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    NOPE --- Yay we are on the right day !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    "The lows become the highs." I heard that line in a video I was watching last night about the Bob Graham Round, a fell running ultramarathon in England. The quote is true of any challenge, including quitting smoking. When I look back at the early days of my quit, it's not the anniversaries and milestones that are really emblazoned on my brain. It is those moments of discomfort and struggle that I remember fondly now. Distance and time allow me to laugh at those moments now, but in that moment, the easiest thing to do would have been simply to light up a cigarette and carry on with killing myself with smoking. I chose to stay smokefree. Even when that voice of addiction was screaming and thrashing about, I stayed true to my commitment. What looked like the easy route was actually the most difficult. Lighting up would have kept me on the same endless cycle of addiction, regret, and self loathing I was looking to escape. Quitting, simply not smoking, seemed to be the difficult route at the time but turned out to be more rewarding than I could have imagined at the time. Rarely is anything worth having attained without some effort. The struggle you embrace today may turn out to be one of your greatest rewards.
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    It always seemed impossible until I met all of you. The addiction makes you feel as if it is impossible. Now, I feel like I have run the marathon but that you were all there to hold me up and help me cross the finish line. The smoking is just a distant thought now. I have the power to live life without it. Thank you
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    Thanks for this. I too do not look back at milestones during my quit, I also remember the difficult times along with the early struggles. The only milestone I really remember is the 1 year mark since I was truly amazed that I made it that far. My quote of late has been "With every challenge comes new opportunities", I have found great opportunities since quitting!!!!!
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    When something is fundamental there emerge a flood of quotes and expressions to capture that truth. I like the axiom "The lows become the highs." I have a quote under my ticker that evokes a similar sentiment. New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. Thanks for the wise words Boo. Stick with it newbies. You'll get to that point where the awful lows you feel initially will, in retrospect, become the badges of honor on your way to an amazing new life.
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    Absolutely, Positively, NOPE!!!!!
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    Nope, for Thursday
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    Great post boo and while I can't say I look back at the difficult days fondly, I can say that I'm happy to be past them
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    Dear Miss Rosemary, That's sage and thymely advice. Love, Salt and Pepper
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    G’day Not One Puff Ever ( replace ‘ever’ with min, hour, day as apropriate....string them back to back and you have an “Ever”)
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    Oh yeah, that's exactly what I'm talking about!!
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    1 was the lie I can't do anything that involves balance. Can't ride s bike, roller skate, ice skate etc I loved dancing (still do) and when I was younger I danced in a few nightclubs. The money was good but more importantly the drinks were free Edited to add it was normal dancing not sexy type dance. I was really into the type of dance you get on the Step Up type of movies
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    For Nancy Mental Balloons Posted by gonfishn21 on 16 January 2015 - 06:17 PM As I'm now chasing the tweenie label, and have been thinking a lot about the concerns I have had regading No Man's Land, its got me thinking again. As most of you know, that means I'm going to ramble. Although I am not one that needs a lot of kudos, it seems that it is a necessary part of this process for a while. We make it through day 1 HURRAH!!!!!!!!!! We make it through hell week HURRAY!!!! Heck week over, " I feel better" HURRAy!! Two weeks, wow, learning to get through the craves, HURRay! Three weeks, can be around my friends and family without committing a felony, HURray Four weeks, nerves under control, waistband a little tight, not bad, HUrray Five weeks, walking, eating right, digestion shut down, but not smoking, Hurray Six weeks, no craves, no moods, no smoking, digestion shut down, HUH? Seven to eight weeks, no one wants to know but you, how you are doing. By the way, my digestion is shut down! They really stopped wanting to hear weeks ago, you just kept talking about it. You can see it in their eyes when you walk up. They probably have a pool about how long it will take you to bring it up. Or even worse, the day your digestion works! Yeah, wow woot woot yippee, big deal. Hello No Man's Land' How am i going to keep going with this? I need to bring my own ballons to the party. I know my friends and family care, but they dont get it. Even as firm as I have been since day one, this is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I know it, thats all that matters. As i reach the little milestones ahead, I need to be the one who says HURRAY!!!!!. I need to be the one who acknowledges the accomplishments. Afterall, in the end, I made the decision to quit, I made it through hell week, heck week, and i am the one who may never digest food again. I need to remind myself everyday, how much I have accomplished, BEFORE I have a chance to get weak. In that way, I can stay ahead, be ready to face any challenge with a strong defense. Smoking is no longer an option for me. Smoking is just something I used to do. I control my actions, and smoking is a choice. I choose not to smoke, even if I never digest food again. I found a website the other day, that actually teaches you HOW TO SMOKE. I couldn't believe it. It takes you through lighting it, drawing on it, how it feels.......Holy Crap I was feeling it!!!!! Two flipping months into this, and I was feeling it, and then I knew. I had to make mental ballons and carry them with me at all times. Everyday is a celebration, everyday needs reminders, and everyday has its challenges. There is no one here, that can not do it. I'm not special. I'm just going to carry my own balloons. Just sayin, Gon
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    I miss seeing you around here. Hope you're ok and come back soon x
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    NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thursday)
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    Be prepared. If you and sugar britches have little ones, you will be seeing it a lot!
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    G’day present and accounted for Chris
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    I like this one the best. Got a good laugh out of it. Thanks johnny5! I can use all the laughs I can get!
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    Thanks Doreen, Actually today is our 43rd Anniversary. Below is the Hunka, Hunka burning love I married. He was pretty hip in those days. Look at that long hair, hairy chest and definitely those platforms on the day we married. We both may be weathered with a few more wrinkles and pounds but he is still my hunk of burning love
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    OMG.. I remember this post so well.. it was just what I needed to hear in the early days of my quit.. I have treasured your words ever since gonfishn. And yes, 1 year 8 months down the line I am still carrying my mental balloons because I am proud of me
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    Time is devious. It took so long to be Ten ! Sixty, whoosh and gone
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    Oh that slow first year Then the second year flies by Funny how time works
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    Yes, eat an orange They are stock full of sunshine To brighten your mind
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    My mind is so dark Maybe some sunshine would help Should I eat an orange?
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    Congratulations Eighteen months well done Beazel Glad to see you here
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    Anniversary One and a half years for me Happy I stayed strong
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    I hope this link never stops working...cold hard biology gets me every time. http://uk.businessinsider.com/what-your-lungs-look-like-after-just-20-cigarettes-medspiration-experiment-on-healthy-lungs-trachea-2016-7
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