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  1. Hi everyone sorry I’ve been missing in action. Though the storm didn’t hit south Florida it did a real number on our friends and neighbors in The Bahamas. I have been quite busy helping with the relief efforts to Grand Bahama. It’s only 60 miles from me. We spend a lot of time their in the summer. Please everyone pray for them and the lost souls. There are going to be thousands that parish in the storm. I’m still keeping my quit. No smoking even with all the stress of a hurricane. God bless you all. I will be back on when things slow down a little so many things to do at the moment.
  2. They are the best family dogs. Great with kids. Samson has no conception of personal space lol. He is always next to me or at my feet.
  3. Thanks is a little sleepy there. He’s my best pal.
  4. Samson doesn’t smoke!
  5. He was supposed to quit with me. He can go all weekend without smoking. He doesn’t smoke around me. His kids really want him to quit. But I know he has to be ready to quit.

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