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    So you've relapsed again for the umpteenth time. You come to the board admitting your failure and get a mixture of responses. Some positive and it makes you get right back to your quit. Some negative and you're afraid to post or start again because you'll only fail and upset people. But the truth is, who cares what we think? It's your life, your quit. You decide when you're ready to quit. We offer the support, along with a huge library of education. We also offer a ton of socializing topics to help distract you and keep your mind off smoking. Please remember that we have lots of "chronic" relapsers who finally found their forever quit and so can you. Never Give up giving up.
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    Just got back from donating blood. As a person who is at least 28 days from getting COVID-19 and now fully recovered, I am eligible for donating plasma that researchers will test on people who are critically ill. Would be great if it helps....fingers crossed.
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    Ok, that was just to get your attention.... My sister is going to quit smoking - she just started Chantix. She has the normal fears, alright....she's scared out of her wits. She calls me with her new "fear" OR "I was wondering..." I am able to give her an intelligent answer! Imagine that???? I guess two and a half years of reading, reading & more reading not only helped me but just might help my sister reach her sticky quit. KTQ
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    G’day NOPE .......and a pinch and a punch for the first of the month
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    Hello, everyone I am still here lurking and reading. I make sure I come here everyday to pledge nope for the day. Then I check it periodically throughout the day. I am still smoke free. I Haven't had a cigarette in 11 days. I have been keeping busy cleaning our the house and car. Going fishing, and hanging out with family and friends. Dealing with everyone and everything. Like I said I am coming here when I need to, sometimes reading, sometime posting on my blog or on the forum. Just wanted to let people know I am okay.
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    Rozuki In 25 days, I will celebrate 3 yrs quit!! I have had a few health issues in those 3 years, but survived a stroke in 2017 and CABG x 3 open heart surgery in 2018. No complaints and my doctors are happy with how I am doing. Gained quite a few lbs\kg (due to the heart surgery, not the fact that I quit smoking!!) but have managed to lose a few of 'em...will be doubling down on the exercise as I need to fit into a bathing suit the week of May 1st!!! I retired January 2019 and in process of getting my house ready to sell this summer...fingers crossed it goes quickly and smoothly. Here is a cute pic of one of my dogs, his name is Panda....he is a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie) and is a sweetie-pie of a little tuff guy!
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    Me !!!l.... Horney Toad,Doorbell,Boos Soddy Daisy..... Over 6 years Quit...thanks to the good folks here ...after puffing myself through 52 years.... Just done a round trip to Australia and back ....alone .....another massive achievement.... On arrival back ...I see my grandson is bigger than me .....
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    Linda 537 days quit I have entered the next phase of my life. I turned 65 yrs old yesterday.. My husband retired on December 31st. I do find he is a little hooked to my hip but it is wonderful to pick up and do what we want. I hope we can navigate this new period of our lives with little bumps. Hopefully quitting smoking gives us more time together and we stay healthy. I did gain quite a few quit smoking pounds but started the new year dieting. My husband and I have both lost 8 pounds each.
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    Hello, Unless you were on QSMB years ago, you probably do not remember or know about Jonny 5. However, this very inspirational poster is celebrating his 8 years anniversary today !!! Happy 8 Years, Jonny 5 !!! Below is a re-post of one of Jonny 5´s famous posts from QSMB - Enjoy !!! YOU AND I ARE NICOTINE ADDICTS, THESE ARE THE RULES Posted 26 January 2014 - 02:48 PM If you smoked, and continued to smoke, even knowing it was very dangerous, then like me, you are a nicotine addict. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE ADDICTED TO NICOTINE, CHANGES HAVE TAKEN PLACE THAT CAN'T BE REVERSED because you are a nicotine addict, you can never casually use nicotine without reawakening the addiction THE GOOD NEWS IS YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CONTINUE TO USE NICOTINE BECAUSE YOU ARE AN ADDICT You can put the addiction to sleep, and live as if you have never smoked, never troubled, or distracted by cravings. TO ESCAPE YOU MUST NEVER INGEST NICOTINE EVER AGAIN, OR YOU WILL GO THROUGH WITHDRAWAL AGAIN sure, the habit part of the addiction may have been disrupted or broken through your quit time, but following relapse the physical withdrawals could lead you back to full time smoking again. I UNDERSTAND THAT MY BRAIN CHEMISTRY HAS BEEN ALTERED. I UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES OF INTRODUCING NICOTINE INTO MY BODY, I UNDERSTAND THAT I CAN NEVER TAKE NICOTINE WITHOUT MY ALTERED BRAIN RESTARTING THE ADDICT CRAVINGS ALL OVER AGAIN DO YOU?
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    Still loving my badges! Well I made it though the first 30 days! There have been some cravings. But all in all not to bad. I have the habit I think the most at this point. But I’m finding I like not having cigarettes running the show! I don’t have to worry did I remember my cigarettes and lighter, when am I going to get to a smoking area etc. I feel free when this happens now! And the times I think about smoking are becoming less and less. And thanks again to everyone who has supported me in my quest to become a non smoker! This forum has been invaluable to me and my success! I may not always post but I’m here everyday reading.
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    Over my four years of being on support forums I've seen a few people who just couldn't seem to get their sticky quit the first time. They start so gung-ho and post daily getting and even offering support from and to fellow quitters. Then one day they are gone...…….. When they resurface it's usually with tail between their legs hoping for the same support they received before they relapsed. And with the exception of some tough love, because some people just need that, they get the same level of support as they got the first time. We get it, quitting is hard for a lot of us and it sucks. Some even make new accounts out of embarrassment of their failed quits thinking too that perhaps a new account will help them get their forever quit. The problem with this is two-fold. One, you MUST OWN YOUR RELAPSE. It's the only way you can look back and see what you can do differently to help get your sticky quit. Two, it's not fair to the members who welcome you as a new quitter instead of who you are. You see the support you are going to be offered as a relapser compared to as a new quitter is quite different. Yes, we may get short at times but it's only because we care and don't want to see anyone have to continually put themselves through the hardest first few weeks of quitting over and over again. Yes, it may be embarrassing but we can offer you tips and clues based on our own relapses or on how we saved our quits from a relapse. There is nothing better for me than to see a chronic relapser finally get their forever quit. So own your relapse, come back on and lets get this done!
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    This ^^^ Everything I did had to be in 15-20 minute pieces between smokes.
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    I am over here now....home and staying safe!
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    G’day NOPE .......smokings not for me
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    NOPE It's lovely to see the dollars that I have saved mount up on the ticker
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    Name: Boo Status: About six weeks shy of celebrating four years quit. What's new: Preparing for fatherhood. Selfie:
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    - abbynormal - 384 days quit - We got a new truck, so like, that's pretty cool. It'll be the first vehicle we own that I won't smoke in ever! - I don't do selfies, but this pretty much sums it up:
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    If it wasnt for quitting smoking, I wouldnt have been... • gradually, over the past year, deep cleaning my house to the point where I feel at home and at ease again • succesfully negotiating my job position and salary • taking up yoga classes (and even liking them) • saving money for a piano ánd being able to deal with some unexpected financial surprises • picking up writing again • losing 22 lbs • re-doing my bedroom And on a more subtle, but very meaningful level: • accepting and adjusting to some major changes in my personal life • coming to a new understanding with anxiety • learning to say 'I need some time. Let me get back at that'. • learning to be less (self)judgemental • slowly gaining back some concentration, which I use to read. Thats major, after years of depression and fighting for my sanity. The other day I ran into someone I havent talked to in a long time. She said these unforgettable words: 'its like you are more at peace now, not being haunted by some invisible raging inner critic'. And thats exactly how it is! At the time it all seemed to go sooo veeeeerryyyyy sloooow. I nearly lost patience and kept complaining about the time it took for the patterns to, well, die. I clearly remember my desperation at smokey thoughts: "does this ever stop?!". And now I am almost three months into my second year and Im able to look back at that time, with nothing less than satisfaction and an insane amount of gratitude. To the hero strugglers, keep going. You will feel better at some point, you will get there. Every day done and dusted is another promis for change. Thoughts about smoking will diminish, unrest will settle and you will find ways to give different meaning to whatever personal issues this addiction forces you to work with. It is doable and more than worth it, for me as well as for you!
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    Hi, new here. Glad to have found the site. I’m home today from work and didn’t have a plan to stop smoking until this morning. I’m tired of wheezing and stinking, and have been thinking of stopping for months. What pushed me toward a decision this morning is I ran out of cigs and don’t feel well to go out to buy more. So I figured now’s the time! A part of me doesn’t want to stop - I have to be honest. Yet I know I must. I’ve stopped before for many years but it didn’t last. This is it. I have to be done. I’m always exhausted, have a very stressful job, and don’t exercise much since starting to smoke again a few years ago. I’m headed for a heart attack, stroke, COPD, etc., if I don't wise up now. Thanks.
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    G’day Virus or no virus the answer is still ......NOPE!
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    I took some advice and rewarded myself this afternoon. Since I'm recently-ish single again I took my ownself out on a date. SOMEONE has to! So this awesome chick named idontsmoke and I went for a mani-pedi and then got a burger. Masks, gloves, plexiglass and distancing were in place, so we were safe. Anyway, I kinda like this lady. I may have to treat her to nice things like that more often.
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    That extra cha-ching in my pocket.
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