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    Greetings NOPErs... today is Plimsoll Day... thank you Britskies... which celebrates Samuel Plimsoll... who with the introduction of his British Merchant Shipping Act and his Unseaworthy Ships Bill hearlded a new era of seafarers safety. So who here knows what Plimsoll marks are? I bet you all do, you just don't know it.... but before we got to just what Plimsoll lines are lets get back to old Sammy... see Sammy was a merchant but he hit a rough patch, lost all his money and ended up destitute and even in a poor house for a while... so he went to sea as a sailor.... anyway he got his shit back together and rebuilt his fortune and introduced his Act and his Bill and as a result all commercial vessels had to have Plimsoll lines... have you worked out what they are??? They are the lines marked on the hull of ships.... they have been doing this since the late 1800s... these lines tell how much can safely be loaded onto a vessel to allow for various conditions, quite ingenious and such a simple fix that had a huge reduction in sinkings and a huge improvement to the safety of sea travel. NOPE .... not even if my boat was going down.
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    Happy Birthday Fluffy ... Sent you a birthday treat ...have a great day !!!
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    Hope you have a great birthday fluffy, we love you! Xoxo
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    Happy Birthday @Wee fluffy me ..... hope that brood of yours spoils you rotten and pull all the stops out to give ya a ridgy didge ripper birthday today. So Jillar got the cake, only thought it fair I sort the Balloons. Have a brilliant day cos you deserve it.
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    Baby Bakon..... kinda explains a lot....
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    Gday NOPE starts this day C
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    Reci heading off to school... and Reci now....
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    NOPE....why would I ...🤮
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    Congratulations @Rozuki on 2 years smoke free!!! Well done Roz, what a wonderful quit you have going on. Your second year has certainly been eventful, getting your ticker serviced, retiring, relaxing by the pool. We are so lucky to have you still here sharing your journey, creatively NOPEing every day (your NOPEs were one of the things to inspire me as a real newbie) and supporting those coming behind you. So sit back, relaxing in your special 2nd year recliner, and enjoy as we raise a toast. Oh and don't forget to do something super special to celebrate your 2 years... and tell us just what you have planned, we would love to know.
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    By Birdie's request....Chicken Parma with beans, kumara (sweet potato) chips (fries), mash spuds, broccoli & cauliflower baked in cheese sauce.... Pretty sure everyone knows what a chicken Parma is but just incase it's a curved chicken schnitzel, with some crispy prosciutto, parmajana sauce and melted cheese.... So the only healthy things on the plate were the beans and oven baked kumara chips.
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    Jillar as a kid.... and now.....
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    I'll have some potatoes with my butter please!
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    Found some footage of our favourite breakfast food...
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