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  1. I'd say we gotta get @Mac#23 in this game! Being that he works in a bar, he's gotta have lots of stories, true or false
  2. reciprocity

    True or False

    False TNP has seen a shark swimming in the ocean?
  3. OK ... gotta use it ................. Train (as in quit train )
  4. I'm not into hot snacks or hot anything actually so yeah, the originals are what I prefer. I switch them up between the puffs and the hard ones. They're both pretty addictive
  5. Careful now .......you'll either love them or not. If it's love at first bite, you'll have a snacking issue on your hands I have not seen the popcorn in Canada either yet, although I haven't looked for it either. I have never seen the hot ones shown in your pic @jillar Don't think they're available here in Canada either.
  6. Gonna say #2 is the lie - not sure you're a swimmer? I mean as in swim meets and what not.
  7. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    7 morning all!
  8. And it means a much healthier future not to mention freedom! How long has nicotine addiction controlled you every day? I can't tell you how much better it is when that is no longer the case

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