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  1. Congratulations on achieving the 3 month milestone!!!
  2. Nicotine has its own negative effects on the body. Taking it in tobacco form just makes it worse (because of thousands of additional chemicals). The fact exists that even with e-cigarettes, Nicotine is being administered in the body. I think Big Tobacco exploits the fact that some consumers of Nicotine may think that "I've quit smoking cigarettes, so I'm safe" and push other Nicotine products which they (Big Tobacco) claim are safe as an alternative to smoking while they (Big Tobacco) are fully aware that Nicotine is harmful no matter what the source. After all which business would want their consumers to stop using their products? There would be no profit in that. Its all about educating oneself about Nicotine and using the knowledge as a tool to stay off it. Some may use alternatives to cigarettes to get their Nicotine fix and eventually taper it off to zero, while others may just quit only cigarettes. So, you make a good point about what the quitter wants to achieve. Quitting is easier said than done though, I still get my craves, although they have reduced in frequency as compared to around 2 weeks ago. I have also thought, may be I should just have one, that will help me, but I know that's the junkie way of thinking and I'm scared of relapsing into a full blown addiction to cigarettes again, remind myself why I quit, and so I don't bother going to the shop and buying that one cigarette.
  3. Congratulations on a 9 month quit!!!
  4. Congratulations on achieving the 9 month milestone!!!
  5. Hypothetically speaking, if there was a good slogan to use by mass protesters against e-cigs it would be - End ENDD. Not undermining anyone's method of achieving their quit, but I'm just saying it would make for a good slogan.
  6. Welcome back and all the best!!!
  7. Congratulations on completing the crucial 1 month milestone!!

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