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  1. Way to go Mac! Adding yet another monthly building block to your already solid quit!
  2. Having befriended four rich women TIQPB
  3. @johnny5If you're going to drink beer until there's a winner declared then you might end up like this!
  4. Welcome aboard the Quit Train jswiss! Yes, the sleep disorder you experienced is like a direct result of your quitting. Just one of the temporary quit symptoms we all go through when we quit. Power on and put these tough days behind you. That's the only path to freedom. There's a whole video library available to you here on a separate page. Lots of quit subjects covered there by Joel Spitzer. Lots of success stories here and also important is the support you'll get here. No one knows quitting like a fellow quitter!
  5. Congrats on the new cell phone! On mine, the floppy goes somewhere in the base of the phone. Enjoy!
  6. Out of Quarantine today - Yay!! Still haven't left the house though. I think my world vision boundaries have shrunk to the inside of the house I'm in. Also, it's below freezing outside so that's an issue too!
  7. 3. Roll up your socks and keep them in your TB Tube.
  8. 9. Tie a hook to it and use as a fishing line.

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