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  1. Nope , Today is my running day .
  2. I quit Cold Turkey this time around - including after my one day failure at 3 weeks (Grrrr) . As I had a bit of a medical scare, quitting smoking was a non negotiable thing with me . I have just tried to not allow myself to feel sorry for myself and it has been quite easy this time .
  3. Not a chance - Nope . I'm starting to forget I smoked which is great !
  4. I’m watching children in need (UK BBC1). These kids and their parents kind of bring things down to earth . I always end up in bits , as I am now watching these amazing people . The little lad that has to get his lungs emptied and hates it and the “public funded” people that help them out ! WTF . I chose to inhale poison into my lungs ending in more than 40 a day ? Poor us as quitters - that is never an excuse .
  5. 2nd run of the couch to 5k done - I am pretty unfit lol . Still 8 weeks to go !
  6. This place is great , I love reading about the highs and we can all identify with the lows . Brilliant job Vivianne and your happy posts sum up why we are here in the long run
  7. A great read , thanks . Now where's the food

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