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  1. TobacNO

    Kdad is 1 Month Smoke Free!

    Congrats Kdad!!!!
  2. TobacNO

    Wednesday 10th October 2018

  3. TobacNO

    Tuesday 9th October 2018

  4. TobacNO

    Monday 8th October 2018

  5. TobacNO

    Friday 5 th October 2018

  6. TobacNO

    Wednesday 3rd October 2018

  7. TobacNO

    Tuesday 2nd October 2018

  8. TobacNO

    Decision Made

    "Dosh was a major motivator in my quit. I put aside the cost of a pack a day and kept it in a mason jar. It was amazing how much money accumulated and Fast ! To think we paid to poison ourselves is beyond comprehension until you understand addiction, then it makes you furious." @Sazerac, That is simple and brilliant at the same time! And I wasn't smart enough to think of it on my own. 😕 That's a nice way (besides the ticker) to keep track of how much of a "pay raise" we give ourselves once we stop paying for poison.
  9. TobacNO

    Decision Made

    Congratulations on making that decision Dragonsfancy!
  10. TobacNO

    I never really gained weight.

    I was absolutely obsessed with food, Especially candy the first few days and I thought it was going to become as big of a problem as smoking. For some reason though on day 10 the infatuation with food just went away. On day 12 I forgot to put a nicotine patch on and didn't have any bigger cravings than normal so I haven't put one on since. I have no idea if this is normal or not but I hope this trend continues.
  11. TobacNO

    Monday 1st October 2018

  12. TobacNO

    Saturday 29th September 2018


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