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  1. NOPE. I'm gonna kick some fags ass
  2. Evelyn


    Ok. Maar might sound crazy but I prayed and I'm confident I can stick with NOPE now. I need to not stick things in my mouth and light them on fire. Period. No discussion. I rather pray then get sick.
  3. Evelyn


    I'm so scared. I've relapsed within hours. I feel shit about it. I feel hopeless. I feel frustrated. The only thing I feel I can do is pray
  4. Evelyn


    I have to be sober in to get my quit right
  5. Evelyn


    Yes Doreen as, ready as I've ever been.
  6. Evelyn


    Thanks do not negotiate with addiction. If I do I Iose.
  7. Good afternoon. NOT ONE PUFF EVER. just for today
  8. Evelyn


    Yes Nancy I just threw them away. YESS
  9. Evelyn


    Not much to say except I am preparing to quit. I've been making tons of excuses and bull.. One rule, NOPE. I'm back. I'm sorry I never got the nerves to return. I guess shame did the trick. Sarge, hell you're right. Bakon, you too. My apologies. Thanks Evelyn
  10. I want to learn and quit. Kick my ass bakon
  11. They kept me hooked on nicotine. So relapsed easier. Law of addiction :)
  12. Morning everyone, NOPE for me.
  13. Morning, Here I am. I stick with, NOPE for today. Have a great day... Friends
  14. The NOPE pledge. Cigs? NOPE. Smoki..? NOPE. Just NOPE

    1. babs609


      where are you?


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