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    Amigo Pigo, it's no fun without you.
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    Starting over have been on other sites just need a fresh start. My health is important to me and smoking gets in the way of a lot of good things. I was going to wait till tomorrow but just don't want to put it off any longer.
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    Hey Jane. Where you hiding? Been missing you lately. Hope all is well with you and your family.
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    Hey girl, hope you're doing ok. We miss you....
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    I miss you piggy... so does pork chop... we want you to come back.... ? ? ? ..... the house isn't going anywhere, the paint wont go off, come and play ......please.... pretty please with sugar on top.....
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    Miss you beazel... hope your doing well and loving on those grand babies and rocking it out for the oldies. Hope you know what a huge part of my early quit you were and how greatful I am that I had you in those dark early days to help light my way. ?
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    Sending you Love and Light, @c9jane29.
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    "One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others" - Lewis Carroll
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    Thinking about you today rozuki, I hope you're getting stronger and feeling better everyday
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    Thank you very much for checking on me last night. You saved my quit that one thoughtful gesture.
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    Have just come back from a few days away to celebrate my Birthday. Due to the CV19 I had to cancel flights to Queensland for a large gathering with my family and friends. Had a great time away with some family members. My other Celebration is that I am now 12 months free as a Non Smoker.
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    just stoped by to say hi hope your all doing well. love jimmy
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    Happy smoke free holidays everyone!! Still going! Will be more social online after all the offline social pressure is off.
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    Still Nope-ing everyday!! Just not spending time online.Busy as hell.. but still onboard! #positivequit
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    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.
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    Isn't it amazing that when you put a believe so strong into your mind you can achieve even the most impossible things ? All it took to me was the holy walk, anyone can have their holy walk in different ways as long as they persist unto believing it above all things.
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    And just like that, 1 month goes by. I'm proud of my quit, no nicotine patches, no urges at all, being healthy starts being fun. It's like my brain just switched off the part that told me to smoke.
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    I miss seeing you around here. Hope you're ok and come back soon x
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    Hope all is well with you and the kidlets and family... missed your glittery greatness at my Lido Party..... Come back and play with us... and let us know all is well.
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    I'm so jealous of all the people who haven't met you!
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    Sending good feeling glitter vibes to start the month out right!! You are an awesome woman and the best quit mentor anyone here could ask for
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    Finally did it! I haven't had a single cigarette today. I keep reminding myself what other things I can spend that $10 on. ?
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    If you havnt seen the insider, check it out. movie is about tobacco co's ....
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    As I closed the pages of that book, I left her standing at that door. If I had turned the page, it would have led her onwards to her life's greatest journey. Isn't it cruel that though she wants to travel, her journey would only begin once I turn the page.
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    I tried to message you to see how you are and to tell you how awesome you are, but your're not able to get messages? Have you blocked me?! Anyway, thanks for being your awesome self. Carry on!
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    Oh Hello..? Ok so ... I could say being such a good friend I'm repaying the kindness by popping on to say hellooooo right back at you.... but that would be a lie ... As.... I was on my page ready to write a reply to Jillar whilst eating mini chilli chicken kebabs... when..... The dog decided she had waited long enough and was just gonna help herself... A mini rammy ensued in which my phone went fleeing off my knee and skited across the floor and when I picked it up I was here.... True story ....
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    Hello reci.. I wasn't stalking honest.. I've just got fat fingers these days just ask Jo... Well lovely to see you.. must dash?
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    Hellooo .. not stalking.. honest ...? Just got fat fingers....???
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    Hey Fluffy, love the updates to the profile picture (and not just because the Croatia flag is gone)
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    "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on Earth should that mean that it is not real?"- Albus Dumbledore
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    LOVE the new profile pic fluffy
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    Loving the cover photo, hope the gator didn't do too much damage ?
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    Thinking about you today my dear friend. Happy Mother's Day xoxo
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    I am writing this to @WeegieWomancos I can't write anything in her hoose. Just wanted to say I've found myself on your page (by accident I might add) 3 times in last hr and just wanted to let you know I'm not some crazy stalker (That's my story and I'm sticking too it @jillar will back me up, right Jillar?)??
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    @Ol' Ozzie Looney-Bird, Is Notsmokinjo in the WPP(witness protection program)? The whisper Tiger disappearance/change upset a few, what did i miss? What happened? Was it time for a change?
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    @Wee fluffy me you guilted me into do some renos.
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    Hello there.. love what you've done with the place, really made it you..?I'm not stalking, I promise ? I'll leave that up to Jillar ??.. I just keep finding myself here or in Jo's hoose instead of on game...?
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    WTF is with the identity change, I liked the scarred kitty, I was comfortable with the scarred kitty, the scarred kitty made me think ooh I better not smoke or the scarred kitty might get me ... BUT NO... Now its a grey circle with NOPE...nope is good but grey circle??? And it's not even a circle...its unevenly incomplete and my OCD is not liking if it very much...every time I see a post of yours I freak at the gaps in the circle not matching... Now you know why I don't do Jarlsberg...aargh do you really want me more insane than normal !!!!! I've tried all day to adjust to it but I just cana do it captain.
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    Hello.. flyin visit.. went to go into a game but found masel here instead.. haha.. Ps.. luv what you've done with the place..
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    First post since May 2017. Still proudly smoke-free. I was once quite active on another forum (who am I kidding? y'all know it is QSMB) but then my non-smoking life took over and I didn't pop on as often. Usually a few times a week, once a day if I could. I miss the other place and question whether or not I need this place. Answer: I do need this place and I'm glad QT has been so welcoming and kind to us!! I have no idea yet where to post my stats. So, I'll start here: I quit cold turkey Sept 26, 2016. The support from my previous forum was key in helping KTQ. That is one reason why I continued to pop on over there-to pay it forward. I will pop on from time to time here and offer support as I"m able. I don't physically post NOPE much anymore but I whisper it often.
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    Pumpkin, just thinking about you...it's almost Halloween and I hope no one's turned you into a jack-o-lantern?
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    Congratulations on quitting. I love the charm bracelet idea.
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    Ooh aah... like the blue car!
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    Is that a weeble's wobble but they don't fall down Shane?!
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    Oh is fluffy farting rainbows now?!
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    Hello my lovely quitters! Back from a week long school trip with my daughter. Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City and Boston. Had a great time but it is so good to be home.
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