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  1. But what I found out when I quit Mona was that while I thought I was hiding my smoking from some people, once I quit I realized I could smell smoke on a person a mile away so that made me wonder; was I really fooling anyone but myself back then when I tried being a closet smoker? Probably not.
  2. So; what's "heaverin' " mean. (Oops! Maybe that's Scottish - or Icelandic or something?)
  3. Hey! Maybe @JohnQ? What about @Mona? Come on Peeps! This is maybe the only place you can lie your As* off and be praised for it
  4. Heat has been brutal lately here in St. Catharines too
  5. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    15 Yes! They're wilting in this heat we're having. Over 40 C again today!
  6. Wondering why I still call a steam shovel by that name because they clearly don't operate using a steam engine any longer. Internet says they call them "power shovels" now. I've never heard that term used In any case, a giant one just took out the house across the street from me. Hope nobody was home! You never know these days. Revenge from a relationship gone bad, Covid rage .... yeah, who knows? Pretty cool though. House was reduced to a pile of rubble in like 5 minuets
  7. What a wonderful moment in one's quit when they experience their first days of mental freedom from this addiction
  8. Wait a minuet! Didn't you forget something?
  9. reciprocity

    True or False

    False TNP has had an unintended fire in their house?
  10. Truth be told ........

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