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  1. In times of strife, we always revert to ........................................................................
  2. This Canadian price of $6.99/lb would equal 4.26 British Pound Sterling ..... $15.41/kg = 9.41 British Pound Sterling
  3. We know where to find you because we all know your address is Area 51, Nevada @Martian5
  4. I have those in my backyard! They make a hell of a racket
  5. You know what? I would be tempted to by her a thank you card and write a short note to her basically saying what you just said here. I bet she would be over the moon about getting something like that. She'd probably frame it
  6. Dr.'s are always delighted to hear that you have quit - that's for sure. Even your dentist will be thrilled as smoking has a huge negative impact on dental issues. Another benefits of quitting .... you get to say loud and clear, I quit smoking, rather than fumbling for words to indicate you know you should quit but haven't started yet
  7. Great Pics mighty! You're right - astronomy is an interesting subject. I think for me it's because we know so little about outer space in general. Your telescope must be pretty powerful. There's some excellent detail in your pics. Did you get any photos of our @Martian5 flying around out there while you were shooting your telescope camera?
  8. Damn-it!!! You beat me to it J! My Pizza HAS to be a Mossimo's Pizza though. Beer MUST be ice-cold as well. Forget a glass .... pitcher at minimum, since there's no dessert
  9. And shame on me @Leanna! I missed your 7th Quitaversary I now have you back in my database so this will not happen again next year A much deserved (but belated) Happy 7th Smoke Free Year!!
  10. https://www.livescience.com/second-death-vaping-illnesses.html?utm_source=notification
  11. You really need to break this cycle you are caught up in Juan of connecting smoking with things that happen in your daily life. Those stressful things will happen to you no matter if you smoke or don't smoke. Do you really want to keep trading your quit for a 5 second rush of dopamine that gives you that short lived pleasurable feeling because that's what you keep doing and that my friend is what is keeping your addiction alive, fully awake and demanding you keep servicing it? I can't think of a worse trade-off. Do whatever you have to do but never, never, never light up a cigarette and take a puff. You deserve better than being stuck in a constant cycle of early withdrawal! There's only one way to break that - NOPE!! You have 30 hours quit now, add another 24 to that then after that is done, add another 24 the next day. Just focus 1 day at a time for now - just quit for today!
  12. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    4 Ummm .... NO! The Sticks are the one's on fire!!
  13. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    3 Good morning. I see our lead has been eroded (again).
  14. I can barely write my name so don't know jack about anything to do with writing utensils but, based on your description of the person and occasion I would say; must be a fountain pen (ball point pen won;t do). Preferably with an ink cartridge or two. Quill pen with bottled ink is nice and retro but would likely not be used. Need to include a rocker-blotter and some fine writing paper. These fine writing papers come bundled in various formats and sizes. There are specialty shops for this stuff and of course, there's always the inter-web but, it would be nice to have some recommendations from those in the know when shopping for stuff like this. All in, it won't be cheap but your don't have to break the bank either to get a nice set of these things.
  15. Some temptations offer perhaps something tweak

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