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  1. NOPE! Don't F with me Nicodemon .... my mother's a mean sow!
  2. Sounds to me like you're missing true commitment. Commitment to not buy cigarettes, posses cigarettes and smoke cigarettes. Books, videos and quit aid products are all well and fine but it always boils down to personal commitment to quit smoking. Without that commitment, you can not be successful!
  3. Pretty much how I still look at it Diane
  4. Glad you quit Edy! Best thing you could ever do. Hang in there today. You CAN do it!
  5. I'll go with #3 being the lie. We all love our dogs but puppies??
  6. 4 Months in the bag already DizzyD! That's fantastic Hope you do something special to reward yourself today for all your hard work. Spoil yourself
  7. Congrats free! 2 months done now and your quit will be getting stronger all the time. Keep at it and pop in to let us know how you celebrated your 2nd Anniversary
  8. Just generated my Pirate Name: Cap'n Sam Beerbong I'll stay with that one. Fits real gud!
  9. Seems legit. Wait ......... isn't that what I said about the advertising for cigarettes when I first started smoking?
  10. I'm more motivated than ever to join a local clean-up volunteer group. 1 person may not make a huge difference but I will make at least some difference. That's important because I too was a major contributor to this problem for more years than I care to admit!
  11. We may have quit smoking but our environment is still bombarded with the toxic chemicals contained in the filters of the discarded cigarette butts. World wide, it's in the Trillions annually. I can't even wrap my head around trillions. I know I have never seen that descriptor mentioned on my bank statement! https://globalnews.ca/news/4418956/cigarette-butts-ocean-pollution-ban/
  12. Where's @notsmokinjo? Is she sleeping again?
  13. Congrats CL! He or she will have a fabulous, smoke-free Gramma!
  14. I'm going first! I say #2 is the lie! Although, "owned" is a bit of a tricky word. You may have lived in a place where a TV was accessible to you but you never actually paid for one? I'm sticking with this choice though I can see you not ever dying your hair and never having driven a car. I actually know several peeps who never had a license. I also know a ton of peeps who have a license but shouldn't!!

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