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  1. How absolutely heartbreaking, Doreen. As loved as you are from afar, I can imagine that having you in his life and by his side every day made Tony a very rich man. I hope that gives you peace and allows the good memories to surface soon, as difficult as it is now.
  2. Nope. You're doing all the work, Lily. Great job.
  3. Huge congratulations, Sammy! I quit after over 40 years of smoking and no one was ever more surprised to learn that it was actually doable for the long term. Not fun, at least for me, but doable. So the next trick is to find your "fun" somewhere else. If your dog is anything like mine was, I'm sure he's rooting for you to make sure you get out everyday and spend more time at the end of his leash enjoying the fresh air.
  4. Oh, that really, really stinks, Linda! I had a couple of implants that failed initially and then were redone after some bone growth. How long were they in before they failed?
  5. I completely understand this and it's exactly the way I needed to think in order to get through it -- by always giving myself an out so that every day it was my choice. Love hearing about how proud your kids are of you! Nothing can come close to that, but I'm pretty proud of you too. You kept trying until you made it happen -- big stuff, and most importantly you should be very proud of you.
  6. Hope you kick that cold soon. Not what you needed, but hopefully it will be over soon. Any chance you can get on a waiting list for an earlier pulmo appointment if they have a cancellation?
  7. Hi Abby, just checking in to see how you are doing. Have you seen the pulmonologist yet? Hopefully they are figuring things out and getting you on the road to recovery. Wishing you the very best and hoping that you're getting some relief from your symptoms.
  8. Welcome, Ankush. I live alone, and for the first three months I only told one person that I was quitting (a friend/co-worker who I was around all day and who would have noticed right away). This was my choice because I was worried that if friends and family were cheering me on my addicted mind would decide I was doing it for them rather than for me, and use that as an excuse to "cheat" or give in, or at the very least, resent them. I purposely avoided a lot of socializing during this time, and also abstained from drinking -- all of my actions were geared to giving myself the greatest chance of success because smoking was so ingrained in every part of my life that quitting was a 24 hr a day job for a while. Plus, I was pretty grouchy for a while so keeping to myself wasn't a bad idea. The only one I really wanted to hang out with early on was my dog, so he got a lot of extra walks out of the deal. Many people take a very different tack and make a point of not changing any part of their routines or social lives, but clearly it is possible to be successful without outside support. That said, starting on the 11th day of my quit I joined a quit smoking forum which was an invaluable source education, camaraderie, distraction, and support -- so now that you've found this site, you have the same available to you whenever you choose. Jump in.
  9. What a nightmare you lived through, Dizz. I'm so glad you're safe and decided to come back. Good for you for jumping right back into quitting, and I believe you're going to make it stick this time.
  10. Just want to add my best wishes for a quick, positive turnaround. Hopefully this is a temporary setback and you'll get some relief and be back on track very soon. Your strength and amazing attitude will get you through this and we will be cheering you on every step of the way.
  11. I "practiced" not smoking in certain places (car, etc.) since, like you, I smoked in my house and almost everywhere else. So let's go with Jillar's March 18th deadline and you can practice not smoking in certain situations up until then and also read up on the nature of the addiction itself. So now you have deadlines set by others. Seriously, just go with it. Quitting is mind over matter, and overthinking (as opposed to educating yourself) will make it harder. You can do this.
  12. Huge congratulations, Ican, on making it through your first month in style!!! Time to celebrate.
  13. Congratulations on the big 3!!!
  14. You're a talented bird, jo. Lucky and lovely kid you have.
  15. Well done, Wantsit! Congratulations on 4 months down.

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