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    I just had my last cigarette after my relapse, and figured to write down some "I will..." statements to help. Hopefully others will join in too, at whatever stage you're at - thinking of quitting, well into your quit, a relapser, a supporter. I will not smoke again. I will remember how empowering it was to quit years ago. I will always hold on to the pride I have felt for more than 3 years, and reclaim it. No one, and no cigarette, will deny me of it. I will not forget that this is a choice I need to make daily. I will not miss the nasty cigarette smell. I will focus on how great my body has felt after my first quit, and the great changes I made to my diet and working out. I will remember how deliriously happy my family and friends were when I quit. I will remember the shame I felt the other day when I was looked up and down by a stranger in the store, asking me in disgust "why are YOU a smoker??" I will cherish the support found on this forum. i will not forget or disown my original quit. I will think about all the great people in my life who have always knew me as a non-smoker. I will forever say out loud when I see a cigarette "Please. I'm better than that." I will protect my quit.
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    The first and the very last line are the most important, imho. And you want to live by them if you are serious about this. I quit for three years as well. And for a long time I kept referring to that, both in positive and negative ways ('I did it then, I can do it now!' And 'I did it then, why can't I now?'). I know now that comparing all the quits of my life... it's just not working for me. It makes room for excuses and fallacies. This, here, now is where I have to make it happen. Curious about your journey, are you planning on sharing it?
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    I will always cherish my freedom from addiction slavery and therefore, I will never smoke again; Not One Puff Ever! I will support all other quitters in any way I can because I want them to feel the same freedom I do. I will always remember why I quit and when. I will appreciate each and every smoke free day I live because they are just better! I will always remember the people here and elsewhere who encouraged me and helped to educate me about nicotine addiction
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    That's easy! I don't smoke! NOPE
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    Hey Sparky, i blew a 2 1/2 year quit after receiving terrible news. Recently i just celebrated 3 years free of them sticks, if I can do it you can do it.. This helped my when i got cravings... Move a muscle, change a thought!
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    I will post an SOS if I feel myself caving to a crave!
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    These words are the words I live by. Protect your quit because it IS your life.
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    G’day NOPE starts my day C
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    Sparky, good for you....getting back on the Quit Train! I will...always remember I am an addict! I will....always take it ONE DAY AT A TIME! I will....NOPE....every day!
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    Good call Sparky. The first step to freedom from cigarettes is ashing out the last one.
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