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Wednesday 2nd January 2019

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short, sweet, simple.....NOPE


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Greetings NOPErs... today is World Introvert Day which I feel completely not qualified to speak on... if your not sure what an introvert is think me and reverse it.... HOWEVER today is also Motivation and Inspiration Day.... every day has some significance or special event somewhere in the world but this American concept, which is spreading around the world, is truly worth a shout out, and you never know it might just be what someone out there needs to change there life. Sorry peeps but this will be one of my longer NOPEs and it is a case for once of less not being more.... so lets start with some history... for most people the 2nd of January is just the day we finally recover from New Years Eve... but on December 18th, 2001 The United States Congress passed into being the National Motivation & Inspiration Day, after the tragic events of September 11th, 2001.

That was when Kevin L. McCrudden became the first and so far only motivational and leadership speaker to ever have had such a day passed by Congress, acknowledging the importance of “motivation” and “inspiration” in our daily lives. McCrudden felt that post 9/11 all Americans needed something to remind them that despite the horror, tragedy and bleakness there were still many things to live on for. The idea was simple, encourage people everywhere to change their lives for the better.

So how the hell do you celebrate Motivation & Inspiration Day? So considering the events that inspired this day, first maybe, we should all pause and spend a minute or two in silence as a remembrance and out of respect for the men and women who lost their lives to terrorism. Then honour their memories by appreciating your own life and making it better!

There are many ways to do this:

  1. Think of someone in your life who inspires you, whether it’s your mother, father, spouse or friend and find a way to show them an appreciation for being who they are. The gesture doesn’t have to be a grand one—take your mother, father or friend out to lunch and talk about their life and what helped to make them as strong as they are, thank them for showing you how to deal with life’s challenges.
  2. Buy a nice bottle of wine for your spouse and be sure to spend the evening with him or her, telling them how glad you are to be able to share your life with them.All too often in life, people take their close ones for granted, but we should never miss a chance to tell people who are special and inspirational to us just how much we appreciate them.
  3. You can also start doing something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, but have kept putting off. Sign up for a martial arts class, start learning a new language, make a list of books to read, or buy a cookbook full of healthy recipes to make for your family instead of eating takeout every evening. GIVE UP SMOKING. Start taking a daily walk.
  4. Read something Inspirational... maybe just read an article about someone you find inspiring like Nelson Mandela, Benjamin Franklin, Chiune Sugihara, Mordechai Vanunu or watch a movie about someone or something inspirational.

Whatever way you decide to celebrate Motivation and Inspiration Day, make sure it changes your life for the better and helps you appreciate life more!


So on Motivation and Inspiration Day I definitely pledge NOPE.



NOPE... because I am worth it.

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I will not smoke today.

Three weeks quit. :) 

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