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Sunday 10 June 2018


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Well happy Sundee to those in the land of NOPE. Today is Ball Point Pen Day, because 75 years ago today the USA patent was issued to the Biro brothers from Hungry for their new invention, the ball point pen, before then your option was pencil, slate or a fountain pen. I think @Sslip remembers chiselling things into stone tablets too. So because once upon a time in the olden days we didn't type everything and biros are way easier to use than fountain pens we say woohoo to the Biro.


To a world without ball point pends and lungs full of smoke and tar I say:


NOPE ... cos nothing controls my life but me.


Topic of the Day:  Sundee Slang Fest... come along and share your slang, there is an angry Scot amongst us so there should be so good ones today... :D  (For those who don't know, Topic of the Day is an A-Z game in the games thread)

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You learn something new every day, I was certain it was Mick Bic who invented the ballpoint pen.


To our Aussie anorak, fair play you got me. To Lazlo and his bruv, nice going.


To the coffin nails, NOPE!

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