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  1. Jordan7

    True or False

    False, luckily TNP hangs out with the neighbors
  2. Demeaning arguments make no sense speak
  3. incessantly narcissistic grandstanders
  4. Only ripped negligibly
  5. Jordan7

    True or False

    False TNP works from home
  6. Couldn't help arriving in ready-to-wear dunce
  7. Jordan7

    Take Two

    The fact that it's inevitable doesn't make acceptable
  8. Jordan7

    True or False

    True, I think TNP likes long road trips in the car
  9. Jordan7

    Take Two

    It's crazy what's happening, but I'm trying not to panic
  10. Some keyless individuals never knock doors
  11. How exciting, Rozuki! That's a good reminder to just get back in the game and go for whatever might make your life better rather than sitting back and accepting the status quo. Have fun out there.
  12. Jordan7

    True or False

    True, mostly. TNP likes many different types of sausage
  13. Going out, only drinking @Sazeracs peels

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