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    You are doing great. I love your images. They are transfixing.
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    nope... working towards 2 months!
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    NOPE....... Happy Birthday to my lovely Sister...... wish you would stop smoking 🤔
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    NOPE Happy Friday, everybody!
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    Congratulations @Sslip for being 10 months smoke free!! Well done and welcome to the double digit club. It is fantastic seeing just what you have been able to achieve since you quit, especially the way you chose to donate your savings and reward yourself with an amazing trek to The Grand Canyon and also a trip or two overseas with the missus.... just think how much more enjoyment you have been able to get over the past 10 months thanks to your quit. Also thank you for all the support you offer on the boards and behind the scenes to many of the members here, both those coming behind your and those ahead. It is an honour to be sharing this journey with you. So what is the next reward you have planned?
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    Yup. It happened. I told myself I wouldn't let it happen, and now here I sit. Traded one addiction for another. I mean full blown, raging mad winter green Lifesaver addiction. I've eaten sooooooooo many. And I want to eat soooooooo many more. And I really don't care if too much is not good for me... Imma eat them until my bathroom smells like a candy cane factory when I'm done using it. Hi my name is Mary and I am a mintaholic.
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    Congratulations @Rosewothorne for being 7 months smoke free. Well done Rose on keeping your quit for seven months. Hope all is going well with you and your quit. Would love to know how you rewarded yourself and celebrated your 7th month smoke free.
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    I just saw the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" last week....reminded how much someone like Freddie Mercury is missed today!
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    High five @Sslip...10 months ...your getting there nice and steady....writing this is a pleasure...
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    Oh ho ho, you're on the home straight now slip. Good for you!!
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    Thank you everyone. I'm doing much better now.
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    Yes my friend, that is phenomenal...You're a star, shining bright and showing others the way. The support and friendship you offer is amazing, it takes a special person who is able to take time out to help others while managing to keep your quit. @Sslip , I'm indeed honoured to know you and share this journey with you. You've helped me when I've stumbled, been there to spar with me on CoS and overall been a great quit buddy. So Congratulations mate. Looking forward to the day you step on to the Lido Deck!!!
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