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Everyone forgot I quit!!!!


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There can be no disputing that you are (in island speak) completely barking. Up the tree. Round the bend. As a box of frogs. 


You are a nutter.




You are our nutter.


In turns incomprehensible, rough tough and macho and even (quietly) supportive.


Congratulations Officer Dibble.  

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Remember when Jenny and i high jacked one of your posts?? Haha. I kind of felt bad about it but it was hysterically funny and we kept going. I thought you were just kind of a grouchy old man. Nothing like the Bakon we've come to know and love.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart all you do for us. Your energy and wonderful "call it like it is" attitude along with a loving and colorful demeanor has made a difference to so many people. You reach people. It's a gift. :)

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Thank you everyone (except BAT who is still stuck in the tree after kissing big American girlfriend)


All I can say is its hard to remember now sticking a cigarette in my hand. I used to have one hanging out my mouth whenever I was in garage or outside. Now I do my chores and hobbies without thinking of it. I can say the money saved is spent going out to dinner or vacations, don't really pot it for an item anymore. Drinking is more expensive now due to the bars usually in a restruant or nicer place that doesn't allow smoking. Quit going to the club down the road due to the smoking still in there. I just avoid smoke altogether as I still HATE the smell. That and NOPE carried me through. Babs was one of the first posters to my thread. Nancy is probably the nicest (Tracey still is when Rez aint around) All the eggs are fun girls and the guys in here I would love to hang out with.


Three years has got me pretty far, more in shape but also heavier, traveled from Pittsburgh to Maine, to Florida and California/Washington on motorcycle. Only got four states left and 48 lower will be done. Maybe go find bigfoot after I retire as that's a super long one. Replaced my truck, wifes car and bike, kept Mustang (Joe). Son got done with Marines, mechanic school and moved to Florida. Other son already there, so got retirement place figured out. Like that new add on tv with the 7 year notice. I use it sometimes. Sad side..Buried a dog and wife beat cancer during one year.....through it all everyone here was supportive. You people are incredible and a gift from God.


Thank you.





But I still think you all forgot.....

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I thought that a view times Porky, that people forgot but I even forgot to mention it in the calender so do not blame the newbies like moi, i wasn't there by your side back then I am now and say you did great. just mention it (i forget EVERYTHING) so you do not blame ME for forgetting :P

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3 years free. huge change and greeting life living dreams (only 4 in lower 48 to go~! which 4?).  

thank you, thank you, thank you for being you and showing up here.

yeah, quit date hugely important... feels good to be remebered, in my opinion.


You are remembered and your support thought of when away from this site. ....   so much truth, heart, challenge and humour.


:yahoo: :dance4: :sun_bespectacled: ...where's the window licker facicon?

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If you would be so kind as to put it ON THE CALENDAR we would never forget it again

but then, you wouldn't have so much fun reminding us of our missed opportunities. :D


Congratulations, bakon.

How does it feel ?

What does it all mean ?

Where are you going to celebrate ?

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