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  1. I got a bunch of sleep last night. I feel ok with myself today. i am nearly to day 5. only having two cups of coffee today. This has been a reallly long week for me. i feel almost normal today
  2. The first couple days i had a lot of trouble sleeping, but it's been better tha past two days. But i am still having a weird sense that time is off. it doesn't feel like morning, for instance. is this normal for quitting?
  3. In one hour, it will be three days of this quit. Trying to make this one forever. I slept a bit better last night. need to cut down on coffee and snacks
  4. i mean to quit this time how long does it take before i can start feeling normal again?
  5. it has been a year of failure for me, i have tried to quit so many times since jan 2 2018, i lost count. i am into 24 hours of my current quit attempt. last night i woke up probably 20 times, cant nap either. i know i am getting rem sleep, i remember dreams, but i am sure i am not getting deep sleep. i dont feel rested,and my brain fog is terrible. my chakras are all crazy. i know this is a battle of the wills, but i am unsure who the battle is with
  6. I am having a moment where I feel I have some sort of "control" over my cigarette addiction. Not a lot, but some.
  7. I get "hypnogogic jerks" that jolt me awake every time i start to fall asleep. this happens multiple times a night. like a dozen times or more. this has happened all night for the past two nights (of my quit). i have gotten these jolts before randomely, but this is really intense and just seems to get like this when i try to quit. my psychiatrist doesn't seem overly concerned about it. But it is driving me nuts, and i want to sleep. anyone else have to deal with this?
  8. i just haven't changed my ticker since my last failure
  9. I'm not sure i would even know how that feels. this is like my ninth or tenth attempt. I'm not even sure
  10. anyone have a ny sucess with one of these?
  11. Before you actually managed to quit?I am on like six or seven, I'm not sure.

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