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  1. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    1. good job chickies
  2. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    -13. Go make me a sandwich
  3. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    -12. Obviously chickens don’t have any chores to do
  4. Awesome job window licker. What’s the reward/celebration?
  5. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    Two cheater chicks
  6. bakon


    Window licker. Now tell everyone how bad it was….headache and bad breath. Smell. Money wasted. Then read that post next time while posting sos
  7. Still the worst name on group….way to go windowlicker
  8. Feb 1st knuckleheads
  9. Patch is like torture. But if it’s working then good for you. I would consider it one of the hardest ways to quit. Constant nicotine even at low level has to trigger all kinds of troubles. Didn’t work for me. But nothing worked for me until this group and a decision to never put it in mouth again. as for original poster…..how to say this in the nicest bakon way and not come off as an asshole…..your three months in….quit romantic thoughts of it….buck up as an adult who is now a nonsmoker and not whining spoiled baby….ok I failed. I sound like an asshole. But really you made the hardest three months, past the first week, second week, and then month troubles….your like a strongman in the gym now. Act like it. Put your head up, reach down and straighten your big girl undies and walk proudly out into the world singing praises to yourself….looking back and wishing is about as useful as lighting farts on fire. Nobody plows a straight field looking backwards…so let’s go missy…move positive and stronger today. asshat out.
  10. Way to go window licker. Hope you get a fresh window today as a reward.
  11. Hoping my new villages buddies find this and sign up….. everyone else Keep Marching. It gets easy fast and soon your running. Happy New Year.
  12. I remember you having ten years when I started. Envious for sure. Thought if I could be there it would be so easy. Well at 9 it is easy. Thanks for posting

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