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  1. I had to fake it till I made it for some time Jeff. Then one day; not even a special day for any reason, it just occurred to me that I was pretty sure I never would smoke again. I don't know what it was that triggered that thought. Maybe a number of things .... knowledge about the truth of what nicotine addiction was because of all I had read on this site, realizing my cravings were finally very easy to dismiss and an understanding of what I'd gone through to get to this point. Never wanted to go down that dark, lonely road again. Hopefully you too can reach that special plateau this time as well Jeff. This place helped me carry on when it would have been easy to give up caring about my quit. Maybe it can do that for you too
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    6 We're always here.We never sleep
  3. I did that once at work, fell asleep. Boss came by and woke me up too. He thought it was funny, I was a little embarrassed! Don't think I was snoring though
  4. Zillion dollar bills!! Oh, wait
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    14 Yes .... you're sinking D
  6. Instead of assuming this quit will be like others you have tried, focus daily on changing your thinking to start looking at the positive things that have happened since you have quit. What things? Saved money, better taste and better sense of smell. You no longer smell like a stale ashtray to others. You no longer have to worry if you have enough smokes to last the day ...... There's all kinds of good things happening already in your "smoke free life"! Sure the early days are tough. You're changing the entire way you lived that daily life for years but you will not only get used to that, you will begin to love your new smoke free life more and more. The process is hard at first but it won't kill you. Going back to the smokes just might! You have the ability to focus your thoughts on whatever you want to ..... the challenges or the positives of quitting. Try the positive side. It will serve you better

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