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  1. Oh good, I can take off my costume now. So great to see you back, Reci!!!
  2. Rankled our undercover narcotics detective finds
  3. Yikes! Teenagers eaten regularly
  4. entertained llamas yesterday
  5. Didn't Reggie outgrow Veronica eventually? comic
  6. Jordan7

    Take Two

    Works for some things in animals but definitely did not help when I tried giving CBD oil to a foster dog with separation anxiety, although apparently can help with some other types of anxiety in dogs.
  7. Clowns loiter outside wearing noses bulbs
  8. Jordan7

    Take Two

    A lot of people report good results for people and animals using CBD oil and edibles w/o THC for pain
  9. We're all bored and chewing gum really isn't that exciting. Give it a few days for the nicotine to get out of your system and if you want to chew something, Orbit sugarfree isn't bad if you can get it.
  10. Woodchucks eat dried geraniums eagerly tooth

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