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  1. Jordan7

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovely Trainies!
  2. Jordan7


    Can't tell you how many times I decided at work that I would definitely stop at the gas station on the way home, then as soon as I hit the road started to turn in to the nearest station, but never completed the turn. I know you're not going -- it's the middle of the night! Hide under the covers until it passes, and know that you are already "there" and would not have posted if you weren't the boss of this nasty crave. Great job MLMR, and we'll mix up a mojo cocktail for you.
  3. Jordan7

    One Question

    Is this the asshole check-in page? If so, present!
  4. Jordan7


    Agree overall, but to offer a little hope and comaradarie to others who may not be flying out of the gate full of grit, glee, and determination -- I was/am the world's crappiest quitter -- I was always romancing, always looking back, often whining my way through the day during the first year, and would have voted for myself as the least likely to succeed. I did not want to quit. I smoked everywhere, openly, and never reached the point where I didn't enjoy the act of smoking (although I did get to where I hated almost everything else about it). I never would have quit if not for health concerns, but what could be more important than that? Over 3 1/2 years later I am still smoke free , so I must known deep down under all my often silent protests, and despite a less than stellar attitude, that having another cigarette was never really an option worth taking for me. So to any newbies who might also be gracelessly struggling through the early days, the only common denominator for successfully quitting smoking, is not to smoke. And it will be very much worth it, whatever your reasons for quitting may be.
  5. Jordan7

    Notsmokinjo is 1 Year Smoke Free Today!!!

    I know, but that's no excuse. Work, shmork ...they're getting impatient on the dance floor.
  6. Jordan7

    Notsmokinjo is 1 Year Smoke Free Today!!!

    Time to get this party started. Where's the guest of honor?
  7. Jordan7

    Notsmokinjo is 1 Year Smoke Free Today!!!

    I'm all dressed up and ready to celebrate. Huge congratulations to you, Jo, on your spectacular first quit year!!!
  8. Jordan7

    BKP is 3 YEARS smoke free!

    Yay for you, BKP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have always been an all-star quitter and here you are 3 years in. Congratulations and enjoy!
  9. Jordan7

    Menthol Cigs ain't Kool

    I'm on the fence doing the yo yo thing like jo, but either ban nicotine or don't. Picking and choosing the flavors allowed, as well as mostly taking a let's wait and see if it causes people to grow horns and extra toes while their lungs deflate attitude towards e-cigs and vaping, isn't likely to accomplish much.
  10. That's really rough, Chris, but I'm so glad you got the warning shot while there is still time to correct the problem. Nothing fun about surgery, though, so I'll be cheering you on and wishing you a quick and full recovery.
  11. Jordan7

    Where does it come from?

    If at only 18 days into your quit you hadn't had an issue for the past week until these recent craves hit, you are waaaayyyy ahead of where I was at that time (hell, you're ahead of where I was 6 months later). Start the celebration now and give yourself a toast for being the toughest quitter on the block. Enjoy any good days (or hours or minutes) that you have very early on and grind your way through the bad ones, keeping the end game in sight when things are rough. You really are doing beautifully, Wantsit, and now you've gotsit!
  12. Jordan7

    Need Imput Please

    Congratulations on 6 months, and I'm with you all the way on running out of choices if I continued to smoke and finding it very mentally and physically challenging to quit. Since there's nothing good to go back to, you just have to keep going forward. The more active and involved in any nonsmoking activities you are, the faster your get up and go will come back to you. Great job on getting into the studio and back to work like a champ -- you've already exceeded and blown away your own expectations.
  13. Jordan7

    Menthol Cigs ain't Kool

    Hey, every little bit helps.
  14. Jordan7

    Menthol Cigs ain't Kool

    I'm not sure how I feel about this, but as a lifelong Kool smoker (w/a brief flirtation with Marlboros in my teens), I have always thought that Kools were more addictive than any other cigarettes. This is partly based on the fact that I was the only smoker I know of who would not smoke any other brand (not even one cigarette), including other menthols, if I ran out of Kools. I would walk/drive any distance to get more Kools, even if another brand was right at hand and offered to me. I did switch from Kools to Kool Milds, but that was about it. For me, banning Kools would have been about the same as banning cigarettes altogether.
  15. Jordan7

    One Week

    Congratulations on one week down, Lily! It's like having a new puppy or baby -- it's all you can think or talk about and all of your real buddies and those who can relate will be thrilled for you and happy to go along for the ride. The rest will just smile politely, but that's okay, too.

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