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    So much suffering and pain.. lighting an extra candle tonight...
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    Daughter turned 18 today! *emotional*
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    Nope, I don't smoke anymore!!!!
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    I applaud all off you! Wow.. so strong willed. I am very happy I don't have smokers in my home.
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    I remember my first cyclone watch in Darwin....first thing to sell out...beer! I would be super excited to get snow.
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    Thanks so much, friends. I told my students yesterday and one of the classes broke into a round of applause; I have one class today, and I'm looking forward to sharing the news with them. Cheers-- C99 18 Years Quit
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    Hey Tony welcome aboard! Everything has been said by now. So I will keep it short. Be honest and sincere Take the addicition serious! Be open and ask for help before you take that first puff!
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    In spite of it being only a light snow, in the last 24 hours we surpassed the snow totals from all of last winter. The farmers around here are predicting a colder and wetter winter than we've seen in years. And frankly, the farmers have a better track record of predicting the weather than the local meteorologists...they have more skin in the game than the folks on television do.
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    G’day Snow? In Darwin? Bet cha they would run out of Bundy Rum....
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    Watching the snow roll in over the Cumberland Plateau. May not seem like a big deal to those of you in colder climates, but a bit of snow is still an "event" here in Tennessee. Schools are closed tomorrow. The grocery stores in town were packed with people stocking up this afternoon. Don't come around here looking to buy milk, bread, and toilet paper...It's all gone!
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    Tony I'd like to offer some different approaches for your next quit. First, don't use terms like "fell off the wagon" or "slipped". It really minimizes your accountability. In fact, it makes it sound more like an accident rather than a conscious choice to smoke again. Stop saying "hopefully" you will quit this time. It's all about making a real and solid commitment. Don't assume that that NRT's will magically make quitting a breeze. It's more about your mindset than anything else. Sure NRT's help many people, but they're not a panacea for all withdrawals. And more importantly, talk to your doctor before using 2 types at the same time. I'd be shocked if any medical professional thought that was okay. As others have said, you can do this. Sometimes it just takes looking at things a little differently to reach the desired outcome.
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    I wish Jacinda ruled the world. Intelligence and Compassion. What the world needs NOW. Glad your peeps are OK, Jo.
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    Just wanted to send out prayers to all affected by the Volcano eruption in New Zealand...to those suffering in hospitals all over NZ from their burns may your recoveries be Swift and your suffering eased...to those around the world waiting for news of their loved ones my news by at hand soon, and to the amazing kiwis who rallied to the aid of those affected as always you are an inspiration to us all on what it means to be a mate, finally the first responder heros, who flew their choppers in against advice and got everyone off that they could..thank you for being the selfless heros you are and make sure you take care of you. On a personal note, it's been a long night waiting for news with relos over there on holidays...took a while to hear from everyone but we are lucky and have everyone unharmed and accounted for.
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    Congratulations Christian99! You must me one very happy, healthy quitter!
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    Thanks all for the replys. I fell off the wagon again. As of today i am going to give it a go again and hopefully for good this time. I got some nicotine patches and nicotine gum to help me quit this time around. Hopefully i can quit for good this time and be done with it
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    I second that, I'm sending positive thoughts to all those affected... And a huge thank you to all the hero's who helped...
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