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    archery, hunting, fishing, ice fishing, all animals and wildlife, and friends and family
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  1. Jack9211

    Hello from Maine

    about 18 inches of snow fell here and it's still coming down a little......really is beautiful, although it's quite a mess.
  2. Jack9211

    Hello from Maine

    we can all do this.......feeling pretty good here.
  3. Jack9211

    Hello from Maine

    good afternoon.....yup. 2 rounds. not much yesterday....maybe 3 or 4 inches....quite a bit more today. still coming down. we need it for business. sure does help...hahaha....i'll be a busy boy at work tomorrow for sure.
  4. Jack9211

    Hello from Maine

    good days and bad days.......starting to be good days out numbering the bad. i must be the luckiest guy in the world to have found this site, and all the caring people on it. can't thank you all enough.
  5. Jack9211

    Hello from Maine

    doing fine....thank you. been busy as all get out. snowing.....always brings a crowd to town. out population is around 850 residents.....but snowmobile season bring 3 times that many.....hahaha
  6. Jack9211

    Non Smoking Deer

    looking out the kitchen window....
  7. Jack9211

    Hello from Maine

    not doing alot of cross border shopping....however the duty free store is pretty handy.....
  8. Jack9211

    Hello from Maine

    do it....i am on the other side of the state though......western mountains....16 miles from canada
  9. Jack9211

    Hello from Maine

    as i look to my left hand to grab the cigs and lighter, i realize there is nothing there. there is a very slight feeling of panic......that passes quickly. a week ago i panicked if i had less than 3 packs at bed time. it's a crazy journey i'm on. the urge passes more quickly every day. it's actually funny to look and see nothing there. you folks on this forum seem to know what is needed.....tonight i needed the funny posts......you helped me through another night and i appreciate it. i wish you all could come to the bar when i'm working.....first one is on me !!! thanks to all of you for caring about another persons well being.
  10. Jack9211

    Hello from Maine

    quite well....thank you for asking.......getting a little easier every day.
  11. Jack9211

    Hello from Maine

    hahaha.....i would like to work in that bar
  12. Jack9211

    Hello from Maine

  13. Jack9211

    Hello from Maine

    sure thing....tomorrow i a work day...c'mon up to the bar !! we have a 3 drink limit on long islands....hahaha they taste great....
  14. Jack9211

    Hello from Maine

    it's made with a rocks glas each of vodka, triple sec, amareto, sloe gin, southern comfort, and orange juice....and a 1/2 rocks glass of sour and 1/2 of grenadine....we keep several bottles cold all the time. it tastes just like hawaiian punch. and packs a punch...hahaha
  15. Jack9211

    Hello from Maine

    i had to work today....crazy busy. new years eve and everyone was celebrating early. i made gallon of bloody mary's and a gallon of red death shots. glad to be home where it's safe.

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