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  1. This is the big one! Congratulations, Rose! It only gets better from here.
  2. Post a Song you Like

    I end up wanting a thick smokey Scotch and a campfire
  3. Latoya is 4 Months Quit Today!!

    I popped back in to see how you're doing and YAY! Congrats, Latoya! I'm way happy for you. By now you can really feel the difference, yes? I hope your success has inspired your mom too!
  4. happy anniversary boo feels good, huh?
  5. 5 Days to Boo,s 2 year Party !!!!!

    Wow, this year went fast! So Boo, you going to streak the Lido Deck and swan dive off the high board again this year?
  6. chicks or sticks

  7. LaToya has 2 months today !!!

    Wow, this last month flew by fast! Congrats, Latoya!! Your commitment to your quit is admirable. Keep going, and yay to not being stinky!
  8. chicks or sticks

  9. chicks or sticks

  10. Just joined and just quit last night.

    You have found a great board for support. You can do it. We've all done it. Now, read, read and read all the info here, post and reach out as often as you need.
  11. chicks or sticks

  12. True or False

    False NP has a family member who smokes.
  13. chicks or sticks

    Somebody needs to!! 1
  14. chicks or sticks


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