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  1. bakon

    Five Years

  2. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    chicks take away one sticks add to the fun when colleen runs out of fingers and toes- you win edit- that means 20 for the not so smart ones. try to keep track and keep a running total of wins when 20 is hit. Chicks 0: Sticks 0 1
  3. bakon

    One Week!

    Change your name. Your no longer a guest. Your a member
  4. bakon

    Wendy is 4 Years Smoke Free

    And she makes great burgers congrats
  5. bakon

    Holy Vestil Virgins, BAT is 5 years Smoke Free!

    Awesome job buddy. Hope you got a toy picked out to celebrate. Still waiting on my train ride... anyways here to you window licking five years now
  6. bakon

    Failure on day 17

  7. bakon

    Kate18 is One Month Smoke Free

  8. bakon

    Dudes! One year!

    Great job
  9. bakon

    Martian5 is 1 YEAR Smoke Free

    Great job window licker
  10. bakon

    Octain is 1 YEAR Smoke Free!

    Great job window licker.
  11. bakon

    Runfree is 4 Years Smoke Free!

    Bigfoot rules! Way to go and hope you got something skimpy picked out for Florida....
  12. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    20. Sticks rule
  13. bakon

    a year of failure

    Repeat what the chick above said. I grabbed the word NOPE. I said it 100000 times a day. If I never took a puff I couldn't fail. also like A puff away from a pack a day. keep Marching
  14. bakon

    Sslip is 1 YEAR Smoke Free!

    Awesome. What do you have planned for a reward. Hard work at beginning and although easier now you earned it.
  15. bakon

    chicks or sticks

  16. bakon


    Some splaining for us slo ones Babbles....meathead missing mostly....backseat?
  17. bakon


    Post one, post ten....but has to be a real selfie.... Call this one Copcicle
  18. Post the selfies here
  19. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    Slam the door 20
  20. bakon

    ChRiSpY is 6 YEARS Smoke Free!

    Window licker. Supreme. Great job.
  21. bakon


  22. bakon

    Catlover is 11 Months Smoke Free!

    Congrats time for a name.change....
  23. bakon

    Linda Thomas is 5 months smoke free!

    Thumbs up

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