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    Ready to pledge a new day of fresh air. Saturday. And...to look forward to....after tonight, the nights get shorter and the days longer. Summer can't be too far off. (Practicing positive thinking)
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    Nope. Smoking is not an option.
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    ^^^ Yes! Winter Solstice tonight! I hate these short daylight hours and can't wait for summer to return I guess it's the opposite for those down-under as this will be their summer solstice, longest daylight hours of their year,. I gotta say; that would just seem weird to me at Christmas time - long daylight, hot and sweaty? I guess it's what we get used to growing up although, I must say I have never seen a Christmas movie that was made with the actors in shorts and flip-flops lol.
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    NOPE!!!!!!!!!!! And Merry Christmas
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    G’day N.O.P.E visiting old family, old friends maybe some booze. It’s christmas coming fast, you’ll want your guard up. C
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    Hi Lia! Welcome to Quit Train. I see your quit date is Jan. 1, 2019 yet you say you are trying to not smoke now. Have you quit yet or are you just cutting down and plan to quit on New Years Day? What is you quit plan? Are you planning to use nicotine replacement products like the patch or nicotine gum or are you quitting cold turkey (no nicotine products)? Quitting is unpleasant in the early days because your body and mind will be going through a lot of changes but you will make it through like everyone does if you just make up your mind not to smoke. It takes an unwavering commitment on your part to quit - it's that simple. Hope to see you around the forum. Best wishes.
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    Congratulations @MLMR for being 4 months smoke free. Well done on building such a nice little base for your quit. You have come so far and it has been wonderful to watch your journey and growth. Its great to see you in NOPEing every day. Rewards are still very important so make sure you take the time to do something special to celebrate and we would love to know how you did celebrate. So I hunted high and low and found your little dragon baby growing bigger and stronger month by month... you don't need a luck dragon on your quest for freedom anymore you can do this but it never hurts to have some company.
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    Hi Kate. Well done for posting and taking your shoes off. You're not gong to buy fags!!! You will get through this! I think they say a crave only lasts a few minutes so you may be over the worst of it. What I always said to myself was if any thought of smoking entered my head, I said over a few times...'Don't let a thought turn into a crave'. This worked for me. You need to squash or bat away these thoughts. Hopefully others come to help. And stay away from the shops with your dog....
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    Hi Lia. You will succeed. All you have to do is stop smoking. I smoked for 42 years and tried everything to quit, including help through my physician. Nothing worked. I was always searching for ways to quit and came across this forum. I am now almost to my fifth month of not smoking. This forum has all the information and a wonderful group of people ready to help guide you through and support you. Yes, the first week is a little tough, but doable. Once the nicotine is out of your system, you just learn to redirect your brain when those craves pop up. I look forward to helping you through this journey.
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    Welcome aboard Lia.... Spend the time ,before your quit date reading all you can here ...knowledge is what you fight this horrible addiction with ... Learn all you can... You will find plenty of great posts here...on the main board they are pinned with a green square....watch all Joels video,s....they cover more or less everything you wish to know .. It's doable ....you have a train full of quitters ..who will tell you .....you can .....you just have to want it bad enough... Life without a nicotine addiction is wonderful....the only way to find out ...is Quit .....
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    Awesome Linda!! I can feel your your slight frustration lately. But I have to say you're a winner! Great job.
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    Welcome to QuitTrain, Lia. Quitting smoking is a truly great thing to do and your life improves greatly, in many ways, after quitting for good. Learning about nicotine addiction is a big key to quitting. The more you know about it, the more prepared you are to leave nicotine behind for good. Read a lot in the "quit smoking discussions" part of this site. There is a lot of good advice there regarding challenges people may experience during the early stages of their quits. As reciprocity asked, are you currently smoking or planning on quitting on New Year's Day?
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