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  1. Fashionably late as usual but huge congratulations to you, Mac!!! Can't believe it's been 3 years already...that went fast (at least for me.) Celebrate like the champ you are!
  2. So proud of you, Brioski! You fought through it all and won,and there's no stopping you now. Congratulations on one month down, and yes, February counts as a full month (take any advantage you can find and run with it.)
  3. Yaaay for you, Gus!!!! We're all excited to celebrate the big 2! Congratulations on 2 years smoke-free, and what a kind, supportive mentor to all you've been ever since you arrived!
  4. Yay for Boo! It's a full seven years for you and congratulations are certainly due from us all and, of course, me too!!! (Some early morning fine poetry to start your day for you?)
  5. Jordan7

    Shall We Rhyme?

    lose the attitude
  6. Never enough radishes
  7. Pescatarian leprechaun ordered wild salmon clout
  8. Flirtatious llamas often will socialize briar
  9. Another upside noted
  10. The second week can be one of the hardest. Some of the novelty has worn off but the cravings are still fresh. The early days can feel endless, but you'll get through them. Tell your puppy she's a good girl (just doing normal bad puppy things) and take her for a walk or just hang out with her outside for a while. My dog was often the only person I wanted to talk to on the bad days so she may end up being your savior (once she learns to pee outside.) You can do this, Brioski!
  11. Later still, but huge congratulations to you, Darcy, on putting the first and toughest month behind you!!! There's no stopping you now!
  12. Congratulations on both 2 and 3 years, Kate, and here's to number 4!
  13. Thanks much @jillar and to all for the very nice shout-outs, and thank you, @DenaliBlues, for bringing my people along! And yes, @Molly2310, in eight years you'll be where I am and that's far away but in the meantime you will get to celebrate months 1 through 12, then years 1 through 7 of your fabulous quit, so you'd better keep the champagne on ice from now on. No one could convince me of this eight years ago but at some point (different timing for us all) not smoking starts to feel more natural than smoking and it's all pretty easy from there. The only regret I'll ever have is not having quit much earlier. Cheers to all us quitters, old and new!

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