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    Ready to pledge a new day of fresh air. Saturday. And...to look forward to....after tonight, the nights get shorter and the days longer. Summer can't be too far off. (Practicing positive thinking)
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    Nope. Smoking is not an option.
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    ^^^ Yes! Winter Solstice tonight! I hate these short daylight hours and can't wait for summer to return I guess it's the opposite for those down-under as this will be their summer solstice, longest daylight hours of their year,. I gotta say; that would just seem weird to me at Christmas time - long daylight, hot and sweaty? I guess it's what we get used to growing up although, I must say I have never seen a Christmas movie that was made with the actors in shorts and flip-flops lol.
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    Well seems crisis is getting under control, I am so proud of you Kate for being a double digit day quitter... I am so proud you went through the motions of HALT and realised nah, this is a doozey and posted an SOS... posting an SOS is brave, and gutsy because it doesn't matter what it is in life asking for help is bloody hard, opening up to others is hard, showing what could be consieved as a weekness is hard... (have the the balls to say "hey, over here, help me"...is not a weekness)... and you did that, you respected yourself enough to say "please help".... You identified your trigger... and anxiety is a huge trigger... so 2 things, choosing not to smoke, and not putting something in your mouth and not setting it on fire is entirely in you power, you control that... noone else can control that, just you... it just takes a while for it to sink in because some of us are so programmed to obey the nicotine b1tches voice in our head that says we need to smoke now... that we think we aren't in control. Personally realising nothing controlled me but me was the greatest gift I got from not smoking... but speaking of things you control you control who you let in your house, it is your safe place, you have every right to say to the mutal friend who is bringing the megabeast with them that you will not let the megabeast into your house. You are happy to meet elsewhere but you don't want that negativity tainting you sanctuary. If you can't quiet get there yet, because being assertive is another thing that comes with being quit... and it comes, and you do have to suck it up and feel obligated to have them in your home... they don't get to go everywhere... no tour, no seeing the bedrooms, either kitchen or lounge room only and the wizzer if they need the loo... that's it... You may not feel confident yet to say "Yeah-nah, Frvck off, I don't want that fish faced moll here" but you can limit where she goes just by not offering a grand tour, and if they ask for one, say No, not today... you don't need to explain, and its pretty rude if they ask. So back on the strategy page... have a shower, have 2, have 4, have 100... you know what you can't do in a shower, you can't smoke.... if you can go swimming... can't smoke in the pool... So now its story time... we have a member here, Fab, who isn't too keen on flying at the best of times, its a bit of an anxiety trigger, so he had to fly somewhere early in his quit, and he was so worried that it was going to trigger a crave and he would toss his quit... is was really worrying that he would... but he posted we all commented and offered support and advice... and you know what the anticipation of it being bad was more crave inducing that the actual flight was... he flew through the whole event in the end . What I'm trying to say is that most of the time when we are faced with something we would normally use a nicotine hit as an emotional crutch for (and lets just say as crutches, they are pretty shit, don't do anything to help anything just increase the anxiety by demanding more) the anticipation of how "bad" it is going to be is worse than the reality. Linda knows it, I know it, lots of us have at least one moment in our quit where we blew something up out of complete proportion and nearly through everything away... mine involved a sewing machine and I was months into my quit. This is why the first year is so important... there are so many firsts that you would have normally smoked through that you are now not smoking for... first christmas, first potential visit from an evil beast, first headache, first broken jar, first birthday, etc, etc, etc.... all those triggers need to be re-wired in you brain... you brain has been programmed that when I am nervous I smoke, when I am happy I smoke, well no you don't, you used to but you don't now.... now you are smoke free... embrace and fight like hell if you need to to keep the quit. What, disappointing in yourself???? Why??? You have no reason to be.... you spent years programming your brain with smoking... you have been undoing that smoking for only a few days...This is a long term task... they say Rome wasn't built in a day.... well quitting, for many of us (there are some lucky buggers out there who say I don't smoke and that's it), doesn't happen over night, or in a week, or a month, or a year... it gets easier each day, it gets better with each milestone but it still sneaks in every now and then, the voice of the nicotine junky and says it wants a hit... we just need to be strong enough to so "nick off, I don't smoke"... you need to say it less and less with time but it still sneaks in every now and then.... well it does for me... but don't be disappointed you had to post an SOS.... be proud and happy that you love and respect yourself enough to post an SOS... I get the feeling shaken, but take the positive from it, learn... OK... being confident didn't make me complacent, and being complacent is when nicotine sneaks in... so I will be remember that this takes time.... I need to undo a long history of smoking... but this too will pass... and if its not, I will SOS again... because I am worth keeping this quit, I deserve to be smoke free, and come hell or high water I will hold onto this quit with every tool at my disposal because I am just that important..
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    Kate ...sweetheart....would losing your fabulous quit change anything !!!!...... I'm guessing not !!!.....smoking won't make this person suddenly dissapear..... Life is full of curve balls ...things we don't like ....even non smokers have times they dislike ..... Do you have to have this person ????......it's your home .... If you you do ...why let this person ruin all your hard work .......make it a positive ....make it make you stronger ....
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    Each crave and trigger you conquer is a huge victory, every damn one! Please reward yourself for this one, it will jump start your brain into dishing out endorphins for you to enjoy. You are more powerful than any damn crave. No matter the level of your resolve in quitting smoking, random craves will pop out of nowhere some craves are expected too. This is normal, all your brain receptors haven't been re-wired yet. That is all this is, just an addict's glitch in the brain that still expects nicotine. Teach your brain to acknowledge righteous rewards. Be extra kind to yourself. You are winning.
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    Yeah this is early in your quit yet Kate so please be patient. There are still many triggers you will face but slowly you will be knocking those off 1 by 1. This is the same process we all must go through in order to be completely free. You will get there too one battle at a time. You know that smoking makes nothing better - just feeds and awakens your addiction again so stay focused on what's important - your beautiful 10 day quit! Protecting this and growing it is all that matters right now.
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    NOPE!!!!!!!!!!! And Merry Christmas
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    G’day It’s NOPE for me C
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    G’day N.O.P.E visiting old family, old friends maybe some booze. It’s christmas coming fast, you’ll want your guard up. C
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    Aye it defo won't be as bad as you think. At least that's what I am telling myself!! Ha! It's awful isn't it. That feeling of dread. I think you need to find out soon if the said person is coming or not. As the not knowing might be worse than actually knowing what's happening. Could you send a wee text or email? Ps your dog is so cute
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    Kate one thing I used when bad craves hit in the beginning was my air cigarette. I just pretended I was holding a cigarette in my fingers and then went through the motions of "smoking" it. It really helped trick my brain into thinking it was getting the real thing and the craving would pass. Some use cut straws or pens, etc. Maybe try that?
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    Hi Lia! Welcome to Quit Train. I see your quit date is Jan. 1, 2019 yet you say you are trying to not smoke now. Have you quit yet or are you just cutting down and plan to quit on New Years Day? What is you quit plan? Are you planning to use nicotine replacement products like the patch or nicotine gum or are you quitting cold turkey (no nicotine products)? Quitting is unpleasant in the early days because your body and mind will be going through a lot of changes but you will make it through like everyone does if you just make up your mind not to smoke. It takes an unwavering commitment on your part to quit - it's that simple. Hope to see you around the forum. Best wishes.
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    Congratulations @MLMR for being 4 months smoke free. Well done on building such a nice little base for your quit. You have come so far and it has been wonderful to watch your journey and growth. Its great to see you in NOPEing every day. Rewards are still very important so make sure you take the time to do something special to celebrate and we would love to know how you did celebrate. So I hunted high and low and found your little dragon baby growing bigger and stronger month by month... you don't need a luck dragon on your quest for freedom anymore you can do this but it never hurts to have some company.
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    I say Don't you Dare !!!!......nothing wrong with with a guy in a nice red suit !!!
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    Great job, Kate. I'm glad you did not light up. It can be frustrating to think you are getting past being a smoker and then be hit with craves like this but that can happen early on in a quit. Fighting through it is a big victory. Your quit is stronger because of this.
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    Kate. Love the dog picture. Kate I have issues with people in my family and really stressed the holidays with my early quit. Turned out I handled everything fine. When I would have these intense urges, I would breath deep and think how good it would feel. Know that you have the power to not give in to the crave. Every crave avoided builds your confidence. Hang tough.
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    And caving into anxiety and letting it lead to smoking would be giving her power over my actions. And thoughts. Toxic. Your right, I can't let her ruin what I've begun. And I'm at 10 days, now. I'm trying to think back. Have I ever gone 10 days before? The whole point of keeping random people and this person out of my home is to feel that I have a safe, private space. In reality, if I can't find a way to keep her out, and she visits, then she'll leave. I can have an exorcism of my living room, Just kidding.
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    Yes, I will try that, thank you. Just now, I was putting books away in the living room and heard crunching. I hadn't put away all of the vegetables I just bought yet. My dog had woken up, found the broccoli, and had the entire head of it on her chair. Gave me a few minutes of comic relief. And now the craving and anxiety have returned.
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    Lia welcome aboard, I am happy to see that you are planning to quit. The best advice I can give right now is to thoroughly go thru this site and read everything you can prior to Jan. the 1st, this way you can build up your resolve and educate yourself. Also go thru some of the posts that we all have been part of -- again a lot to gleam there. Once you quit, lots of cold water to drink and deep breathing techniques then go to the daily NOPE pledge and post everyday -- it really helps. Just remember we will be here for you!!!
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    Thanks @notsmokinjo, that's a beautiful dragon. I really appreciate you taking the time to mention my 4 month quit. I don't really know what to say. ? I whish not smoking would be easier by now, but often it's not. It doesn't matter in the end, because I don't light up and thats what counts. I am sure my time will come. Thanks again, all.
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    OK, I have to get a grip on reality. The problem person isn't here, yet, and my home is still safe and quiet. I went to the grocery store to pick up a prescription and buy vegetables. I have to put them away. That's good for 15 minutes. Delay, delay
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    Hi Kate. Well done for posting and taking your shoes off. You're not gong to buy fags!!! You will get through this! I think they say a crave only lasts a few minutes so you may be over the worst of it. What I always said to myself was if any thought of smoking entered my head, I said over a few times...'Don't let a thought turn into a crave'. This worked for me. You need to squash or bat away these thoughts. Hopefully others come to help. And stay away from the shops with your dog....
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    Hi Lia. You will succeed. All you have to do is stop smoking. I smoked for 42 years and tried everything to quit, including help through my physician. Nothing worked. I was always searching for ways to quit and came across this forum. I am now almost to my fifth month of not smoking. This forum has all the information and a wonderful group of people ready to help guide you through and support you. Yes, the first week is a little tough, but doable. Once the nicotine is out of your system, you just learn to redirect your brain when those craves pop up. I look forward to helping you through this journey.
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    Welcome aboard Lia.... Spend the time ,before your quit date reading all you can here ...knowledge is what you fight this horrible addiction with ... Learn all you can... You will find plenty of great posts here...on the main board they are pinned with a green square....watch all Joels video,s....they cover more or less everything you wish to know .. It's doable ....you have a train full of quitters ..who will tell you .....you can .....you just have to want it bad enough... Life without a nicotine addiction is wonderful....the only way to find out ...is Quit .....
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    Awesome Linda!! I can feel your your slight frustration lately. But I have to say you're a winner! Great job.
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    Congratulations @Oldybutmouldy on one year quit! You must be so proud of yourself I hope you do something special to celebrate this huge milestone!
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    I had to vote.. "Don't you dare!!!!" I happen to be that fat man in a red suit these days....
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    Welcome to our merry band of quitters, Lia. There is only one priority required to quit smoking and that is a commitment to never smoking another puff again. NOPE...Not One Puff Ever (even if you take it minute by minute) I am a cold turkey-ite and smoked for a zillion years. You can quit too. You may find this post helpful 10 ways To Effectively Use This Forum To Help Yourself Quit Smoking
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    Welcome to QuitTrain, Lia. Quitting smoking is a truly great thing to do and your life improves greatly, in many ways, after quitting for good. Learning about nicotine addiction is a big key to quitting. The more you know about it, the more prepared you are to leave nicotine behind for good. Read a lot in the "quit smoking discussions" part of this site. There is a lot of good advice there regarding challenges people may experience during the early stages of their quits. As reciprocity asked, are you currently smoking or planning on quitting on New Year's Day?
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