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    G’day NOPE starts my day
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    I'M STILL HERE YOU GUYS!! NOPE NOPE NOPE. I'm glad you are all here too. Have a Nope-y day!
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    Hello Everyone, First I’m really enjoying all the great info and personal stories on this forum. Thanks to everyone who has shared their stories to help others. It’s not an easy thing to give up cigarettes. At least not for me. I wish I had never seen a cigarette. My father was a smoker. And most of my friends where smokers too. Back when I started you could smoke everywhere. Of course I’m from Virginia big tobacco state. I now live in Florida and you can’t smoke most places. As with most states. Hopefully this is helpful in my journey to quit. This is my third time quitting, one time I quit for well over a year. So I know it can be done. I must always remember I am addicted to nicotine. My taking Chantix this time to quit and I’m at the end of my third week. I’m currently still smoking but not much at all. Each time I light a cigarette I realize I don’t really want it and it’s not giving me any satisfaction and doesn’t taste the same. So I’m not smoking much of the ones I light. It seems it’s just the habit of smoking that is getting the best of me. Don’t get me wrong I still think about smoking but most of the time it passes quickly and I can do without it. But there are times I still feel the overwhelming need to light that cigarette. And than I light it and it’s a total let down. So I know the Chantix is doing it’s job. It starting working within the first few days. I noticed I wasn’t smoking anywhere near what I smoked by the 4th day. And it’s slowly becoming less and less. I’m only having a little nausea as a side effect and today it’s been much better. So who know might be from withdrawals as I’m not really smoking enough to matter. I am a heavy smoker. I’m sharing my experience to date. I hope it can help others. While Chantix isn’t for everyone, it’s working for me. And please if you are considering using Chantix to quit do so only under a doctors care. This is no drug to be messing with if you aren’t under a doctors care.
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    Welcome aboard Diane, quitting smoking will prove to be one of the best things you have ever done for yourself. Those are the moments that solid quits are built upon. Every time you get a strong craving but don't smoke, you are training yourself to be a non-smoker. Quitting is a process. A process that will reward you many times over. Enjoy the ride.
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    Once you NOPE for a day it becomes a sacred pledge to yourself and your fellow quitters that you cannot break for ANY reason. Glad you're still here and determined to make it through day 2. I'm proud of you Michelle.
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    Hey Michelle - Please go back and read your SOS post to yourself - I cried when I read it - powerful stuff. Carry a picture of Jessica & Alex with you, when you think you are going to cave, pull it out and tell them your choice is to smoke. (it might just change your mind) You are tough enough - believe it. KTQ
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    Cry, scream, rant, rave, curse, sing , dance, pray, walk, run, shower three times a day, punch inanimate objects, crawl under the bed, snap at loved ones, speak outloud in tongues....all of these are acceptable behaviors and I did them all. Smoking is not acceptable.
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    It's tough in the beginning for all who quit. There's only one way to get there and that's to go through it. All of us who have quit have been there - right where you are now and we know how agonizing those early days can be but you CAN get past them and then gradually, things get more manageable. What you are going through is a testament to just how awful this addiction to nicotine is. Now that you are a non-smoker, that's a testament to how strong you can be in fighting it. Keep fighting Michelle!
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    "Just one" will not be just one. It will not give you the relief you think it will. It will just ruin another quit and you will wind up smoking again. You can do this. The cycle of quitting and relapsing is torture. Fight through this, Michelle. You will be glad you did once this craving passes (and they always pass) Making it through times like this will make your quit stronger.
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    One day at a time Diane - that's how it's done. Every battle you win, you get stronger and the Nicodemon you are battling gets weaker. Always remember why you are quitting and that you and only you are in complete control in this process. You will get lots of support and good information here as well and that is a great quit tool as well. There's a daily NOPE pledge page here as well. That's where some go each day to pledge not to smoke - just for today. Glad you found us
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    It was horrific lol. But it passed. I'm still wearing a patch. I can sleep with them on as long as I put them on in the early afternoon instead of evening. It does help during the day though. Its just that mornings are my strongest craving. But I've been up for an hour and haven't seriously thought of smoking. Yay. I'm going to one of my recovery meetings at noon where many people smoke and its sort of "normalized" but I'll be with a nonsmoking family member so I won't be tempted to bum one. I'll do my best to remember why I'm quitting, look at smoking as something horrible and destructive that endangers my life instead of romancing it. Thats what it will take when I'm at a meeting. Its NOT okay, its NOT "normal", its NOT something that I do because everyone else is doing it, I will NOT push down the fear and knowledge that I'm endangering my life. I will remember why I'm doing this, and so will ya'll!
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    My mother smoked for about 25 years then quit. She's turning 99 this November and still kicking. So it is possible to dodge the bullet so to speak. Was she just lucky? Maybe but she quit because she didn't want to die from smoking related disease and it's worked out for her. We can't undo our past deeds but we can take positive steps to shape our future. Worrying about what might be is just a waste of precious time. Focus your mind on the positive thing you are doing for yourself by quitting, Now that's something to celebrate!
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    Nope! Ugh .... don't wanna end up like this!
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    Great point! Don't forger frequent snacks and juice! Blood sugar goes nuts.
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    Yes it is tough at the beginning but you can be tougher -- remember that. As said above Jillar's air cigarette can help -- I used that and it really did help. Deep breathing techniques really help as does drinking cold water (also juice for the sugar levels). Coming here also is important as you can see -- this can work!!!!
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    The first month is the hardest so lean on us as much as you need to. You've been so successful with all your other addictions so you know you can succeed with this too
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    Welcome aboard Diane glad to have you along. I had smoked many years but on this quit I found this sight and it was a godsend. Lots of information to help educate yourself and a bunch of great (if a bit strange) people that are willing to share experiences that can be of great help!!!!!
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    Thanks everyone for all the warm welcomes and advise. Jillar I used twislers to hold like cigarettes the first time I quit for the year and they helped a lot. They gave me the feeling on holding the cigarette. I’m going to use them again this time too.
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    Welcome aboard, Diane. Yes, quitting can be done and it is worth the early struggles. As Boo said, every time you fight through a strong craving, your quit gets stronger so keep fighting. Things get much better with time. Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can possibly do. Your life is much better without being a slave to nicotine. Stick around. There is plenty of support and knowledge you can gain here to help you quit for good.
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    Congratulations on 6 Years of smoke free life Pippa! Sure hope you celebrate today
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    The habit is what got to me too Diane, that's why I used my JAC (jillars air cigarette). I just pretended I was holding an actual cigarette and then went through the motions of "smoking" it. I took deep drags too (nice clean air). It really worked at tricking my mind into thinking it was getting the real thing. Even if I did look stupid dong it lol.
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    Welcome aboard Diane... Congratulations in making the best decision for your health .... We will support you all the way to freedom ...... Winning the battles ...will lead you to sinning the war ...
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    You are going to have smokey thoughts, no doubt about it. Push them out of your head, replace them with a thought or sight of beauty... Look ! the light on that leaf, the shadow on that wall, the color of that edge of sky etc. Think of a loved one's smile or laughter. Think of anything/everything that brings beauty to your senses. The sooner you identify smokey thoughts and replace them, the sooner your brain will reward you.
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    I went to Sacramento once but it was closed.
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    Yaa....Take smoking /Vaping off the Table ... You will soon start to see and feel the beniefts...If only takes 3 days for the nicotine to leave your body ...after that it just you and that nico monster .. That taps away at you ... Your stronger than him ..
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    All we can do is accept the past and instigate change NOW. I may still die of smoking related complications but, I will not die as a slave to nicotine. I will die as a free person. So, not only the quality of my life has improved by quitting smoking but, the quality of my death will be enriched. I won't be insane with anxiety on my deathbed needing a hit of nicotine. I will, hopefully, be able to be present and leave the world peacefully.
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    Dear Michelle, I love you. Please don't. Please. You don't want to die from a smoking related disease. You want to see Jessica and Alex's kids, your grandkids, if they have them. Imagine telling them and Chris and Lori that you are dying. And knowing it was your own fault. You think about that all the time, even as you're smoking or vaping. Its normalized in recovery but foreign and detested in your family. Side with your family, those who have had your back your whole life. You're so unhealthy right now but you have the power to make it better. "Yesterday you said 'today'..." I love you, Michelle
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    Michelle, you can fight that crave. I can only promise you each day will get better but the tough stuff is in the beginning. It is great that you posted an sos. I found that if I breathed deep and thought about the clean air, I would relax.
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    I know this is an old thread but I'm replying anyway I vaped for three years before this latest quit and loved it. The scary thing is though that its a recent enough "invention" that there hasn't been enough research on its effects. My personal opinion is that even if you vape 0 nicotine juice, you are still inhaling the vapor from the juice, which can't be good. And we don't know the long term effects of vaping. I have heard that popcorn lung is a consequence. My grandfather had that and it sounded terrible. I had the popcorn sound now and then when I was smoking. With vaping you lose the smokers cough and the rattling and wheezing and I think thats why some people think its safer than smoking. I'm so glad I am quitting.
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    I wouldn't kneel down and suck on a car's tailpipe. I hold my breath when I walk through a cloud of exhaust. Probably safer than smoking or vaping.
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