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  1. LOL - You're welcome any time! I'll post pics when I do the cook - just as extra incentive And YES! Stay safe Saz! Looks nasty. Lots of rain.
  2. OK - YES!! That looks delish Now imaging a piece of scallop sandwiched in between the pineapple and bacon somewhere - heaven! That's exactly how I do mine, with a toothpick holding everything in place - Oh YUM!
  3. I have not tried that. I'm curious as to how that is done. I'll goggle it. I love pineapple and (dare I say) bacon I'm hoping that would be something I could BBQ as well I worked in the printing industry for over 40 years and before the digital age, everything was processed through a chemical bath containing god knows what chemicals. I'm sure those fumes were not particularly good for the lungs and possibly dangerous. I had a CT scan a month or so ago because my Dr. wanted a better look at my lungs than what an X-ray was showing him. Haven't heard anything yet. Hope that's a good sign? Glad you didn't have any unusual crap attached to your lungs Jillar At least we have all done the best thing we can do - we quit inhaling crap into our lungs! We can't change what we have done in the past but we can certainly take an active role in preventing further damage!
  4. I'm sure your get away will do you good, especially with such caring, nonsmoking friends! Have a blast and relax. You are doing something very special for yourself so celebrate your new, nonsmoking life
  5. LOL - yes! Everyone's welcome but the cost of airfare might just out-weigh the value of the Scallops I know where these came from though because my cousin Richard caught them, froze them in brine so although they were frozen for transport, I know they will be ultra tasty and the price was right And yes Jo, a small chunk of pineapple between the scallop and the bacon really sends your taste buds into overdrive! Especially smoke-free taste buds
  6. LOL - I'd be one of the last one's on the planet to go Vegan. Speaking of Scallops, I just remembered I brought back 4 pounds of those delicious little molluscs from my trip down east in June. Time to thaw out a pound of those little fellers, wrap 'em in bacon with a piece of pineapple then on to the BBQ!
  7. Huge congrats QueenB! 4 Months is fabulous. Please be sure to celebrate this amazing milestone and reward yourself with something special in recognition of all your hard work. Month #5 is straight ahead
  8. Oh WOW Christa! 11 Months smoke free and just a short month away from joining us on the Lido Deck. How exciting is that? Celebrate this milestone and keep your eye on the prize. We'll all celebrate your 1 year wildly next month
  9. Inhaling anything but fresh air into your lungs can't be a good thing. We all bought the lies from big tobacco many years ago and most of us (including myself) refused to believe the truth would actually affect us even when it was revealed by the recognized medical community. This whole vape thing is the same old story in a new wrapper as far as I'm concerned. I'm not buying it is safe or even safer than smoking cigarettes. By the time the truth is really known, yet another generation will be addicted to nicotine and at possibly higher levels because you can choose the nicotine level in your vape juice as far as I can gather. I'd hate to think what it would be like to quit if I was addicted to even higher levels of nicotine that what I was when I did quit!
  10. It's those habitual routines that take time to readjust to mentally Diane. Take this opportunity to change up your daily routines as much as you can. You will find that as a nonsmoker you will have a lot more time on your hands. It takes time to get comfortable to filling that time with whatever you feel is productive activities. It will happen, it just takes some time.
  11. What Sazerac said Diane " reading peoples stories helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and celebrate little victories" You can go backward on any pages on this forum and read people's stories and comments. You will be able to relate a lot of these comments to the feelings you're having with your own quit and then not only will you feel that you are not alone but you will come to believe that when others tell you it will get better then ..... it actually will. It just takes time is all. We are all the same. We go through the same process and providing we adhere to the NOPE principal, we all remain life long nonsmokers and are very comfortable as such
  12. It's hard in the beginning but what life changing thing isn't? What are you prepared to pay for your freedom? If this was war, you might be asked to pay with your life but quitting smoking won't cost nearly that steep a price. Look to your smoke free future. It's that bright, shiny thing straight ahead of you. Don't ever look back because your smokey past is done ... over!
  13. It's tough in the beginning for all who quit. There's only one way to get there and that's to go through it. All of us who have quit have been there - right where you are now and we know how agonizing those early days can be but you CAN get past them and then gradually, things get more manageable. What you are going through is a testament to just how awful this addiction to nicotine is. Now that you are a non-smoker, that's a testament to how strong you can be in fighting it. Keep fighting Michelle!
  14. One day at a time Diane - that's how it's done. Every battle you win, you get stronger and the Nicodemon you are battling gets weaker. Always remember why you are quitting and that you and only you are in complete control in this process. You will get lots of support and good information here as well and that is a great quit tool as well. There's a daily NOPE pledge page here as well. That's where some go each day to pledge not to smoke - just for today. Glad you found us
  15. Hey Jillar ...............................
  16. Yes - I heard that too about the headlight covers. Haven't tried it myself yet.

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