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    Well hello stoopid. So you want to smoke again eh. You gave up in 1997 for SEVEN years and went back. You didn't need to did you? You'd mastered it and you used some dumb ass excuses for starting again. Then you quit on 22/8/19 and did really well. You'd gotten over the worst of it and now you want to cave in using some idiotic reasoning again. While you're at it why not sniff some glue as well for an extra kick and drink a couple of litres of vodka a day to boot. Do you really want to lose a limb for that stuff? Ok, lecture to self over. Be good to yourself and just don't do it. There's no need, it's an addiction not a pleasure. When the rush of the first cig has gone, you're just spending a fortune and making yourself ill just to feel normal. The rush won't happen again. Don't forget what motivated you on 22/8/19 and don't forget how listless you were through lack of oxygen. Don't favour carbon monoxide over the good stuff. Don't forget you've seen the ultimate effects of carbon monoxide many many times. Stay strong. Good luck, Phil (the non smoker)
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    Pots I am very disappointed in your constant relapses. You have been off and on smoking since I quit over a year ago. Every time you appear, I truly hope you are serious about quitting, You make a little headway and then disappear again. It is time for you to make a choice to smoke or not to smoke. No more excuses. Let's get this done.
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    The FIRST PLACE to start is to both understand AND acknowledge that the above is a lie. "I had to smoke". No. You did not have to. You wanted to. If you can't start there - complete honesty. Drop the excuses. Drop the lies. If you can't start there you have no hope. You will never be successful as long as you type and think things like the above drivel. EZPZ.
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    What are the best looking cars from the past and now in your opinion? Mine are both jaguars coincidentally - the current Ftype R and the old e type.
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    Thanks everyone for the reply . I was a bit busy because of my exam time , my course will be over within a month , so i have a bit of high workload right now . I also learned something new today . The feeling you get after you finish a cigarette is mostly a shitty one . There is no point in depending on this crap for whatever it is .
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    Hi everyone sorry I’ve been missing in action. Though the storm didn’t hit south Florida it did a real number on our friends and neighbors in The Bahamas. I have been quite busy helping with the relief efforts to Grand Bahama. It’s only 60 miles from me. We spend a lot of time their in the summer. Please everyone pray for them and the lost souls. There are going to be thousands that parish in the storm. I’m still keeping my quit. No smoking even with all the stress of a hurricane. God bless you all. I will be back on when things slow down a little so many things to do at the moment.
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    START NOW You can Do it. Juan from argenitna trust you. 26 hs clean
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    Are you gonna be smoking during this time? Its a setup Sunshine. Your falling for the okey doke!!! Then by the time that date comes around. Its gonna be something else!! You've got to do it now!!!
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    Going to the Liverpool Royal Court Theatre ....another funny play and a meal .....yaaaa I'll be home late lol....
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    See, It's true, I just knew it!
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    In times of strife, we always revert to ........................................................................
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    And for the record, three days from now is NOT"as soon as possible". I'm not sure who you're trying to fool (other than yourself). As soon as possible would have been the second you put out that stanky butt you smoked. You're making excuses. We've all done it. Now either you want to quit or you don't. If you do, you won't smoke again. If you don't, you will. It really is that simple.
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    Is that what is know as a crotch rocket?
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    I agree. why wait? When did this happen anyway? You have been silent on this forum for some weeks now, although you have been logging in - just not posting. As others have said in their own words, smoking is a choice YOU made. Not one you were forced to make. As JIllar said, a person who never smoked would not have picked up a cigarette and lit it in your situation. You need to understand that this whole smoking or not smoking thing is completely under your control - no one else can make the choices for you. You know you can quit because you were quit for quit some number of months before so get back on the train and get it done for good this time. I'm happy your little girl is OK too. I'm sure it was very frightening as a parent to have gone through what you did.
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    Glad your little girl is ok sunshine. I get the stress of you thinking you need to smoke but in reality its an excuse to smoke. Never smokers don't need to smoke when they're stressed so we need to change our mindset about needed to. Stay close and post BEFORE you cave so we can try to talk some sense into you!
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    Thanks a lot for the reply . Yes , Thank god , She is alright now . I have set my new quit date September 13 2019 , 9/13/2019 . OK , I am restarting this Quit again . I will soon put a new ticker too . I now know a lot about controlling most of these urges and triggers . Some days are plain dull no matter how hard you try .
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    Glad to here your little one is ok ... After smoking 52 years ...I used every reason to smoke .. You'll be surprised how you cope with life so much better as a non smoker .. Glad your back ...just jump on ,the best time to quit is now !!
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    Sorry about your little one. Hope she is on the mend. There are no valid reasons or excuses to smoke, you know that, don't you ? Your quit must come first. As Cristóbal says, 'You---->Your Quit---->Your Life Please do more reading. A lot more reading. The facts about nicotine addiction must become as familiar as your name. Once you have a deep understanding about addiction you will know that NOPE is the only way. NOPE gives you super powers. When is day one ? Why wait another minute ? You need to be there for your child ! We are here when you need.
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    My wife is the same. I don't think it can be forced, they just have to see the light in their own time.
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    Well done chicks ....another great slap !!!!
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    Assuming position, @reciprocity ? For you re-occurring spankings ? Let's hear that skin slap...music to my ears.
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    I felt the same way about my new Dr. He was so mean to me about my health because of smoking. Now I LOVE him! He's so nice lol. It was the kick in the mass I needed too. The "i'll show him" mentality was the push I needed
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    I pledge allegiance to the slab of the United Steaks of America and to the prime cuts for which it stands, one nation on the grill, with healthy fats and protein for all.
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    The Cubans do an impressive job when it comes to body and interior work. All those American cars that predate the embargo, and many of them still look clean. A guy I know told me most of those cars have Mercedes engines in them; some kind of Germany to Russia to Cuba trade route they worked out. Growing older is inevitable. Maturing is a matter of choice. Me personally, I'm still on the fence about which direction I'm going in.
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    Just did. What a great idea and a strange feeling doing it. I decided to write something new.
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    You might want to make a Pre Respond To Your Own SOS with exactly this, Mighty One. I know it's not likely you will ever forget the terror of the thought of amputation but, addiction is fierce.
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    Yes, The MIGHTY CHICKS have scored again ! The sticks conspicuously absent. Sad, sad Sticks, are their glory days spent ?
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    Dear No Nic, So you're sitting here planning to buy a pack when you go out to the store this morning with Joni. You have such a baby quit. You're only on day 2 so its normal to have cravings but you KNOW that smoking is not the answer to anything. It will give you nothing but a new quit date. Remember all the times in your life that you've tried to smoke "Just One"? Where did it get you each and every time? To buying a pack, then another, then another. You can't have "Just One". You never have. When you go to the store this morning, and come home still a successful nonsmoker, you'll feel SOOOO victorious. You'll feel like a nonsmoking BEASTESS. You can do this. You can. Please, please don't smoke. Buy sugar free gum and candy and some little coffee stirrer straw things to "smoke" instead. Buy treats, not cigs!! I love you. Chick
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