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    The place in your brain that is responsible for your survival on an emotional level is also where the nicotine receptors are located. That's why nicotine addiction is tricky to overcome, your brain without nicotine will often switch over to a survival mode and dump adrenaline into your body. This creates a panic and edgy feeling. What helps is to start recognizing what's happening and use your rational brain to calm yourself. This episode started with a dream. Dreams aren't reality. The reality is you have a kind and supportive boyfriend. The reality is you haven't smoked. Go for a walk to burn off the adrenaline. Have you read about HALT? Your strength is still there. Have you read MLMR journey in the thread Introsucksion?
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    You'll do fine mrsguest, because you want this Your pic didn't post but I did assembly work years ago so I know how monotonous it can be.
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    So very shocked and sad to read this ... thoughts and condolences to her family and to those of you who knew her far better than I
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    Not really adding anything new here but still gunna chuck in me two bobs worth....so @Paul723 gave you the science....those nicotine receptors are going bat shit crazy as you starve them and turn them off one by one...they are in panic mode....and in the past when you are stressed or scared you smoked...so the little buggers push the shit out of those buttons. There were a whole slew of things I thought I'd dealt with as a kid that resurfaced when I quit .. things I thought were resolved bubbled to the surface...the way I looked at for me it was all about control and I couldn't control my childhood or change the past what I could control was smoking...I was in charge of that...I controlled that...and I kinda liked being the fat controller.....but it boils down to two things said already... (Paraphrased) As @Lilly said YOU ARE WORTH IT...and @Linda Thomas said we are here for you. You aren't alone, you are safe, and I can guarantee at least one other member here has walked in your shoes. As you grow you your freedom you level up to the next version of yourself...still the same but stronger and with smoke free super powers.
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    Wow !!!...you were tested today ....and you came out a winner. You kept your precious quit ....I'm so happy and proud for you ... Yes ....go and do the yearly pledge ...it's another tool to fight with ....
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    There are no extra points for making quitting harder. Avoid those that would enable your addiction. Keep going!
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    You are doing the right thing Vivianne! Avoiding friends that would give you a cig would be pushing it at this early stage. You can and will face that situation later once your quit is stronger and you are making it that way daily now by adhering to NOPE! Trust in the process and stick with NOPE. You will never regret it, that's for sure!
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    Love this post sunny, good on you for getting past it. And your hubby is an angel for not being that guy I'm so glad that @Sslip was there for you too I remember those hard first few months and it was my own posts, as well as many others, that kept reminding me I don't want to go through those early days again either!
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    Noooooooooooo!!!!! ******* no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Wonderful! I wish you would copy and paste to "Quit Smoking Discussions" so that everyone will be sure to see!!
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    I think about 1 year is a milestone for some, not just the anniversary but the actual time period. It happened to me with my first quit in 1997. I distinctly remembering that almost to the day of 1 year quitting, I felt the same as Abby in that all the nostalgia and residual cravings had gone. Obviously I started again for idiotic reasons so let that be a warning to all. Notwithstanding that stupidity, I still believe my anecdotal theory, it seemed a real feeling. On another note, if I hadn't have quit in August I would probably be aiming for new years eve so I'm really happy I've got the initial quit over and done with.
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    Turning a negative into a positive...love this post.
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    Addiction equals hypocritical thoughts and behavior. The human brain is well known for its denial and making right what's clearly wrong (that's why the brain is such an interesting subject) add this to an addiction and you have a great recipe for stupid behavior and thoughts. I am really happy to Linda that you are here on this train trip with me! Get ready for the parties!!
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    @Lilly thank you so much.. kinda made me cry.. I will not give my ex, addiction and past any more power, you are right.. Having a hard time to seperate emotions from reality.. Ps. The fact that I posted this here means I do feel safe now.. and that's all on you guys..
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    Thank you Jillar! Your air cigarette is quite famous by now.. I've seen it on the forum a couple of times, so I will give it a go!
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    If it feels too silly you can use a cut straw or a pen instead of the invisible cig I used. One of our members used licorice for hers which I wish I had of thought of lol. Hope it helped you get past your craves?
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    Round one complete, and it's Team Deadpool's hellkatbaby for the win!!! Ugh on the hair loss, but as everyone has said, it will grow back. It will be like that really short haircut you get and then aren't so sure about for a while, but it all works out. In the meantime, you are going to ROCK the bald and beautiful and will probably end up becoming a famous turban designer and we can all say we knew you when. Speaking of rocking it, Tank is owning those devil ears and what a sweet baby smile he has. Luna is gorgeous, too -- that's a beautiful pair of pups you have taking care of you. Time for more rib bones. Yoga on the beach sounds like a perfect way to relax, so hopefully your docs will give you the go ahead. Otherwise, maybe that group has other meet ups that you can attend until you're beach yoga ready.
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    We'll be right beside you tomorrow, celebrating and ringing in the end of round one. Here's to you and to all of your spectacular tomorrows to come!
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    Excellent suggestion. Thank you. And I'm the special one too...lets go build our own special people island where smokings not allowed lol
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    I'm happy you took the time to reason things out properly Kate because that's very important! Our minds play tricks on us when there's an addiction involved. Our mind suggests relief from our struggle will be the reward if we give in and light up but that is just a lie. The truth is, we will be back in chains again, a slave to this addiction that brings nothing but misery and even death. Many have come to this realization too late - AFTER they went and bough that pack and lit one up! Stay strong because you are really doing a great job and this post proves you know how to rationalize the pros and cons of smoking. That's a very useful tool to have at your disposal going forward!
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    Sunny, your post above was one of the most powerful ones I've ever read in my 14 months of living on "quit smoking message boards". Sharing your struggle helps us all, and will certainly help newbies in times to come. Thank you. (eta): Duh. And oh yeah, AWESOME job on hanging onto your quit. It's true what they say, every time you successfully face down the demons, you get stronger. You're doing great.
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    Great post Rose - all is true and tomorrow is always a better day to quit than today unless .... those smokes you consume the rest of today are the ones that become the catalyst to some horrible disease? Go ask our Doreen who is currently going through a huge personal loss because of smoking and had her own close call with the impact of years of smoking. I too had no plan to quit when I did. I, like you, took it 1 minute, 1 hour and 1 day at a time for the first while. I didn't know if I could make it or if I even want to make it badly enough. Here I am a year and a bit later still not smoking. I'm proud of that but sorry I didn't do this sooner and I know I'll have to be vigilant my whole life to avoid slipping back into the clutches of nicotine addiction. I can't change the past but I CAN shape my future - so can YOU! Go do it. We'll help in supporting you as needed
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    I'll make that deal with you Mighty! Thank you for being so open about your experience- it means a lot to me.
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    Thank you, as always! I hope I am helping others as I go! That would be wonderful I am guarding my quit with my life, - I cannot give up! I didn't suffer for nuttin' ... no way!
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    Congrats on 7 days (Hell week Done)! It's a crazy journey in the beginning. Your whole world (and mind) was turned upside down and shaken into a jumble but from that jumble, you will build a new life. A nonsmoking life that will be richer and healthier than you can imagine. It will all be more than worth the temporary struggles. You are on track now and moving forward. Don't give up an inch of that hard fought for ground. It WILL get easier all the time. Wear that pride on your sleeve because others need to know what a great thing you have done for yourself
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    Thank you for the update hellkat, I'm glad that the chemo pill hasn't caused extra side effects. And I'm glad you're getting your energy back. Just remember to listen to your body and not overdo it. I drink Boost plus to help me gain and keep weight on. They have 360 calories each plus lots of protein and vitamins. Orlando sounds like a fun time with your sis, the weather should be nicer then too
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    yes, go to positive reinforcement. The body misses the bump of endorphins that nicotine corrupted so when you are in a crave, force yourself to think of something beautiful, something in front of you or a happy memory. This will jump start the flow of endorphins. Deep breaths of oxygen do the same as does physical movement...music/dance. (move a muscle, change a thought) I walked down to the tracks and did primal screaming when the train rolled by. very satisfying. You quit smoking, Kate ! You don't smoke anymore. Celebrate this every moment.
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    My deepest sympathy Richard .... You are in our hearts and thoughts at this sad time ... I'm lost my partner in May to this horrible illness....after a 15 year battle .... We do understand your pain .... xx
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    Look at you go super hero. After that initial loss with the hair, give it a day or so and you don't notice it. Just remember when it grows back it's an exciting new present .... it could be the same or completely different. Love the wigs you chose though, they are very nice.
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    Well I know where I am going to come when I have an insurance question. I think the Cleveland Clinic has the worst billing system. I can't tell you how many times I have received a bill a year or two after the fact. I have gone and sat with their billing people and come out with my head spinning. They are making it more and more confusing. Hellkatbaby, I know you must feel exhausted but sleep has to be around the corner. Radiation does zap your strength. It took about a week and I was sleeping a lot. I love the mask idea. Go Team Deadpool!
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    Yes..... I love to randomly shout out things...….So out of character which makes it funny...…….which makes me laugh...….which causes a distraction.....which diminishes a thought...… I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!
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    Something to warm your soul This trip paid for from saving on buying cigs The benefits keep on comin"!!
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    Good for you, Dragon....solitaire was my go-to and still is! If I knew how to knit or crochet, I would have probably made thousands of things by now....?
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    Yes, yes, yes!!! The body will only put up with the nicotine abuse for so long and then.......all hell breaks loose! ?
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    Love that you're already experiencing the joys of not being a slave to nicotine Rose, I'm really happy for you
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    Sunny, I saw you poking around the SOS threads and worried and watched for an SOS from you. Then when you signed out, I felt OK about it, it looked like you had gotten what you needed. I am so glad Sslip made contact, what a hero. Yay Sslip !!! Your husband is a hero, too and YOU are a hero to yourself. Well done, you. You don't smoke anymore. There is no reward in smoking anymore, those days are fcking OVER. New Day. New Rules. Reward yourself, Sunny. Something awesome.
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    Lisa...just want to point out one thing: Definition: Slip - An accidental misstep causing a fall. Choice - the act of choosing involving judgement. Lighting a cigarette is not an accident. It requires you to make a choice. Please get right back on the horse and make the choice to stay on. Let us know before you light up that you need help or support. You can do this!
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    I wish I had done a blog... It would be good to look back ,to see just how far I had come.. Good for you...x
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    Not yet. The forum will be down for a short time during the transfer. :) Once I get everything coordinated I'll update everybody.
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    Quit now and let your body get to the business of healing itself. :)
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    Oh no... Come on Smudge, you can do it! I am sending prayers for the little guy, and if you know how much I love cats, you will know how big prayers will be... (((Smudge)))
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    Im so glad i found u guys too! And its alllll thabks to Marti!!! Cheers hun! And thanks to all u beautiful people to! This journey is actually quite fun lol
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    Great blog, Sazerac. You know, I wonder... Many people have said that one of the most important "benefits" of smoking is that it allowed them some distance from their emotions. Whenever they felt some strong emotion, the few minutes required to step outside, find, light and savor a cigarette gave them time to process those emotions and choose how to react. The rituals of smoking are also calming. Many people say that they feel emotions more strongly after quitting than before. Negative emotions, of course, but also positive emotions. Sort of like--when they feel bad they feel very, very bad. But when they feel good they feel GREAT!! For anyone involved in a creative pursuit where you have to reach down inside yourself and express your emotions for the world to see, I suspect that quitting smoking (or any other type of drug) will really throw a monkey wrench into your work for a while. You probably will have to push your way through it, force yourself to work when you are not feeling "comfortable" or "normal". Eventually you will get used to your new normal and you will be able to work easily again. I bet that your work product will be a little different than it was when you were smoking, and maybe that will be a good thing.
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    he felt bad as he hasn`t done what you have done - I bet when he walked away he admired you and if he did not - then he is a total tool! good for you for being strong jackie - very proud of you x
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    OK - thanks Weegie! This will help a lot more people than you might think
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    Although the nicotine is gone, the receptors in your brain are still craving that stimulation that nicotine used to provide. That will gradually die off. Also, think about when you smoked. How much of your day was consumed by smoking related thoughts and activities? Not smoking itself but all the stuff surrounding smoking. All that time you used to spend planning and thinking about smoking related stuff is no longer a factor so you need to start to develop new routines to fill all that free time productively. You also need to learn new ways to deal with all life's situations: stress, happy times, sad times and just relaxing times. These were probably all times you relied on smoking as an emotional response to those life situations. Now that's no longer available and was never really necessary in the first place. This is the part that takes time. It's a slow process but as you go through it, your reliance on smoking as a go to for life experiences will be less and less each day from here on in until, after a while, you won't think about smoking right away when life situations arise. That's when you know you really have a handle on this addiction :)
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    Feeling good about yourself is a good thing .... a very good thing. Quitting smoking is a big part of that. You no longer have to worry about all those things you worried about before because you smoked then. It's cool that other positive things came your way at the same time!
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    Thinking of you Amy. But that's nothing new, I think of you often. I hope you're well and I hope you're thinking and reading. xx
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