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  1. Just have some nice shoes and the turquoise scarf
  2. bakon

    chicks or sticks

    Win #26783. sticks rule chicks droll
  3. We arrive same day. But about an hour North in the Villages. Won't be coming to animal kingdom but Sunday might work...who am I kidding....Will drink too much Saturday to want to be around all those kids in the heat. My kids come over on 3rd but maybe drive down to see you Monday -Wednesday some time wife wants to shop the outlets there and give us something to do
  4. Can't find smarti's post but anyone still getting it together in Florida near 4th of July? Wife and I will be there that weekend saw on buddybook that smarti bought new luggage....
  5. June 2019....had to check in. Forgot exact quit date...couldn't remember how many years....had a smoking dream month ago....wasn't smoking but in my dream I couldn't run up a hill and was blaming smoking....keep marching
  6. Nice.posts. Shoe wins!
  7. It's that time.....check in you bunch of window lickers and glue eaters...all short bus riders, islanders, cannucks, Mexican amigos and train riders....anyone from Ohio and cattle states...plus eggs and boxshitter owners. People who have not been associated with any of the above names/placed, your cousin called and said it's ok to be late for dinner (check in here first cause you probably just don't know your a label licker too) Bakon
  8. bakon


    Did you cut through Winchester?
  9. Just found this. Was in Florida for two weeks. Pens were not good enough this year. Murray was the younger goal tender but I liked Florey better. Vegas stole him
  10. Ok let's start with how fat.....selfies please. I can't give advice until I know where we are starting Food vs Exercise. Gym owner/ bodybuilding type had me and wife on a program years ago...said food was 90 percent/ workouts were 10 percent . I feel workouts are little more as they are motivating and actual start to feel good when doing them. Kind of the kick. The feel good comes from improvements so start slow. Be steady and add a little each week. When I take time off I go back to gym at 50 percent of weight or time on exercises and work up slow for 4 weeks before going hard again. Slow and add a little should be a motto. Food- what booger said is right. Point is eat right. But have cheat days. Same gym owner gave his students weekends off the diet. Eat anything and do what you want. First weekend is beer and pizza. Monday you start back but notice you have lost progress, next weekend is less beer and hamburger, little less but no restrictions feels ok. Next weekend its mostly healthy and little excess of pie or a few drinks. Point is there is no rules but you are seeing improvements and don't go overboard. And when the special party happens you aren't stuck eating rabbit food and drinking water with lemons. Life is one shot. So don't miss out to save a pound. But don't eat lik e everyday is a party Now post those fat ass pictures. bakon loves a big butt.

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