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  1. Pretty sure I saw you this afternoon. You picked up a couple of things at the grocer then took the shortcut home by the lake; right?
  2. OK so, since you announced the Surf 'N Turf publicly, I will be coming for dinner Taters will be yummy too but like you, not sure I'm into the broccoli!
  3. You lot need a face mask like this one! Doesn't do a damn thing to stop the spread of the virus but no one will come within 6 feet of you .... I guarantee it!
  4. Wow! Glad to hear from you Kate! I hadn't seen posts from you in awhile so was wondering how you were. Sounds like you're right on track Glad to hear you have a new hobby too! That's great. Investing, done responsibly, can be very rewarding, in more ways than one Carry on .... happy to see you're still doing great

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