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  1. Congratulations, Deanna! Love your positive attitude!!!
  2. WOW!! I'm totally--and not fashionably--late to my party! I can't believe it's been six months. That feels really substantial. Thank you all for the kind thoughts. I don't get on board the train as much lately but I'm so totally grateful to all of you and this site. I NOPE in my head daily if not on here. My quit is going well and it's both a blessing to have forgotten my quitversary and a reminder that i must take care of my quit and not take it for granted. There are so many times when I think briefly about smoking or some habit like leaving the house and thinking, "I forgot my cigarettes." Those thoughts pass easily now but I know it's possible that one day I could let my guard down and think it might be OK to "have just one" and that would be devastating. So I am remaining vigilant and reminding myself that Not One Puff Ever is a verb not a noun. I told my daughter about how I still think sometimes about smoking and she said that's OK as long as i dont' do it. True. It's also OK if i have those thoughts, maybe for the rest of my life...as long as I don't smoke. I am LOVING this quit.
  3. NOPE!!! Still noping on this solemn anniversary for the world, but also my very personal 25-year wedding anniversary today!! It's a good day to NOPE!!!
  4. Yay!!! Five months. Thank you all!! I took off a week on vacation and just celebrated that way. A bit of sadness is that my son smokes now (he is 22)...not much but enough that I cautioned him that when I was his age I too smoked less than five cigarettes a day but that led to 30 years of smoking twice to four times that much every day... I try to encourage him to quit but as we all know well that decision has to come from within. Thanks again and while I've been absent I did make one referral to the quit train - my neighbor who recently quit. I hope we find him on here soon.
  5. Last week I had jury duty. During deliberations you are locked in a room for 8+ hours with 11 other strangers known to you as numbers. During lunch one day when everyone was quiet, I said, "I'm really glad I quit smoking several months ago because I would be jumping out of my skin by now jonesing for a cigarette and wanting out of here bad. It's good for me, but maybe bad for you all because I'm going to continue to argue with you!"
  6. No luck needed, Blur! You can do this. You've made a choice to save your life and regain your freedom. It's hard but it's so positive. Read for knowledge and post for support. You will find both in abundance here. And it's a NOPE for me!!

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