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    It's my privilege to get this celebration under way .... What a weird and wonderful relationship.... A Goat and a toad.... How time flies ...it's hard to believe it's 3 years .... You have had, and still have some big changes in your life about to happen ....kicking the butt was just the beginning.... But our cyber fun didn't change ....and never will.... I'm so proud of you ..... Congratulations..... For your fab 3 years ... As only a scouser says ....well in !!!!....I'm chuffed for ya !!!! Thank you for all your support to help those that follow... You are always the Gentleman ....saying what you mean .. But not saying it mean...you are so well respected here,and we are lucky to have you ... Enjoy your day ...it's special .... Love you sweetie ... Xxxxx
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    Hi, fellow quitters! Today was my 25th day off cigarettes, and it was a turning point for me. I felt better than I've felt in 4 decades. I'm so much happier...that's incredible!!!
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    Congrats @Boo on 3 awesome smoke free years! Thanks for still riding the train and dishing out your advice and support. Its a real asset having you around to show the way and keep us in line. Doreen nailed it, you do always say what you mean without being mean... that takes class and skill. So sit back, raise a glass, i'm sure the bar keep could through some protein green thing together, and enjoy your day. Year 3 saw and new house and an engagement ..... we know year 4 will feature a wedding but what else is around the corner?.... keep lickin' windows and hold on and enjoy the smoke free ride.
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    Congratulations boo on three years quit! Doreen nailed it, we are lucky to have you still saying what you mean without being mean. This is going to be another HUGE exciting year for you and I'm glad you get to do it smoke free
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    3 Years ago today your went head-on with your nicotine addiction and WON! Great job Boo and thanks for hanging around to pass on your quit wisdom. Hope you have a wonderful day of celebration.
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    Congrats on your 3 years. I have been so grateful to have you along my journey. You are no nonsense, straight forward and funny. Though your life is evolving into much better things, I hope you stay around to keep coaching.
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    Anniversaries are a good time to take a trip down memory lane. Three years ago, I finally decided to jump on the Quit Train publicly after lurking around for a couple of weeks. I was unsure of a lot of things. Didn't really know if I could quit smoking. Frankly, wasn't 100% certain that I wanted to quit for good. Didn't really know if an online forum was for me. I climbed aboard anyway and it was one of the best moves I've ever made. The Quit Train and its members mean more to me than you'll ever know. This place was a refuge of support and knowledge in those early days when I needed all the support and knowledge that I could get. Now I enjoy watching the newcomers win their own personal battles and achieve freedom. The fact that this place is a lot of fun and has given me the opportunity to meet some genuinely awesome people is a nice bonus as well. A sincere thank you to each and every one of you who have made these last three years a great ride...Stay awesome Quit Train.
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    Congratulations on the big 3!!!
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    Congratulations, Boo!! So happy for you! You will be a handsome, non-smoking groom. Thank you for all you do here.
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    Congratulations, Boo, on your Three Years of Freedom ! Your clarity and honesty is so refreshing. Thank you for quitting and jumping into the fray here.
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    looks like he's havin' fun to me @Doreensfree
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    Hope your enjoying your big day buddy ...!!!!...love ya xxxx
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    Congratulations on your 3 years Boo.
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    Boo Many congrats on 3 years.
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    Nope! "A person does not grow from the ground like a vine or a tree, one is not part of a plot of land. Mankind has legs so it can wander." - Roman Payne, The Wanderess
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    Gday NOPE as if I’d miss a day C
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    Congrats Boo! You are a staple here.
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    Congrats on the 3 year mark Boo, you are always there keeping it real and adding the humor as it moves forward!!!
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    Congratulations on 3 great years smoke free, Boo!
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    Congrats, Boo! Cheers for three years!!! Celebrate and KTQ!
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    Sorry but not true, My aunty never smoked a day in her life but she died from lung cancer caused by my uncles smoking. 2nd hand smoke is just as deadly. There are plenty of alcoholics and junkies that don't kill or hurt anyone else for their addiction. But you can not compare public sentiment to cigarettes, illegal drugs and e-cigs.... they are not the same things. Tobacco Products - Are a legal industry that were touted as safe, and good for you until evidence proved without a shadow of a doubt that they are not. This proof took decades to be accepted. These deadly products, just like alcohol, are legal. The governments of the world make money from these. The tobacco and alcohol industries make money from these. It is legal to buy, sell and use these. This is an established problem that is being chipped away at as possible but is completely legal so not all that much that can be done. Illegal Drugs - are just that illegal, there are laws that try to prevent there sale, use, etc, etc, etc..... the things is, and lets be honest, they make you feel pretty damn good while you have them onboard.... so just like alcohol, just like tobacco and nicotine, there are always going to be people who want what they get from them... so until you kill the demand you will never win the war on drugs... but the battle against illegals is not comparable to the battle against legal substances of abuse. E-cigs - are relatively new on the block and the reality is they are an unknown entity. They are an entry level product, considering the horror that those nice, safe, healthy cigarettes became why wouldn't people be more wary, critical and against the new nicotine delivery system? Why wouldn't governments want to stop and or regulate something before it becomes the unstoppable juggernaut that big tobacco now is. It is easier to stop something before it gets traction..... from what I read from multiple sources they are not regulated in the US... kids can buy this shit.... kids are getting addicted to this and you know who is rubbing there hands together with glee??.... big frickin tobacco.... I'm frickin proud I live in a country where the government said no... where they are trying to minimise and regulate it.... but that said you can not compare the products because they are completely different beasts.
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    So sorry for too long downtime. During server and forum upgrades goes so many things wrong, but now should everything work again.
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    So in honour of @Boo's big woohoo 3peat anniversary this weeks poll see's us voting on which of those songs listed is Elvis' best offering. Now I know there are heaps of songs not here ..... you got the top 6. A special thank you goes out to the kid for her assistance with compiling this list... yes I know there are some good songs not listed but as she pointed out... "You can't have Blue Suede Shoes, cos Elvis only covered that"..... so of his original songs these are the 6 to vote on.... which is the train favourite? The kid also told be that I could not include any Elvis Costello songs because that would false advertising. Oh and if there are any covers in there don't blame me I don't listen to his stuff.
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    #NOPE @Cbdave must be ZZZZ
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    NOPE - smoking sucks!
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    Booger.....get your fingers out of your nose and come blow the candles.
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    Never have nor never will underestimate the ripples or damage, trauma and horror caused by illegal drug use. Did you know in Australia you can get a disability pension for being an alcoholic or a heroin junky? but try and get on for ptsd or bipolar.... much harder to achieve... You are new so you don't have my back story but I am an alcoholic and always will be I just choose to be sober.. just the same as I don't do uppers anymore but there was a time when I did, so I am a junky too and I always will be, I just choose to be sober. I'm just saying they can't be compared. So the politically correct camp has us following the line that addicts are victims and its an illness.... and big pharma support this because there is money in it for them...I think part of the hate shaming of smokers is the old shame technique.... make a smoker feel bad, and ostracized and inferior and it may motivate them to quit... that's all... basically every human wants to fit in, and be accepted and part of the crowd.... so take that away and maybe that will make them want to quit. Using illegal drugs is already turning your back on society to do it... so the shame technique does not work. @Icanhike thank you so much for sharing your story. I am sorry you have had to and are still living the horror of having an addicted son. He is lucky to have you still in his camp.
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    Congratulations Boo and hope you celebrate in style X
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    Congratulations @Opah for being 2 months smoke free! Well done Opah for making it two months quit. It hasn't been easy with the realities of life throwing up challenges and hurdles that were not part of the plan but you are showing those behind you how it can be done. One day at a time and SOS when you need it. Its great watching you succeed. Make sure you do something special to celebrate this milestone, you certainly deserve it.
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    NOPE. Not even once!
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    I'm so happy to see you so happy in your quit!!! A positive attitude will take you far.
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    Gosh that's like a cross examination I'm still quit but definitely not confident. I've been in bed since I quit and only got up today. Haven't had to deal with triggers/craves yet. Not using NRT yet but do have a pack of lozenges on standby.
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    Yeah, I'm not sure why but that song always clicked with me too. That was my vote.
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    All right Doreen, how you getting those videos of me !!!!! Good thing I picked the Black thongs. Thank you yes the end of this secnd month has thrown me for a loop, and knocked me back on my heels. Still dealing with the emotions, helping Joes wife deal with all the stuff she needs to get rid of or sell off, and both Joe and Bills services are next week and the week after. I have never been to a funeral, I ussually fine myself a quite place away from all and speed what ever time I need to say good Bye. This is not going to be easy, Hopfully I will be left in what corner i pick withoput requests. But all in all it is looking better, I got confirmation that I have been selected for this last Position I interviewed for, and they are know in process putting an offer together. so with the services done and me with a job before this place closes I will be styling.
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    Your confidence is glowing. Isn't it amazing how much more powerful we become as our quit grows. Getting to 25 days is the toughest but the rest of the ride is so much easier. I am so glad you found the train and you have now become a part of my journey also. You have this now keep that quit going.!!!!!!!
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    If they didn't put some nice sweet flavours in the mix ..they would be too bitter to smoke Some smokers just might not be aware of all the stuff that's goes into cigarettes...I think it was a good Reminder Sally....
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    I have good confidence that I will reach the one year mark. Its the straightforward confidence of NOPE. But. That doesnt mean I am free of the thoughts, the many addict voices, the rotten days, the 'will this ever end-s'. Still there, though not at all what it was. I am sure that maintaining my quit through some dramatic life events like the death of a loved one and breakup doubled confidence. I long for happier days and I know that by the time they arive, the excess of addiction has made room for a more grounded me. Yes, I am confident about quitting and it means the world to me to be able to say that!
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    Some really great responses here. In my own case, it was probably 11 months or so that I was really convinced that I was non/ex-smoker (as opposed to convincing myself that I was a non/ex-smoker). That said, while I haven't had a single craving for or even a passing thought of smoking a cigarette for well over fifteen years, I remain (quietly and gently) vigilant. The addiction scares me and always will. Christian99 17+ Years Quit
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