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    G’day Just for today... Not One Puff...Ever
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    HI! I hope everyone is having a great day while being smoke free. Thanks Sazerac for your links to info that might be helpful to me. I've been reading and learning. It will take me some time to get through everything in the link, 10 Ways To Effectively Use This Forum To Stop Using Nicotine. That's a lot to read and listen to, but I'll get it done. I'm going to try and think more positively about this quit and reflect this in my posts. I am in the middle of day two. I've had some cravings, but I have no doubt that I will make it through the day. I will tell you a little about myself. I live in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. I am retired from WVU where I was a Theatre Tech for 31 years. I worked on sound and lighting for all types of stage productions and programs. I went in the Army straight out of High School for six years, then to college and graduated in 1983 with a degree in Electronic Technology. I live with my wife of 42 years. We have two daughters and two grandchildren. The oldest daughter is an elementary school teacher and the youngest in an RN. My wife still works in the office of a car dealership. We live in a very rural area. Thanks for Reading! Jeff
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    G’day Just for today... Not One Puff...Ever
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    It can only get better now Sweetheart..... Hope your soon feeling better ...❤❤❤❤
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    Lovely to meet you Jeff.... Don't over load your brain ...take it one day at a time ...you can do it .... We will support you..all the way to Freedom .... Your family will be so proud of you ....
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    She's telling the truth. Our addiction is our own creation. It has as much or as little power as we give it. As long as we fed it, its force was strong. When we stopped feeding it, it wilted away in time. Accepting a few basic truths can change your world.
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    Hey, JH, Congratulations on your first day of freedom, now on to the rest. You can also control whether you smoke or not. This is the key, you ARE in control. Addiction is not a third party or a construct of a demon. It is all about Your choice and YOU have complete control . As addicts we blithely gave away that power. Now is the time to take it back and your power will grow as you build a sturdy and successful quit. Here is the crux of your failures and it will continue to thwart your success. If you can't make the commitment and stick to NOPE, your quit is doomed. We all have to drink the NOPE kool-aid. Not One Puff EVER. NOPE~Never/Ever/Forever Some deep thought and weeding out the lies of addiction will help to clarify your mind. Here are some of the lies we all told ourselves, please add any of yours. It is quite a collection. Red Flags and yes, The Great Smoke Free Mental Fog So glad you are with us. I believe you CAN deal truthfully with your addiction and build your forever quit. We have and we are not special snowflakes of super men/women. We are addicts just like you who took our lives back. S
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    Right now I'm sitting on my chair in my lounge minus one gallbladder and with a repaired hernia. 2 for 1 who could ask for better than that. Didn't even know I had a hernia. 20hrs after a 4 hour surgery and I was discharged. But omg, besides feeling like someone's just used my tummy as a punching bag I am pain free. Wonderful nurses, great doctors, I love my socialist health service. @Boo there will be no farmers walks for 6 weeks as I have a 5kg limit...come on who am I kidding, there will be no farmers walks. If I didn't forget how you do a secret squirrel box I'd give you the gross op notes...the kids not talking to me because I didn't ask them to keep the stone. At least they got it out before it burst. On the us side, the post op nurse is putting me in her book...when I was coming out of the general she asked if I knew where I was..."of course I bloody know where I am, post op at fricken Sunshine Hossy after just having me gallbladder out" and then I was off with the fairies again....next time I was semi lucid she informed me they found a hernia while in there and fixed that to, do I said "Twofer, gotta love a twofer"...god only knows what else FL from my mouth but she thanked me for the laughs as they wheeled me back to the ward.
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    Thanks to all of you for the Welcome and for the advice. I had a pretty easy first day, considering how some days can be early in a quit. As time goes along I will figure out how this site works. I haven't figured out how to reply to a single post, so I am replying to the posts above me as a group. I know that I lack the commitment to stay quit. That lack of commitment causes me to become complacent over time. I actually handle the hard part ( the first days or even weeks ) of my quits better than I handle what I think should be the easier part, staying quit. I don't have any excuses for the loss of any of my past quits. I was the one that picked them back up. In fact, I've thrown quits away for no reason at all. I wasn't under any stress, nor was I having any unmanageable cravings at the time I lit up. I don't believe there is any such thing as an unmanageable craving. I'm just an addict and nicotine is the drug I'm hooked on. I am really watching a few things that I can control. Cutting my caffeine consumption in half, making sure not to let my sugar level get low, and staying hydrated. I've experienced brain fog, been lethargic, and had these tired spells (where I couldn't move a muscle) early in past quits. Maybe paying attention to these things more closely will let me avoid some of them. I will read the links that the moderator gave me! Again Thanks!
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    Mending happening.... Glad you are tended to. Love and light.
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    Hugs to you, Jo. I guess 8700 miles is adequate social distancing for a hug, so sending you a couple of extra. Rest, relax, and ask the kid to make you dinner.
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    1,738 and counting, toss 'em on and watch 'em burn I"m even happier about the money I've saved
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    Crafting, Crafting, Crafting and making masks. I find during difficult times, I do best if I keep my mind busy. I started with making a few cute t-shirts for some seniors graduating from high school, that weren't able to have the usual ceremony or party because of the pandemic. What started as a thoughtful gesture, turned into so many people wanting them. So know that I have not forgotten you all.
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    Here's 23,640 (give or take) for you.
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    Aww I would love a haircut ...I'm so jealous .....it's so over grown ....I've took to wearing a Hair band .. That and a mask ....delightful ....
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    Ok, we have guess the gender and guess the weight. NOW we need guess the day My guess is July 2, 2020
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    I'm going with the full moon and partial eclipse on the 4th of July.. for our darling, Maddie May
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    There is no hurry, you have a lifetime to protect and enjoy your freedom. The 10 ways are there as a reference to gain knowledge about nicotine addiction and ways that may assist. This is a marathon not, a sprint. Take good time. Absorb as much knowledge as you can. This will help you understand what your body/mind are experiencing and strengthen your resolve. So happy you are with us Jeff. Let us know about your thoughts and experiences, helping us help you and serve as an inspiration to other quitters. Your family will be relieved and elated you quit smoking. You should be too, you are gaining so much...your LIFE !!! as well as freedom, self-respect, self confidence and a profound trust in yourself. No longer are you a slave to poisons. Stick with this, you will never, ever regret your decision.
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    Feeling good about myself. I shaved my face last night and was finally able to get a haircut this morning. Hadn't had a haircut since this whole virus business kicked off. I had a look going that was a cross between Grizzly Adams and a mad scientist. I may not have Hollywood "leading man" good looks, but at least I look a little less like the Unabomber now.
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    ((Jo)) Hope you're on the mend and feeling good soon!
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    Well that's a load off... or out. You got rid of two things nobody needs. Good job to the docs and nurses and what a lovely bonus that you don't have to go broke to get the care you need. Happy to hear you're home and recovering.
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    Good news! Glad they yanked it out and lucky you .... bonus hernia Heal up fast Jo
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