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  1. reciprocity

    True or False

    False - Don't drink anything with dinner actually. TNP has had at least 1 broken bone in their lifetime?
  2. Straight as an arrow
  3. Girl after my own heart Saz Hey @Linda Thomas that's one hell of a lot of meat pies - holy!!
  4. Lol - yeah we're cool. Just bugging ya. There will be a late charge of 2 meat pies though
  5. Pretty sure I won't smoke today ....... why would I? NOPE!
  6. Congrats Kdad on your 11 month quit! You're almost at a full year and that's something to be extremely proud of This next month will fly by and then we'll be piping you onto the Lido deck for a major celebration so, get ready
  7. Time to start packing your bags TobacNO because you'll be strolling around the Lido deck a month from now! Congrats on 11 months smoke free. You've done a great job!
  8. 3 is the lie, unless you had out of country health coverage.
  9. You are well on your way to a life long quit Diane. My wife quit probably 10 years before me. She never really put it in my face but when I was ready myself to quit her example showed me it was possible so her quit had great value to me. Hopefully the same will be true for your hubby and maybe he will see the light before I did?
  10. Smile when you're crying inside
  11. That's a giant pic of a 6" pie tray

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