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  1. The wife was talking about maybe doing a cruise out of Southhampton (where ever that is) and something about going to London too maybe. We'll see what happens. Talk is cheap. It's when she starts making reservations that I know it's actually happening
  2. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    -1 Heal quickly Miss V (at least you're not smoking on top of being sick )
  3. Oh .... guess I'm up then? 1. One of our cat's loves anything tomato. Sauce, juice, actual tomatoes. 2. One of our cat's hates all human food - doesn't matter what it is; won't even lick it. 3. Had to put our dog down when it bit our daughter when she was only 1 year old.
  4. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    Oh my ... how'd that 9 get int there 1 (without a 9)
  5. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    Figures! +1 Some days, even the cat's against ya!
  6. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    Don't you chicks know the @bakon rules? Anyone chick who hasn't posted in the previous 24 hour period is ineligible from posting today!
  7. What the hell's going on here. How could this happen with 1/2 the chicks off on some sort of disappearing act? Gonna have to go look at the game thread. Probably a lot of cheating happening ...... where are the score auditors??
  8. And maybe drop drop by the chicks or sticks game occasionally?
  9. What happened to The Cavern Club? I thought that was the in place to be in the Pool!
  10. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    1 @mightyboosh, I don't suppose you could convince your brother to sign up here to help us give the chicks a good and proper spanking
  11. Quitting is always a good thing whether he's a regular smoker or just occasional. Congrats Nigel on deciding to take back your life! Glad your example was able to convince him
  12. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    -1 Don't you have a bus to catch Saz
  13. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    -2 hey now .... we've lost 2 of our most prodigious players in Andy and G-67. We gotta take what we can now .... whenever we can
  14. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    OO Ha,ha ..........
  15. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    19 ...........................

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