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  1. Nice one Juan. Keep going, 1 day at a time
  2. I see red, green yellow & blue! Did I win anything?
  3. Congrats on 5 years of smoke free life Meathead! Hope you celebrate you day today
  4. Our spring was like that here. I couldn't even cut my lawn because of standing water. The gardens were under water most of the time. The ground can only hold so much then it just pools. Hope the rain stops for you soon. It's supposed to rain here all next week too ..... welcome to autumn; cool and rainy
  5. Oddly enough, there were a considerable number of peeps strutting around all dressy & what not It was frickin' outdoors on a warm summer's eve. I'm not dressin up!! Flippies on my feet, shorts and a T-shirt and quite comfy thank you very much. I had no idea having a pickle up your arse was a requirement for attending the wine festival lol.
  6. We definitely had way more closet space around here before you lot showed up
  7. Congratulations Baseball Coach! 3 years ago today you did a fabulous thing for yourself. You quit smoking! Hope you celebrate today because even after 3 full years, quitting is celebration worthy
  8. The wife & I just got back from The Niagara Grape & Wine Festival which was outdoors in a park. The odd thing is neither of us drink wine - lol. Had a nice time though walking around looking at all the displays and there was good live entertainment plus a lot of great food offerings. Lovely night tonight too. No wind and perfect temperature. Gotta suck up these last few outdoor events before the snow flies
  9. reciprocity

    Scary Story/Stories

    Post as often as you want to and pics are worth 1,000 words so throw those in as well when ever you feel like it. My mother is turning 99 in Nov. she smoked for a good chunk of her teens through to probably 30ish? She has admitted to me that a few times the thought of; "I should be having a cigarette now!" I think she's just more surprised that it still happens occasionally after all these years. She says it almost jokingly so I know it's not a strong craving to smoke or anything but just some vague, smokey image in her head that still rears up on occasion because despite the almost 60 years she's been quit, she's still a nicotine addict and always will be. Although we can never become no longer addicted to nicotine, the beauty of quitting is that we can and do get out of perpetual withdrawal cycle, which is where we live each and every day that we are smokers. With time invested in our quits, it becomes effortless to remain quit. All that's required is mindfulness that we are still nicotine addicts and must act accordingly N.O.P.E. Putting that awful addiction into a deep sleep gives us a second chance at living life the way it was meant to be lived - free, healthy and a little richer in the wallet
  10. Glad to hear there's at least some progress in your medical issues and that your brain fog is getting better. All that stuff takes time but at least when you have a clearer idea of what's going on you can make a plan to deal with things and move forward. The circumstances of the death of both your wives is just bizarre. Both passing at the same age and on children's birthdays - wow! Just know this Richard, there's never anything any of us can do to help if a smoker does not fully commit to quitting - it's frustrating I know but it's just the way this addiction works against us. Hold true to your own quit now no matter what Richard. You owe that to yourself and your kids. They have suffered great loss too and will need their Dad to lean on.
  11. Great work Juan. You are really doing this. Don't let anything slow you down
  12. OK, I'll take #3 cuz I have no idea. And, where is Morgan City anyway? Isn't that in Ohio?
  13. Communication is always a good thing. Just don't do it when you're on the spin cycle - lol!
  14. Truth be told, I never did anything special for my self really. For me it was the pride in knowing I had put another notch in my quit belt that was most rewarding. I guess if you have a special interest or hobby, spend a little $$ in that direction for something that makes you happy. Or something as insignificant as having a special meal you wouldn't normally have, go to a movie you've wanted to see .... anything that brings you a little joy. A temporary, happy escape from your daily grind.

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