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  1. That's also what takes the longest to change ..... our habitual responses to any number of situations that crop up in our daily lives - including emotions. Happy, sad, bored, lonely, excited they all create an automatic response and that is to light up. That's what the 1 Year Pledge is for. It's located on the Quit Smoking Discussion Page - pinned near the top of that page. It's an important reminder that it takes most of us a full year to completely recover - face and beat all our smoking triggers at least once (seasonal triggers included). That's why the 1 Year Lido Deck celebration is such a big deal. Once you get to that 1 year mark, you have truly arrived! Sure you may still have thoughts about smoking but you have proven to yourself that you CAN beat your addiction at it's own deadly game. Yes this is an insidious addiction but there are also habitual responses involved because most of us have smoked for decades. Same response to triggers over dozens of years. All those need to be addressed when we quit. It can be overwhelming at times but it IS doable. That's why support here is important cuz we DO get it! You're not alone. You're one of us
  2. Did someone say ..... Pool Party?
  3. This is a big one Solo! 6 Months or a half year quit today. You are officially 1/2 way to the Lido Deck with your quit! I hope you're enjoying the many benefits you have received since quitting. A special reward is in order for this special occasion!
  4. 4 full years smoke free is fantastic onthemark! Hope you are doing well and planning to celebrate the occasion
  5. Congrats Koder3 on 4 years of freedom from slavery to nicotine addiction. We're jumping for joy!!
  6. You know, I have heard that song a lot of times over the years but never once knew the name of it. The wife keeps telling me; "You're not paying attention!" As usual, she's right.
  7. Wow Saz! Big system dumping a lot of rain over a large area it appears. Stay safe and as dry as possible!
  8. Yes .... how's it going today? Hoping it's an up day today for you.. try to get outside and breath in that lovely fresh air. It's good for your lungs!
  9. I was going thorough some stuff I gathered together at my mother's house when I was there last month. She was tossing stuff out and I wanted to make sure there were no personal documents that should be shredded. Here's an interesting item. A Young Ladies Journal from September 1887. That's over 130 years ago! It's in pretty rough shape because the paper is starting to disintegrate. My mother says her mother gave it to her when she was just a kid. Somehow she kept it around until now It's got some fashion of the day pages for ladies and kids. And of course some advertising pages to pay for the publication costs: Hey! When was the last time you ladies went bustle shopping? Tell the kid you're taking her bustle shopping @notsmokinjo . That'll be an "Ah Mom!" moment - lol. Really shows just how much the world has changed in such a relatively short period of time. The invention of the telephone was only 11 years before this publication date! I guess there was no "on-line" shopping?
  10. Congrats on reaching another milestone in your quit Lilly. 4 Months is substantial! Hopefully you can find a way to stop by and let us know how you celebrated
  11. "Everyone must find what works for them." Absolutely correct! We all face the same challenges but we surpass those challenges using different methods. The method that is right for us.
  12. Many roads lead to Rome. The important bit is that you get there
  13. Congratulations on 7 full years smoke free @babs609! This place is a saviour to many, Thanks for being part of it
  14. Any quit is a good quit Michelle. The only thing you need to do is stop putting cigarettes in your mouth and lighting them - NOPE, that's it!

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