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  1. Yay for you (and dogs are the best company early in a quit -- they don't talk too much and like to go for lots of walks).
  2. Time for your first week down celebration, Steve! You're putting the hardest times behind you, day by day.
  3. I remember that I made my first post on a former quit site on day 12, and you sound much more sane than I was feeling that day. So big congratulations to you as watch your days adding up and the rewards beginning to appear. Great job, Linda!
  4. Five days is fantastic and there's no turning back now. Congratulations, Steve, you've done it!
  5. Yay for you, Jeff!!! One week down and it's not just any week -- it's your very last hell week, and the first week of your forever quit. Congratulations and keep moving forward!
  6. Who has eight? Octopuses have eight limbs Octomom has eight octuplets And Jenny has eight years smoke free!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo!
  7. Maybe just a bad day or hour, and to be fair it has to be a thousand times more stressful for the grocery workers who have to be out there all day dealing with all sorts of things that they didn't sign up for, so I have to get better at giving any snarky encounters the benefit of the doubt and be sure to handle them with care also. Crazy times, and I'm so impressed with you for keeping your quit solid and your sense of humor mostly intact through it all.
  8. Oh, I don't know -- I'm still mad at the crabby, unhelpful checkout lady. Grocery stores are stressful enough these days without getting a load of snark with your bananas. I'm glad there was a happy ending but it was kind of funny getting there (of course, I once took my cart the way to my car, unloaded one large item and then drove off without the rest so I can relate). Good job leaving any thoughts of smoking out of the equation.
  9. Jordan7

    Take Two

    I will try to have a more stimulating conversation for you one day
  10. I'll give you a hamburger tomorrow for a word today
  11. Ignoring every subpoena
  12. Jordan7

    Take Two

    I dare to dream of a good night's sleep
  13. Major improvements necessitate constant effort handy

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