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  1. Oh Lord! There IS beets and pineapple on those burgers Who'd have thunk eh?
  2. I eat nothing with the word "Mite" in it!
  3. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    Oh my ..... that's never happened before -6
  4. Pretty sure there's no food product with "mite" in it's name anywhere in North America. Why is that?
  5. With your new and improved palate ..... who knows what's possible
  6. So far all the reported illnesses and deaths have been in the USA. Apparently, no longer! https://globalnews.ca/news/5917942/middlesex-london-health-unit-youth-vaping-illness/
  7. Not sure about the beets on a hamburger? Never heard of that one. I suppose you could put pretty much anything on a burger and it would taste great
  8. MUST be real bacon though, not those bacon bits. I don't even know if those are made from bacon. Sure don't taste like it. I'm good with pineapple on Pizza too. That ingredient is either a love it or hate it one - no middle ground there!
  9. reciprocity

    Hit and Run

    I'm not sure. Have never looked into that but it's gotta be tough for Toronto because they have to pay their players in US dollars while their income is in Canadian dollars. There's a 30-32% differential right there (and NOT in Toronto's favour). I'm guessing there must be some sort of compensation for that within the league? How else could they compete financially because in years like this one, you can shoot a cannon off in their ballpark without fear of hitting anyone. I know the revenue is mostly from broadcast and advertising revenue but still, netting $3.42 per game at the gate can't happen for long Mind you, I'm sure it's the same thing in the NHL too yet Toronto is one of the top teams in terms of total annual revenue generated and end up paying more than most into the NHL comp. fund! Perfect illustration of just how fanatical the hockey fans are here. The team hasn't won the Stanley Cup since 1967 yet they are always in the top three revenue generation teams lol. That differential in currency must be one of the prime reasons that any major North American Sport does NOT want to consider Canada for league expansion. In the Toronto area, there has been speculation for decades now that there needs to be a 2nd NHL team in this market - maybe in Hamilton? The Greater Toronto Area (which includes Hamilton) could easily support 2 teams financially yet Bettmen (Commissioner of the NHL) has scuttled that idea every time. Yet, the NHL went to Arizona who's fan draw at the gate is always in the bottom 3 of the league. I can get a ticket for a game there for under $20.00. In Toronto, you are looking at $300.00 - $400.00 per ticket for just average seats, if you can get them! The Toronto arena is sold out for virtually every game - even at those prices. It's nuts! So, there must be other reasons I'm not aware of as to why they wouldn't put another team in here. Maybe they look at the New York experiment. Rangers do fantastic yet the expansion team Islanders barely scrape by in attendance anyway. Bottom of the league in recent years.
  10. Good job Juan! Keep it going. If you can quit for one day then you can quit for another day. That's how it's done. Just one day at a time.
  11. reciprocity

    Hit and Run

    Toronto Blue Jays are only asking two questions: 1. What's this Post-Season thing? 2. Can we make it to 100 losses before the season is over?
  12. I'm going with Zombies first then, if you still have the capacity, order that Big Mac
  13. Went to see It Chapter 2 with my son and daughter yesterday. It was not bad. Possibly better than the original. I mean, that's if you like movies about psycho clowns you can't kill?
  14. Special day indeed Kdad! You are 1 full year quit and stepping onto the Lido Deck. Not only that but it's a very rare Double-Lido Day Congratulations Kdad I know it hasn't been easy at times but you did it! Be very proud, as I'm sure your family is that you have managed to improve the quality of your live. Time to pull up a lounge beside your quit mate TobacNO and have some beverages while to take in all the accolades coming your way
  15. Let the partying begin Welcome to the Lido Deck TobacNO! 12 months of reshaping your life to become a comfortable nonsmoker and here your are; 1 full Year Quit and on the Lido Deck - Congratulations! Pull up a lounge and we'll get you a drink or maybe even a tray!
  16. Great stuff Mighty!! I can't give you much in the way of any suggestions of what to try. I haven't made the switch to even trying healthy eating yet. Maybe one day?
  17. Good to see you're still on the train Christine Next stop ..... Freedom!

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