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  1. Pretty much the same as BKP above. The first month I was focused on cravings; their intensity and frequency but by the end of that first month it was apparent the cravings weren't that important anymore. I had learned how to deal with them and they were less and less frequent and intense. That's about the time I started really quitting. Understanding just what my relationship to nicotine was and that it had never really done anything good or positive for me. That's when I started reading about nicotine addiction and how it controls us and what I could do to take back my own life. It was a long haul even from there but there did come a day when I knew instinctively that I had made it
  2. Fabulous Mona- simply fabulous! This one feels different, in a good way!
  3. That's unfortunate Jeff that you decided to let your addiction take control once again because freedom to live life on your terms is a so much better way of life. Hope you decide to give quitting another try soon. You know yourself there's no bright future for a smoker. Didn't see you post an SOS. You did post up a pretty long and detailed "Pre Respond to Your Own SOS" back there on June 7th. Did you at least read that one before starting up again? The SOS posts are pretty important Jeff. That's why it's the very first page shown at the top of the main page on the board. Designed as an emergency slap in the face, if you will, to allow you time to think about any decision to start up again. It gives you some time to fight your junkie thinking using logic instead. Food for thought for your next quit perhaps?
  4. 4 Months? Fabulous Kate! Congratulations. Be sure to celebrate
  5. Playing Balloon Blow Up with the kids today
  6. My mother told me when I quit that she still occasionally has thoughts of smoking and she quit 60 + years ago. She said she'll just be sitting there and for no reason at all, she thinks about having a smoke. Then she laughs it off and goes about her day. Once an addict, it's always there in your mind somewhere I guess.
  7. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    10 Here protecting the stick's interests
  8. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    Just cuz Mac had to go to work doesn't mean you can waltz in here and have your way with us 10
  9. Yeah .... OK. Whatever that is? It's got the right number at least
  10. Congrats on reaching 2 weeks (1/2 Month already!)
  11. Good to see you quitting again Irene! Take the hands of so many here ready to help you.
  12. That's something that's never ever happened to me - a smoking dream. Probably a good thing I suppose

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