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    You are doing great. I love your images. They are transfixing.
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    nope... working towards 2 months!
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    NOPE....... Happy Birthday to my lovely Sister...... wish you would stop smoking ?
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    c9, reci, D & saz A post just for me!!!! Made me smile ? Thanks guys.. Im okay im on broken glass at the min but im winning. Day 17 tomo If im qiuet im still with you guys just back a step or 2. Your rhino
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    Nope ....Not Today ...Not Ever !!!
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    Nope. Smoking is not an option.
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    NOPE Happy Friday, everybody!
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    Congratulations @Sslip for being 10 months smoke free!! Well done and welcome to the double digit club. It is fantastic seeing just what you have been able to achieve since you quit, especially the way you chose to donate your savings and reward yourself with an amazing trek to The Grand Canyon and also a trip or two overseas with the missus.... just think how much more enjoyment you have been able to get over the past 10 months thanks to your quit. Also thank you for all the support you offer on the boards and behind the scenes to many of the members here, both those coming behind your and those ahead. It is an honour to be sharing this journey with you. So what is the next reward you have planned?
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    Yup. It happened. I told myself I wouldn't let it happen, and now here I sit. Traded one addiction for another. I mean full blown, raging mad winter green Lifesaver addiction. I've eaten sooooooooo many. And I want to eat soooooooo many more. And I really don't care if too much is not good for me... Imma eat them until my bathroom smells like a candy cane factory when I'm done using it. Hi my name is Mary and I am a mintaholic.
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    Playing catch up with all the stuff I missed the past 3 days.... its been busy... so for those not in the know I got a new job... they are working around my medical appointments and health and eventually it will be part working from home but for the first few weeks it will be office bound... because 6 months of backlog and unresolved accounts issues... which means leaving home at 6.30am and getting home between 6 & 7pm... once I get my first pay I can do the credit on the phone thing and come visit during my 4-5 hours of public transport but until then time is limited and with my health I have been pretty tired...because I still have to cook 3 meals a day (2 for the dogs and 1 for the people) plus housework and what not. 3 days in and I've hit the ground running... day 1 I solved an issue for one of my main accounts that had been outstanding since June, day two I found an issue with some transactions and the police have had to be involved.... day 3 I showed my team a trick which halved their work time and made their lives easier ... so the team is great, friendly and all have similar work ethics... Just waitin on that first pay check.... its been a very tight 5 months.
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    I just gotta get out of this prison cell Someday I'm gonna be free
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    O.M.G..I was blown away..didn't want it to end...sad in parts of course...but reminded me of what a brilliant performer Freddie was... The hairs on the back of my neck were on end...if you like Queen...run there....
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    Good Morning NOPErs... today the Aussie calendar has nothing to offer, the UN calendar is bare but the US give us the 49th Birthday for Sesame Street which shares its birthday with the Marine Corps who today will turn 243! So weather you watch a re-run of sesame street or spend a moment thinking about those given their time and lives to serve just make sure you remember to NOPE.... today is also Forget Me Not Day... a day where American's are asked to remember the sacrafices of mind, body and spirit returned service men and women have made, to not forget them. NOPE... cos nothing controls me but me.
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    Your own post...cos your special to us... Keep pushing forward..it does get better.... 17:days is a great achievement...
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    If we're doing a Memphis theme, I'll throw in a bit of Booker T and the MG's. Those groovy kids down at the Hollywood-A-Go-Go were really digging it... And on the subject of Queen...Here's my personal favorite from them.
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    Congratulations @Rosewothorne for being 7 months smoke free. Well done Rose on keeping your quit for seven months. Hope all is going well with you and your quit. Would love to know how you rewarded yourself and celebrated your 7th month smoke free.
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    I just saw the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" last week....reminded how much someone like Freddie Mercury is missed today!
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    https://consumer.healthday.com/cancer-information-5/smoking-cessation-news-628/the-sooner-you-quit-smoking-the-better-739252.html "These findings underscore the benefits of quitting smoking within five years, which is a 38 percent lower risk of a heart attack, stroke or other forms of cardiovascular disease," said study author Meredith Duncan, from Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. "The bottom line is if you smoke, now is a very good time to quit," Duncan said in an American Heart Association news release. Her team also found that it takes more than 15 years from the time you quit until your cardiovascular disease risk returns to the level of those who never smoked -- so the sooner you quit, the better. Cigarette smoking in America is declining and leaving a growing population of former smokers. Earlier studies have hinted that the risk for heart disease lessens within a few years after quitting, but these studies haven't looked closely at smoking history, including changes in smoking habits. In this study, Duncan and her colleagues analyzed data on the lifetime smoking histories of nearly 8,700 people who took part in the Framingham Heart Study. At the beginning of the study, none of the participants suffered from cardiovascular disease. Over 27 years, researchers compared the risk for heart disease among people who never smoked with those who quit. They found that more than 70 percent of heart disease occurred in current or former smokers who smoked at least 20 pack-years -- smoking one pack a day for 20 years. But smokers who quit within the last five years cut their risk for cardiovascular disease by 38 percent, compared with people who continued to smoke. Moreover, it took 16 years after quitting for the risk of cardiovascular disease to return to the level of never smokers, the researchers found. The findings are to be presented Sunday at the American Heart Association's annual meeting, in Chicago. Such research is considered preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6360637/It-takes-smokers-hearts-15-years-recover-quitting.html
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    Keep up the great work, Rhino! You are doing awesome!
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    Welcome to your 3rd (or is it 4th) character in a month. Hope one of them remains quit for more than a day or two. I know one of your failed day-long quits was the fault of music and TV, so that doesn't count . Also, I appreciate your advice that cravings only last 10 days so anyone who experiences them beyond that must simply be bored. I'm sure that person felt those comments were very helpful. Perhaps I could be so bold to suggest that you focus on your true self and how you can remain quit before offering that kind of advice to others. Take this seriously and you'll have my full support. However, if you don't take this seriously, please do no harm to those who do. People's lives depend on beating this addiction.
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    High five @Sslip...10 months ...your getting there nice and steady....writing this is a pleasure...
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    Oh ho ho, you're on the home straight now slip. Good for you!!
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    Thank you everyone. I'm doing much better now.
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    Congrats Rose...7 months is a great quit...treat yourself today !!!
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    ugh yeah...not a pretty picture! LOVE this - especially #3!! Thank you!
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    I loved it....going back to see it again in Imax! Enjoy, Doreen...let's compare notes after you see it!
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