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    G’day NOPE: Not One Puff Ever. Delete “Ever” insert “each min” “each hour” each day” as required C
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    NOPE Happy Friday, everybody!
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    I just had my last cigarette after my relapse, and figured to write down some "I will..." statements to help. Hopefully others will join in too, at whatever stage you're at - thinking of quitting, well into your quit, a relapser, a supporter. I will not smoke again. I will remember how empowering it was to quit years ago. I will always hold on to the pride I have felt for more than 3 years, and reclaim it. No one, and no cigarette, will deny me of it. I will not forget that this is a choice I need to make daily. I will not miss the nasty cigarette smell. I will focus on how great my body has felt after my first quit, and the great changes I made to my diet and working out. I will remember how deliriously happy my family and friends were when I quit. I will remember the shame I felt the other day when I was looked up and down by a stranger in the store, asking me in disgust "why are YOU a smoker??" I will cherish the support found on this forum. i will not forget or disown my original quit. I will think about all the great people in my life who have always knew me as a non-smoker. I will forever say out loud when I see a cigarette "Please. I'm better than that." I will protect my quit.
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    Nope. Smoking is never an option.
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    The first and the very last line are the most important, imho. And you want to live by them if you are serious about this. I quit for three years as well. And for a long time I kept referring to that, both in positive and negative ways ('I did it then, I can do it now!' And 'I did it then, why can't I now?'). I know now that comparing all the quits of my life... it's just not working for me. It makes room for excuses and fallacies. This, here, now is where I have to make it happen. Curious about your journey, are you planning on sharing it?
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    I will always cherish my freedom from addiction slavery and therefore, I will never smoke again; Not One Puff Ever! I will support all other quitters in any way I can because I want them to feel the same freedom I do. I will always remember why I quit and when. I will appreciate each and every smoke free day I live because they are just better! I will always remember the people here and elsewhere who encouraged me and helped to educate me about nicotine addiction
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    That's easy! I don't smoke! NOPE
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    Hey I'm a fatty patoonga and I get it jillar..... eat lotsa bacon ... and pasta.... so... got me freezer all set for today.... bring your 39deg mother nature... bring it.
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    Piggy.!!!!.....Mums always know and do the best thing ....we can multitask !!!!!
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    Hey Sparky, i blew a 2 1/2 year quit after receiving terrible news. Recently i just celebrated 3 years free of them sticks, if I can do it you can do it.. This helped my when i got cravings... Move a muscle, change a thought!
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    I will post an SOS if I feel myself caving to a crave!
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    These words are the words I live by. Protect your quit because it IS your life.
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    G’day NOPE starts my day C
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    I will and can do it !!!!.....
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    It's odd because she snuggles with my wife , who doesn't really like cats until this one came along yet she's still a little hesitant with me and cats normally flock to me for whatever reason so I figure she must have been abused by a man in her early days maybe? She's living the good life now though - that's for sure Our other cat hates her but he hates everyone including us They seemed to have found their common ground now that we moved houses. It's no one's claimed territory I suppose?
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    She's such a pretty kitty. My Tiki was wild when caught and she's turned into such a little love but it took years. I got her when she was about 11 months old. Give her time, she looks to be the same breed as Tiki and they're very loving kitties. Thanks for rescuing her
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    Aawww Jillar am keepin ma fingers crossed for you.. I know I moan now but since I was wee I was really skinny no matter what I couldn't put weight on I was sick to the back teeth of people talkin me how lucky I was.. sure as hell didn't feel that way xx
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    You are doing well not having smoked for almost 2 weeks but I can not wrap my head around how you believe that the cravings would disappear after 1 week. If you have read anything on this forum, you would know that this just is not possible. Yes, the cravings to smoke become less intense and less frequent the longer we go without smoking and without putting nicotine into our bodies but the time frame is certainly not 1 week for any of us. This is why we recommend staying around here for at least 1 year because that's generally the length of time it takes to develop a really solid quit. That doesn't mean you will be having strong cravings for a whole year. It just means you will have gone through all the things you do at different times of the year and those things may bring on cravings the first time you face them as a non-smoker. Read the posts from others here and what they have experienced because you will not find even 1 post that says anyone did not have cravings after 1 week. It's a long process Pott! It will happen for you too but you need to give it a lot of time before you will be completely comfortable not smoking. That will also include getting nicotine out of your body at whatever point you feel you can do that. Keep fighting the craves you get a night and you'll do fine. Just remember; you are a nicotine addict just like I am. If either one of us ever takes another puff from a cigarette, we will awaken the monster again and will be back to full time smoking very quickly - Don't give up - ever!
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    Good call Sparky. The first step to freedom from cigarettes is ashing out the last one.
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