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  1. Mona

    Phrase Connect Game

    Just saw The Shining for the first time recently... Now get to work
  2. Ski kicking ice
  3. winter spring summer
  4. Mona

    Linked Words Game

    travel destination
  5. Good for you MLMR! You are so right how smoking dominates your life when you are a smoker. I'm looking forward to being a happy non-smoker too. But for now, I'm a quitter in hell week! Grrrrr
  6. I like this one the best. Got a good laugh out of it. Thanks johnny5! I can use all the laughs I can get!
  7. Be safe and have fun Doreen!
  8. Here, sometimes...
  9. Mona

    Phrase Connect Game

    Fill her up
  10. I think you're giving more credit to the patches than they deserve. You are doing most of the work. The patches are just helping you out a little...
  11. Mona

    Feeling Down

    "Fake quitter"? What is that? I don't think there is such a thing. You're either a quitter or you are not a quitter...
  12. Glad to hear that you quit again efficacy. I think the most important thing is to never give up quitting.
  13. Congratulations on getting through that first month Ankush!
  14. Wow six years! Congratulations Nicole!
  15. Congratulations on 9 months quit LInda! And Happy Anniversary too! Great pictures!
  16. Yay Abby! You're doing great!
  17. Thanks for asking Doreen. Actually, I was doing well. Then I ran into a problem, well not really, but it seemed like one from my junkie perspective. I completed two days smoke free. Then I had to get together with family. It was something that came up spontaneously and I didn't have a good excuse to get out of it. I was worried that I was going to be crabby with it being day 3 and I caved. So, I am starting again. I don't have to go anywhere for the next few days so I really have no excuse. Also, I think I need to stay on the board for these first few difficult days instead of keeping to myself.
  18. What you say is absolutely right! Do you plan to resume your quit? It would be a terrible shame to throw 1 1/2 years away!
  19. Mona

    2 Days

    That's good that you're aware of the need to decrease caffeine. The more relaxed we can stay, the better!
  20. Mona

    2 Days

    Thank you efficacy! Congratulations on finishing Day 1! It's OK to be a slug. I'm mostly being a slug too. ha ha
  21. Oh, Jet Black, I am so very sorry to read this. Regarding craves, how long do they last? I don't really know the answer to that question and actually don't even think craves had anything to do with my relapse last year. I'm still trying to figure it out; I guess it was complacency? But I'm going to say that, as addicts, we can probably have craves after any length of time. It's just that as time passes, the craves should become fewer and more easily managed. Where do you go from here? The sooner you quit again, the easier it will be. If you quit now, I doubt that you will have a "hell week" per se but you will likely feel the pull of nicotine that was reintroduced into your system. We're all so different, it's hard to say. Just don't let it go months and months like I did. Then it is basically quitting from scratch again. Best wishes to you that you fix this mistake as soon as possible!

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