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    Pots I am very disappointed in your constant relapses. You have been off and on smoking since I quit over a year ago. Every time you appear, I truly hope you are serious about quitting, You make a little headway and then disappear again. It is time for you to make a choice to smoke or not to smoke. No more excuses. Let's get this done.
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    The FIRST PLACE to start is to both understand AND acknowledge that the above is a lie. "I had to smoke". No. You did not have to. You wanted to. If you can't start there - complete honesty. Drop the excuses. Drop the lies. If you can't start there you have no hope. You will never be successful as long as you type and think things like the above drivel. EZPZ.
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    Thanks everyone for the reply . I was a bit busy because of my exam time , my course will be over within a month , so i have a bit of high workload right now . I also learned something new today . The feeling you get after you finish a cigarette is mostly a shitty one . There is no point in depending on this crap for whatever it is .
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    See, It's true, I just knew it!
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    I agree. why wait? When did this happen anyway? You have been silent on this forum for some weeks now, although you have been logging in - just not posting. As others have said in their own words, smoking is a choice YOU made. Not one you were forced to make. As JIllar said, a person who never smoked would not have picked up a cigarette and lit it in your situation. You need to understand that this whole smoking or not smoking thing is completely under your control - no one else can make the choices for you. You know you can quit because you were quit for quit some number of months before so get back on the train and get it done for good this time. I'm happy your little girl is OK too. I'm sure it was very frightening as a parent to have gone through what you did.
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    Glad your little girl is ok sunshine. I get the stress of you thinking you need to smoke but in reality its an excuse to smoke. Never smokers don't need to smoke when they're stressed so we need to change our mindset about needed to. Stay close and post BEFORE you cave so we can try to talk some sense into you!
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    Thanks a lot for the reply . Yes , Thank god , She is alright now . I have set my new quit date September 13 2019 , 9/13/2019 . OK , I am restarting this Quit again . I will soon put a new ticker too . I now know a lot about controlling most of these urges and triggers . Some days are plain dull no matter how hard you try .
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    Glad to here your little one is ok ... After smoking 52 years ...I used every reason to smoke .. You'll be surprised how you cope with life so much better as a non smoker .. Glad your back ...just jump on ,the best time to quit is now !!
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    Assuming position, @reciprocity ? For you re-occurring spankings ? Let's hear that skin slap...music to my ears.
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    The Cubans do an impressive job when it comes to body and interior work. All those American cars that predate the embargo, and many of them still look clean. A guy I know told me most of those cars have Mercedes engines in them; some kind of Germany to Russia to Cuba trade route they worked out. Growing older is inevitable. Maturing is a matter of choice. Me personally, I'm still on the fence about which direction I'm going in.
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    Hey Pots, I'm glad your kid is ok. Every time I hear a post from someone who relapses and says that they "had to smoke because..." I can't help but think of Cristobal's post that Sazerac shared, Your Quit and Your Life - The Proper Sequence A successful quitter realizes that they cannot smoke ever, no matter what life throws at them. Relapsing and smoking a cigarette is a conscious decision. No life event made the person light up. The person decided to light up and relapse on their own. A successful quitter must never allow a person or event influence them into lighting up again. In order to successfully quit, you must never take another puff. Yes, take it one day and one moment at a time but the ups and downs of life (which will always be there) cannot influence your quit. You must be serious about this and realize the only thing that can make you smoke is yourself. I agree with the other posters too. Why wait? There is no better time than now. You keep torturing yourself with all of these relapses. Start back now. Commit to never taking another puff and reach out to this board anytime you feel tempted. We all want to see you succeed but you are the one who has to make the commitment.
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    Careful now .... you may end up with a problem you didn't expect
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    I like those great big, American made cars from the 1950's. Nice curves. Whitewall tires. And chrome....lots of chrome.
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    Good for you on 2 fronts ..... keeping your quit while stressful life issues happened and for helping out to those poor people on Grand Bahama Island! We will look forward to hearing more from you when you have more time. Godspeed in the relief efforts you are involved with and yes, we are praying for all those injured and lost to this horrible event.
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    At work, pretending to work but not actually working, lol.
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    You might want to make a Pre Respond To Your Own SOS with exactly this, Mighty One. I know it's not likely you will ever forget the terror of the thought of amputation but, addiction is fierce.
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    I have just sent an e-mail thanking her and when I go back in six months I'll take her a gift.
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    Dear No Nic, So you're sitting here planning to buy a pack when you go out to the store this morning with Joni. You have such a baby quit. You're only on day 2 so its normal to have cravings but you KNOW that smoking is not the answer to anything. It will give you nothing but a new quit date. Remember all the times in your life that you've tried to smoke "Just One"? Where did it get you each and every time? To buying a pack, then another, then another. You can't have "Just One". You never have. When you go to the store this morning, and come home still a successful nonsmoker, you'll feel SOOOO victorious. You'll feel like a nonsmoking BEASTESS. You can do this. You can. Please, please don't smoke. Buy sugar free gum and candy and some little coffee stirrer straw things to "smoke" instead. Buy treats, not cigs!! I love you. Chick
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    Orbiting deadly environments?
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    Yup 185 mph before installing full aftermarket exhaust and fuel mapping the power commander. That will add maybe 10-15% It get's there rather quickly too
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    ^^^ Go to Havana. They're all over the place there
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    Good to hear from you Diane, glad your house is safe but I'm sorry about your friends in the Bahamas. That's awesome that you can keep your quit and be there for them. Proof again, that if you want your quit bad enough you will succeed, xoxo
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    -8 You didn't say, 'box', did you Stick ?
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    Here is an article Diabetic smokers beware - Nicotine raises blood sugar The Effects of Long Term Nicotine Gum Use To what extent does nicotine gum increase blood glucose levels?
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    Where are you Juan ? Don't go away and stay gone for years again. This is ridiculous....you can quit. You haven't been here since Sunday. What are we to think ? Are you enjoying your cigarette ? I think not. We can't quit for you, Juan. But, you have the power when you choose to use it.
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    -7...oh I did ....they have took a beating lately lol..
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    -5 ....Sorry I think I was in the wrong page .. oops...Hi Saz and Linda xx
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    maybe instead of rice I will take corn and black beans or those caviar lentils. grapes
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    Those are great pictures. Thanks for sharing!
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    Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I have a lot of catching up to do. I am on the city bus right now, heading to work. Yawn.
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    My deepest sympathy Richard .... You are in our hearts and thoughts at this sad time ... I'm lost my partner in May to this horrible illness....after a 15 year battle .... We do understand your pain .... xx
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