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  1. Congrats on reaching the 9 month milestone .... 3/4 of the way to the Lido Deck! Not long now. Keep building that fabulous quit @Kate18!
  2. This addiction is powerful and uses your own mind to lure you back to feeding it. The thing is, you can control your own thoughts if you try. You really need to focus though. Your memories of smoking will only be the good memories , not the memories of all those mindless smokes you had day in and day out. Focus your mind on the good things quitting is bringing you and remember the reasons you quit in the first place. Those never change so don't let those reasons fade - write them down and look at them daily! Now that you have awakened your addiction once again by smoking those two cigs, y
  3. Great job Mona! So happy you found your forever quit and are working brick by brick to build it 7 months is amazing so be sure to treat yourself well today!
  4. Great changes you have made to your life over the past 5 years BKP! From smoking to hiking the hills
  5. Welcome back Kdad! Stick around for the support you'll need in the early days. Read all you can and use any appropriate videos as motivation. You can do this and let that relapse act as a reminder of just how precious yet vulnerable our quits are. Make this one the forever quit you deserve!
  6. You've done it before successfully so you KNOW you can do it again. Work on getting your mindset straight and aimed at another run for the quit. Don't dwell in the past or feel sorry for yourself because of what happened and don't let that affect your energy for this next quit but never forget what it was that pushed you to start again. I suspect complacency or romancing the cigarette and figuring you could have just one for old time sake? Whatever it was it's done now. Time to move forward. You know there's only ever one rule ..... NOPE!
  7. Knock yourselves out! Here in Canada, we already have our three main food groups figured out and we don't deviate from them for nobody
  8. Nicely done Joe! Hope you do something a little special today in recognition of this milestone!
  9. Keep up the good (quit) work!
  10. At 100, I call her what ever I want cuz her hearing ain’t great
  11. Happy 100th Birthday to Mother Piggy! Her special day was yesterday and we actually got to visit with her for a 1/2 hour at the care facility she's in. Visitations are almost non-existent now with Covid but we had a great visit with her all the same. and brough lots of home baked cookies (Yum)! I think she had a great day even though she was dreading her 100th
  12. Saint-Louis-De-Ha-Ha; Quebec & yes, that's snow on the ground with road plowed & lots of salt on the road. They sure know how to keep those roads clear in that part of the country and they need to cuz they get a ton of snow every year from Oct. - April.

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