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    NOPE...... to all the UK Moms.
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    During the winter I mentioned to Reci on a post that I would like to move to a country that's warm all the time. So I have actually decided to stop thinking about it and do something about it. Right now I am looking at some houses abroad and planning a week end to go and view some of them
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    Oh hang on to that message, your kids being proud....if you do have an urge to smoke just remember how it felt when the kidlets told you they were proud of you.
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    01 March @Cbdave Not smoking today. I will decide on tomorrow when it gets here
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    I would have never thought an armadillo could be found in Glasgow. Here is a common way to see one here:
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    Alas, most of the ships were gone today @Joe7 but my pal got a snap of this one remaining. I think the little boat you can see is a tug boat. Always amazes me these wee tug boats pull along the big ships! I'm kicking myself not getting a pic yesterday, it was a mesmerising sight!
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    Having a lovely day. My youngest Son cooked lunch for me today, was so lovely, he has come a long way from thinking a dairy lea cheese sandwich makes a good meal Not nice losing an hour in bed this morning though, with the clocks going forward.....how rude
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    Congratulations @albert for being 1 year smoke free! Well done Albert and welcome to the Lido Deck... one year of smoke free milestones to prove you can do this for life. Its great to see the daily nopes. So what are you doing to celebrate?
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    I completely understand this and it's exactly the way I needed to think in order to get through it -- by always giving myself an out so that every day it was my choice. Love hearing about how proud your kids are of you! Nothing can come close to that, but I'm pretty proud of you too. You kept trying until you made it happen -- big stuff, and most importantly you should be very proud of you.
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    Haven't really made a decision but looking at France, Spain and Portugal first.
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    I am so glad you found something that worked. I really think you have it this time. You are only going to get more stronger and powerful.
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    Jan. 14th 2019. That's the day I quit smoking. I don't know why I chose that day. I think that day chose me. I was smoking on the upside of 3 packs of cigarettes a day. I coughed all the time. Was wheezing when I laid down. I knew it killing me slowly but surely.......soooo I devised a plan to quit the stanky things. First. I took chantix for 10 days. I continued to smoke but cut down drastically. If I remember correctly, I only smoked 3 cigs the last day that I smoked. I ordered a case of sugar free candy and made sure that I was off work the 1st 4 days of my quit. I decided to stay in bed and watch back to back episodes of Dalton Abby. I will never forget those 1st few weeks. That was the most horrible experience. I didn't sleep for the 1st 10 days. I cried ever every day for the first 7 weeks. Absolutely miserable. I should mention that I discontinued the chantix the day I quit the cigs. I had tried chantix before. It helps you quit but also increases anxiety, which is the last thing I need! I've been quit for 21/2 months now. Still think about smoking all the time. The cravings are not nearly as bad but I still have them. The worst ones come if I drink alcohol, after I eat, if I go to a casino. ...which I've done a couple of times. My main trigger is eating though. And that's something you can't live without soooo I'm learning how to deal with that. Usually I jump on cleaning the kitchen right away and then maybe eat sugar free candy. A word to the wise about that sugar free candy though. It will mess you up!! I have never had such bad gas in all my life! Take in moderation! Just got home from our 1st cruise. It was ok. I'm still struggling with my quit so it was difficult at some points. I spent a lot of time with my husband in the smoking section because he's still smoking. I can't even tell you how many times I almost did it!! But I didnt. I made it!! And I'm glad. Tonight I go to bed smoke free. I'm happy.
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    I will Jo xx
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    Lilly, I am so proud of you. You are finally conquering the struggle. I think you finally have this! Keep that quit going.
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    Ok the results are in....and I can see, from the comments especially, that the Aussies (and our Scouser) eat the same, cutlery down between mouthfuls. So if you are interested in what happened during the meeting meal.... The Aussies, to a man, put their cutlery down between mouthfuls. The Canadian and the Yanks cut everything on their plate into bite size pieces, dropped the knives and then just used their forks. The Brits all cut one mouthful at a time but left their cutlery in their hands between mouthfuls. I think Martian was on the money, it just depends on what you were taught. Thought it was interesting that the patterns were so geographic though.
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    Had a lovely day. I love being a mum x
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    Both I hope all our Britski mum's had a great day for mother's day.
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    Huge congratulations on reaching one year Albert! Well done on such a significant accomplishment!
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    Keep at it .!!!.....Time .....all the things we feel lessen with time ....
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    Congrtulations Albert !!!! You did it !!!!.....welcome to the Lido Deck ....take your well earned seat and a drink from the bar ....enjoy the view !!!! Do something special today ....
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    There is a big difference between smoking and eating junk food that people are forgetting - cutting back on junk food is practical, unlike cigarettes where "cutting back" just does not work. When trying to quit smoking, one has to give it up completely. When trying to get in shape, you can still have some junk food, just have the discipline to cut back. But also, try to limit the junk food on hand. Do not be like me and have three or four different kinds of ice cream in the freezer. Well shoot, I quit smoking, what the hell more does my stupid body want? Anyways so yeah, moderation.
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    Nope. Smoking is not option
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    Hi. I just wanted to introduce myself to the group. I started my quit on jan. 14th 2019. It's been the toughest thing I've ever done. I took chantix for 10 days. Cut way down as I was smoking around 3 packs a day at the time. On the 14th of jan., I quit the chantix and the cigs at the same time. I smoked for 44 years. Basically my entire adult life. I'm learning how to live without smoking. It is still hard every day. My joy is gone. I eat more and spend too much time beating myself up. It's just hard to appreciate you accomplishments when you feel so anxious and sad most of the time. My husband still smokes. We spend a lot of time apart now. I don't go outdoors much because it's a trigger. He stays outside much of the time. His cigs are very strong smelling so he reeks. It's not been good for our relationship. He offers no support. I am determined to be free of this addiction. I want to be a better example for my husband and hopefully help him quit. I don't blame him for not wanting to really. He's watched me be miserable for 2 months. Why would he want to go down that road? Anyway. I've rambled on enough. Thanks for listening.
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    I am having computer issues and also need to take a break for a bit. Garden beckons and guest arriving for the music festivals ahead. Love y'all and trust you will protect your quits. Freedom is delicious. I'll be back before too long. S
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    Have a wonderful time with all the festivals and in the garden....will miss you heaps
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    You got this girl!
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    Linda I wake up in the morning and I say I'm not smoking today but if I want to smoke tomorrow then I definitely will. I think because I give myself the option it takes the pressure off a bit and obviously tomorrow never comes lol x
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    Congrats Albert on the 1 year mark!!! Welcome to the Lido deck -- enjoy your day you certainly deserve it!!!!
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    @Jet Black Vaping cannot be harmless water vapor. It contains Nicotine and a chemical called Propylene Gloycol and the latter's effects on the human anatomy have not yet been fully understood. I find it hard to believe that a person can literally get addicted to cold turkey meat. In any case, the lesson for us all is never to start smoking in the first place.
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    6 It's morning here.
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    Excellent post Jo as usual. I always, always ask my trigger ( I actually have a mental conversation with it :p) what does it need? My attention on a memory? My celebration for something good? My anger on something wrong? Anxiety at work? Post the answer my trigger gives, I'm like, hmm and where would that be after the 7 minutes of puffing like a defunct coal engine? Nowhere so how about instead I give you a nice walk, or a cool drink (It's hotter than a pig's backside here right now) and by that time, my trigger has left the building.
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    Lilly, all those feelings are normal. It is like your clawing to get to the other side. There was about three weeks, during my quit, I did not think my husband would survive me. Just know if you can keep going, it gets better each day. Just keep hanging tough. Don't not post. We all understand because we have been there. I often found the humor on the forum got me through. Give us the chance to help you through or make your smile.
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