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  1. hellkatbaby

    chicks or sticks

    thanks @Sazerac! -4
  2. hellkatbaby

    chicks or sticks

    I have a feeling I've messed this game up - so not being a stick and taking away I'm guessing I would be -2
  3. hellkatbaby

    chicks or sticks

    -2 am I doing this right
  4. Congrats on making it to the Lido deck!!! Hope you celebrate your day as you most definitely earned it!
  5. hellkatbaby


    I wouldn't think so either Linda. Doing my research it seems most Dr's are now more pro than anything. I will say I don't feel as fatigued as I had the past few days which is great! That lack of sleep wasn't helping either so hopefully it will get all turned around. I'm sure I'll have the days that hit me harder than others but at least now I know what to expect now and how to manage it. One day at a time. Alright so Team Deadpool back in action! We took a nice 20 min walk this morning - not bad for our 1st day. I'm definitely taking some 1lb weights to carry tomorrow, keep those legs and arms in action!! Her hip was giving her problems near the end so we might take it a bit slower tomorrow. Every day is progress. I figured today I would just pace myself. Rest when needed and be active when I can. Be smart and listen to my body. Starting to re-think a few things I did on impulse such as the wigs. I don't really need that 2nd wig at all. That was definitely an impulse order. Since I haven't done the try on yet it hasn't been billed to my insurance she can return it and I can save the benefit for later in the year if I decide. Just trying to be smarter on some of my decisions and not go off emotions wrapped up in the moment. So here's to the rest of the day and what it might bring. No big plans today so I'll just take it by the seat of the pants and see where it takes me!

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