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  1. Is that Jimmy Fallon? Neil Diamond? Amos Lee? Nope, it's Max Gomez.
  2. Congrats!!! I love it when we forget.
  3. So much love and appreciation for Beth's honesty in her writing
  4. So stoked to have live music back in our lives! my fingers are crossed that it stays this way. I have tickets to see James Taylor & Jackson Brown in Nov (row 8 ) and Amos Lee in April (row 3 ). My bucket list is getting smaller.
  5. It's a BIG deal. Every moment clean is a big deal. Congrats! And that motto is a spot on reminder. Keep going.
  6. You are so right about that! Congrats. You smell so good.
  7. ✌️ it's been a while.  I hope you and the Mrs are doing well.

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    2. Runfree


      Congrats on the new home.  No putting a siren on top of that golf cart - you're a retired man.  I'm exploring new haunts and dodging ad nauseam politics.  I miss the mountains but mostly doing alright.

    3. bakon


      Where you living? Got that bikini ready to visit?

    4. Runfree


      I was in St Paul, now I'm in Central MN.  Yeah, workin on the bikini bod.  Got my pool house ready to go?  Hired my cabana boy yet?  

  8. I'm glad you found this place. The information and support has helped many of us keep our quit. May I suggest you find a phrase or a promise to yourself or a SOLID reason for your desire to quit, some important thing to hold onto during that "as in instantly" moment. You will be amazed at how it helps to get you past those few mins of craving. Cry, curse, take a day off, take a bath, whatever it takes when taking a puff is NOT AN OPTION. All the best to you!

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