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    I won't smoke tomorrow, Thursday. One day at a time.
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    Nope! Batman is going to lose.
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    Good morning NOPErs and welcome to Peculiar People Day.... it is your chance to let your freak flag fly. Don’t let anyone else tell you what is appropriate and normal, get out there and shake up the world with your amazing and unique personality. Remember, it’s always the peculiar ones who change the world, in ways subtle to overarching, so get out there on Peculiar People Day and let them see your inner oddball! NOPE ... cos nothing controls me but me.
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    G’day NOPE starts my day C
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    I WILL learn to knit...... Just not today... NOPE.....
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    I am feeling very proud that I've started the new year as a non-smoker. This is my longest quit ever and I look forward to the additional days, weeks, months and eventual years of success. Even though I get a craving now and then, I am able to hold strong in my determination to have Not One Puff Ever (NOPE). Thank you to Quit Train and all the other quitters who help me get off to a strong, successful quit. Happy, successful New Year to us all! Deanna
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    Thank you all so much! Your support is greatly appreciated! I will stick around and keep reading and posting when I need a little boost!
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    G’day A crave in week 1 of quiting is like stuffing a rat in a coffee can. You hold the lid down. As the oxygen level runs down that little rat/crave is in the fight for its life. Youve got hold of the lid. Are you letting go....No away are you letting that little sh1t out...... all in all it’s pretty draining. Your fighting for you life too. A craving at year one is like a wasp flying into you drink bottle. “ where the hell did that come from?” You’re not that stupid to think you can just release it. You know how dangerous that would be. Without another thought you screw the lid down and chuck it in the bin. Problem? What problem! it’s solved C
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