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  1. I remember you having ten years when I started. Envious for sure. Thought if I could be there it would be so easy. Well at 9 it is easy. Thanks for posting
  2. Thanks Paul for reminding me. And Horneytoad on buddybook. 9 keep marching. Easy now. Cruise control. So easy I forgot
  3. Thank you everyone. Forgot date. Six more months of uniform hopefully. Bought house in Florida already. Going to play bocce and grow fat. Keep marching
  4. Passed or present? Or past? We ain’t dead yet horney toad. good job window licker. Sucks you cheat so much on game but give someone power and they think they can get away with anything. Hope you lose your panties today....great job
  5. A Not sure… big number. Higher than 20. 64320.
  6. Not sure… big number. Higher than 20.
  7. Way to go window licker. You rock. Hope all’s well. Weird I popped in on your day. Like a calling for clowns to all come to big top
  8. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    I will fix that 10
  9. Awesome. What a nice lady too. Fancy shoes, knows her way around the bedroom, I mean kitchen...been there for everyone and posts so nice. Without her this place would .....
  10. Never went rabbit hunting but I would smack the ass on this one.... good job window licker hope you have a good day and a reward planned....
  11. Not so fast, some cheating on the chicks there
  12. Way to go egg. Seven....seems like a lifetime ago you were new and gabby as a bunch of hens....good work and reward yourself
  13. Anyone want to guess what I plan today? did you say a beer?
  14. I got about 7 watches. Favorite is a self winder- that I don’t wear enough so it always need wound. reward today

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