some of whom are now here) and Joel's writings, I fought the demon and beat the SOB 😘 Freedom is so worth it!!!! Jim
  9. JOD

    In Memory Of Beth (Queen Greenlover)

    Greenlover (I called her GL) was a straight talking warrior who I was proud to call a friend. She was at her most generous best when in 1:1 conversations off-line, and at her most ferocious best when getting crossed on the QSMB 😉 I deeply cherish her memory, and her steadfast opinionated self, still. Jim
  10. JOD

    Sunday 12th August 2018

    Happy to be aboard. NOPE! Jim
  11. JOD

    Time for a Bonfire !!

    Before the bonfire goes out, here are my 55,800 unsmoked cigarettes with humble thanks for all the help I received from others
  12. JOD

    WOW !!! 5 years smoke free !!!!

    Congratulations on a lasting quit, lasting freedom, and inspiration for others! Bravo! Jim
  13. JOD

    Motivations To Quit/Stay Quit

    After years of failed quits of one sort or another, my motivation to quit was a deep feeling that I had no more time and needed to do it right, and once and for all. I found QSMB, lurked for a while, got a prescription of Chantix, and made my first post. Motivation to stay quit--well,... freedom is addictive! I feel so much better I can't even consider going back. I also believe that the Law of Addiction is 100% accurate. Jim
  14. JOD

    Saturday 4th August 2018

    NOPE 😊
  15. JOD

    Thursday 2nd August 2018

    Is this a long distance no-smoking train? I'm in

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