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  1. Kleptomaniacs just must use alibis story
  2. Jordan7

    Take Two

    Glad you had a night of easy zzzz and I want to know your secret
  3. Jordan7

    Take Two

    I wish zzzz were easier to catch
  4. Hoping our lion enjoys safaris dddne
  5. Jordan7

    Take Two

    That may not be all that's easy to catch up there
  6. Happy 20 and 60 and make it a double celebration for the ages! You've now kept your quit for a third of your lifetime and counting. Congratulations, and thanks for the inspiration to all quitters, old and new.
  7. Obscuring large burrito under napkin hides
  8. Discover renewed energy after marinating cheer
  9. Jordan7

    Take Two

    They have to worry about bed robbers now

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