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    G’day sore and tired But Still Full of NOPE! C
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    Hope you have a great birthday fluffy, we love you! Xoxo
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    My husband and I at the Home and Flower Show. Getting a taste of Spring
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    Thanks, guys and gals of QT! Woo Hoo...2 whole years quit!! I am so lucky that I quit my 40+ year addiction when I did! @notsmokinjo, you certainly got the highlights of my 2nd year on the QTrain in a nutshell (and I thought my 1st year was crazy? Silly me!) "One day at a time" was my mantra at the start of my quit journey, still is! Oh, I so remember what the first days, weeks, months were like...would the anxiety never end? Through the information here, I was able to educate myself about my addiction and it gave me the tools to be successful...this would be my 3rd try and it was literally, do or die!! My reward has been watching my savings grow, looking better and feeling better both physically and mentally! PS. It really does get easier as the days add up!!! If you don't have a ticker in your signature....get one!!! I joined Planet Fitness last month, so my cardio rehab continues! I look forward to Spring ...because it means I can get back into my gardens and get things spruced up for when I relax by my pool! ?
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    Gday NOPE starts this day C
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    Reci heading off to school... and Reci now....
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    Congratulations @Rozuki on 2 years smoke free!!! Well done Roz, what a wonderful quit you have going on. Your second year has certainly been eventful, getting your ticker serviced, retiring, relaxing by the pool. We are so lucky to have you still here sharing your journey, creatively NOPEing every day (your NOPEs were one of the things to inspire me as a real newbie) and supporting those coming behind you. So sit back, relaxing in your special 2nd year recliner, and enjoy as we raise a toast. Oh and don't forget to do something super special to celebrate your 2 years... and tell us just what you have planned, we would love to know.
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    Jillar, Saz or Jo? Can't remember who needed a ride
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    H a p p y B i r t h d a y, F l u f f y O n e !
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    Happy Birthday, Fluffy! I hope you do something great to celebrate.
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    By Birdie's request....Chicken Parma with beans, kumara (sweet potato) chips (fries), mash spuds, broccoli & cauliflower baked in cheese sauce.... Pretty sure everyone knows what a chicken Parma is but just incase it's a curved chicken schnitzel, with some crispy prosciutto, parmajana sauce and melted cheese.... So the only healthy things on the plate were the beans and oven baked kumara chips.
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    Jillar as a kid.... and now.....
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    Found some footage of our favourite breakfast food...
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    here ya go, copper. and here's little saz, before she grew up into a Beatnik/Peacenik
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    8 The've all woke up lol
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    Wow Congrats to you Rozuki, 2 years is wonderful ? Party on......................................
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    Look at this beauty .....broccoli ,ham,and cheese ....
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    Congratulations @Rozuki.....it's a pleasure to share this day with you.... Thank you for all your support you bring to the board ... Reward yourself well ....
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    Congratulations on 2 years smoke free, Roz!
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    Ten and a half years ago, my 42 year old brother died of lung cancer. He smoked until he lost consciousness for the final time--and even then, for some time after, he continued making unconscious smoking gestures. His inability to quit after his diagnosis and through his treatment was a source of profound pain and shame for him, making his impending and actual death even more difficult and frightening for him. His wife took her own life a few hours after he died, underscoring and adding to the tragedy. Smoking kills. I quit for a better life; just as (and perhaps more) importantly, I quit for a better death. Christian99 17+ Years Quit
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    Gotta love a potato in any style but since I once ate mashed potatoes for two weeks after getting my wisdom teeth out my vote is definitely mashed! Oh and fun fact @reciprocity I don't know if she still does it but my sister used to eat butter by itself! ?
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    I can relate to that Linda, this getting older stuff sucks lol. I'm glad you got a glimpse of spring in the middle of your snowy weather though
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    I bet that was lots of fun after all your snow and the great bleak season upon you. Y'all look good. What's in the bag ?
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    Hope it's going ok with you. Congrats on being 2 years quit, that has come round quick!! hope you pop by and say hello ?
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    Wow !!!...that looks yummy ...
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    Baked! I think friends across the pond call them jacket potatoes? Baked in the oven whole; crispy skin and fluffy delicious insides. I add butter, salt & pepper. Maybe sour cream and chives if available.
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    We had this in the 70,s....pretend mash !!!
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    Congrats, Andy75! Two years is quite an achievement! Celebrate and KTQ! ?
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    Book review and excerpt The Biology of Desire, Why Addiction Is Not A Disease by Marc Lewis A courageous and much needed voice in rethinking addiction — Lewis takes addiction out of a disease model and reframes it as a negative outcome of neuroplasticity. This model provides realistic hope, given that what has been learnt can be unlearnt by harnessing the principles of neuroplasticity. Through his intimate personal and professional knowledge of addiction, Lewis reframes our understanding of its mechanisms and nature in a way that is empowering.’ Through the vivid, true stories of five people who journeyed into and out of addiction, a renowned neuroscientist explains why the 'disease model' of addiction is wrong, and illuminates the path to recovery. The psychiatric establishment and rehab industry in the Western world have branded addiction a brain disease, based on evidence that brains change with drug use. But in The Biology of Desire, cognitive neuroscientist and former addict Marc Lewis makes a convincing case that addiction is not a disease, and shows why the disease model has become an obstacle to healing. Lewis reveals addiction as an unintended consequence of the brain doing what it's supposed to do — seek pleasure and relief — in a world that's not cooperating. Brains are designed to restructure themselves with normal learning and development, but this process is accelerated in addiction when highly attractive rewards are pursued repeatedly. Lewis shows why treatment based on the disease model so often fails, and how treatment can be retooled to achieve lasting recovery, given the realities of brain plasticity. Combining intimate human stories with clearly rendered scientific explanation, The Biology of Desire is enlightening and optimistic reading for anyone who has wrestled with addiction either personally or professionally. BARBARA ARROWSMITH-YOUNG, AUTHOR OF THE WOMAN WHO CHANGED HER BRAIN
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