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  1. All the best for your surgery @Diane R!!!
  2. Most people, as far as I know, need that smoke break at work, I was like that too. Avoiding a smoke at work (which can be a major stress factor) is good on you. May be your work place doesn't allow smoking.
  3. ^^ Yup, all this can be really detrimental to a person's mental and physical well being. You're doing well. The quit and your treatment, as you have done, keep them as your priorities - just a suggestion. You have a good weekend as well.
  4. @JB 883 Thank you for your advice. The last line ^^ was funny.
  5. Welcome aboard, @Yep2019!!! Don't forget to have plenty of water and juice over the next 3 days. Take your quit a day at a time, and take the NOPE pledge, it helps. All the best!!!
  6. @MLMR Another 2 weeks, and you will have conquered one year
  7. @Doreensfree Yes it is. Do a search in Google for fried ice cream.
  8. @hellkatbaby If you do get time during the day, here's a thread that may help you deal with those pop-ups and ads (which you got assuming you were on a smart phone and not a one of those old candy bar cell phones or the land line, and research was done on a smart phone). Maybe one of your relatives who has time can help you deal with pop-ups and ads. I'm thinking the lesser extra baggage you have to deal with during your quit and treatment, the better, hence this post. Here's the link: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/12839-fighting-against-scammers/
  9. Congratulations on a 6 year quit @Doreensfree!!! Also, thank you very much for your unwavering support, it is appreciated
  10. Welcome aboard @NoNicChick!!! Follow the advice given by all above, and you'll be fine. Personally, I haven't used the SOS feature before, but that's the place to go when a crave strikes. All the best and looking forward to your smoke free freedom. Don't forget to reward yourself for milestones which you think are important to you (could be an hour, week, few days, 2 weeks, month, a year, anything).

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