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  1. Lol wrong link but I like that one too
  2. Sazerac believe me I know it wasn’t a successful quit. I think I learned I can just a one. And I have no intention on go though this again. No fun and I have better things to do with my time than put those nasty little needy things in my mouth again.
  3. I have quit before. I just stayed busy and I did start going to the gym. I plan on that again. When I smoke I can’t do all the workouts I like. I love spin classes but no way you can do that and be a smoker. Of course I changed the place I went. In the beginning I just made it hard to find places to smoke. That helps if I’m out having a few drinks with friends. Most of my friends don’t smoke. So that is helpful. Even when I smoke I don’t like the smell and I can always smell it. When I don’t smoke I can really smell everything so much better. I went out with a few friends that at the time where smokers and it was a bar you could smoke in. The is how I started again too many drinks and friends with cigarettes that didn’t talk me down. Today I don’t go out drinking like I did than. One I can’t drink like that now. I have type 1 diabetes. Two I’m 12 year older so out drinking like that doesn’t do it for me. I’ve made a lot of life style changes. So this is the last one. So I guess I’m just doing the things I know worked last time.
  4. Thanks jillar did you use it this time?
  5. Sazerac thanks for the info i’m aware of the side effects of Chantix. I don’t have heart problems. I’ve reduced my Chantix I 1 day. I’m going to stop taking it in the next couple of weeks. I don’t think I need it for a full 3 months. I’m always aware of what’s going on with my body. I only have a little shortness of breath. No signs of a heart attack. I’m not sure if I mentioned I have type 1 diabetes. I was Diagnosed 3 years ago. I see doctors all the time. Just went to my doctor 1 week ago. No heart problems blood pressure is good. They keep a good eye on heart disease as a diabetic I’m at a higher risk for it.
  6. Thanks Martian I will stay close. Been on and off all day. And thinking about all the reason I have to stay a non smoker!
  7. My withdrawals are getting better. Still have a little fatigue. The body aches are much better. Still have the worst headaches though. But it is getting better. I know when it’s all said and done I will feel great.
  8. Your as well Joe! It’s not raining at this minute but if looks like it’s not done yet lol. There’s alway tomorrow. Think I’ll take a little nap
  9. Samson loves to play fetch. And he loves swimming. Which I had planned on doing again with him today but it’s raining here. South Florida summers never know what you will get. I put my quit post up on Facebook last night. I got a lot of you can do it. I didn’t really tell to many people I was quoting right away. I’m lucky that most of the family doesn’t smoke. Hope everyone is have a good day!
  10. Well one can dream lol. I’m not has exhausted today. At least there is that. Good thing I’m good at looking on the bright side.
  11. Thanks BKP! I’m Just waiting for this burst of energy everyone says they get. where’s mine
  12. Joe we can do it! I don’t have too much of the brain fog. But the body aches, no Energy have been killing me. But today is a little better. I’m going to think about how awful I have felt anytime I think about putting one of those nasty smelly little cancer stick in my mouth.
  13. Thanks you checking on me Sazerac. I’m just waking up. So far so good. Took the dog out and didn’t think about having one at all. Of course I wake up with a headache. No biggie Ibuprofen here I come and my coffee. Yesterday afternoon I decided to go hang by the pool. That helped a lot. So hot here in July. And I could do a little exercise in the pool. Not ready for the gym just yet. I don’t seem to be as achy this morning. So I’m going to try and get a little housework done today. And if I get to tired to finish oh well, i’ll get there. It’s going to take a little longer this go around. I never had and of the withdrawals with the laser treatment. I look at it this way if I think about ever putting a cigarette in my mouth I’m going to remember how awful I have felt when I quit. That should do it. At least I hope. This is no fun at all. And I’m not a spring chicken lol

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