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  1. A private campsite, a long sandy beach on the ocean, a non-motorized lake and a kayak, my bed. Fun topic!
  2. Where'd you go? Stick around and play a while.
  3. Runfree

    Five Years

    He ain't a Baller, he's a Bowler! Sorry I'm late. Congrats, Bat. And thank you for sticking around.
  4. Congrats, Kate. Such an achievement.
  5. Well look at this! Welcome back and congrats on the pup. I'm living in MN now so take good care of AK for me.
  6. Bakon's fried, Sonic died, Joe is still the same. Hey!
  7. Congratulations Tammy! The 6 month feels so great and you've arrived. It's just a matter of repetition from here on out. Next stop, the Lido Deck!
  8. Thank you! It seems like so long ago. It is by far the best decision I've made in my life. Not only for better health, but for the freedom and peace of mind. If you're just starting out or have months/years under your belt, keep going. Don't ever turn back. You will be rewarded tenfold. Well, it's immeasurable really. Gotta the QT! Thank you bunches!!
  9. Phfft. No comparison. Tiny state of Texas is filled with pansies.
  10. If you want an example of an amazing group of hard working people, check this out. The road and railroad repairs are coming together. On the other hand, building inspections are showing wide spread damage, a couple schools that didn't make it, lots of homes off their foundations, etc. That will take more time. But that off ramp, wow.
  11. I'm okay! Thank you for thinking of me, so kind of you! Yes, I'm in Anchorage, I've been here 28 years and that was right up there in the top 3 of NOT fun quakes. Fortunately, there has been no loss of life. The main damage found so far is to our roads and bridges. Kudos to strict building codes and compliant engineers and building contractors. Here's the crazy thing... I just sold my house, signed the final paperwork on Tuesday, the money hit the bank on Wednesday and the new owner moved in yesterday. Poor lady, I hope it didn't sustain any damage. I fly out of here next week. What a stellar send off! I'm good. A little rattled, ha, but ok. I can live without these aftershocks, geez!!!! ??
  12. My friend Joe is living the good life. Congrats on your 5. Oh sure it's old hat by now but 5...pretty cool.

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