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  1. One day at a time Diane - that's how it's done. Every battle you win, you get stronger and the Nicodemon you are battling gets weaker. Always remember why you are quitting and that you and only you are in complete control in this process. You will get lots of support and good information here as well and that is a great quit tool as well. There's a daily NOPE pledge page here as well. That's where some go each day to pledge not to smoke - just for today. Glad you found us
  2. Hey Jillar ...............................
  3. Yes - I heard that too about the headlight covers. Haven't tried it myself yet.
  4. "I can put all these barriers up but I have the power to take them down if I want to smoke." You said this above @MichelleDoesntSmokeAnymore and it's true. You have the power over whether you smoke or don't smoke, just like we all do so use ALL that power to not smoke this time. Change your old thinking and channel all that power to your quit
  5. HI and welcome Diane I believe @JimHannoonen quit using this method too and he's been quit long term. Maybe he will chime in on this quit method too. I have also heard good things about it although some seem to get bad side effects while some don't. If it's working well for you ..... that's great! Stick around and you'll get awesome support here.
  6. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    How about ....... 6
  7. There's 2 or 3 here from CA but not sure if anyone is in Sacramento.
  8. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    6 Oh, oh ...... new chick in the game
  9. It's your 3rd year quit Treetop! Congrats. To help you celebrate, I've ordered a pint for everybody on the train Let's drink up to Treetop's 3rd year of smoke free life!
  10. Congratulations on 6 Years of smoke free life Pippa! Sure hope you celebrate today
  11. My mother smoked for about 25 years then quit. She's turning 99 this November and still kicking. So it is possible to dodge the bullet so to speak. Was she just lucky? Maybe but she quit because she didn't want to die from smoking related disease and it's worked out for her. We can't undo our past deeds but we can take positive steps to shape our future. Worrying about what might be is just a waste of precious time. Focus your mind on the positive thing you are doing for yourself by quitting, Now that's something to celebrate!
  12. You are determined to keep trying to quit and yes, that's admirable but what you really need is to focus that determination on staying quit once you finish that last cigarette. That's what really counts in the end. You seem like an accomplished professional person. Use that same determination you must have had to get to where you are in life to stop smoking for good. Of course it's not easy but nothing worth having ever is - I expect you know that. Going through the worst part of withdrawal over and over again is no way to live you life. Get this quitting thing done once and for all. It's within you there somewhere. It's within all of us. You just need to find it then hang on to it for dear life. As Jillar said, get involved here on a regular basis. It will help you focus on your quit. You clearly want to quit so ..... dig in! Let's get this done once and for all.
  13. WD 40 ... the modern day magic potion
  14. Sorry to be off topic but ....... Another thing WD-40 is really good at is removing adhesive residue from a surface. A little spray, let sit for a moment then wipe away the sticky adhesive residue.
  15. Yes! Stay safe at all costs Sazerac! It's disturbing to see the major storm season starting this early.
  16. Nope! Ugh .... don't wanna end up like this!
  17. Good things come in small packages
  18. I almost forgot ...... the other day when I went golfing for the first time in about 15 years, I found two lighters in one of my golf shoes - lol. No cigarettes, just 2 lighters. Go figure! Oh and I didn't have any trigger to smoke while I was golfing either. Never crossed my mind even once. I just realized that now. I used to smoke while I golfed of course so I'm a little surprised I didn't have any thoughts about smoking while I was waiting at a Tee box or something. Anyway, it's all good, except for the golf game. My score sucked big time!!

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