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  1. @Mee We use to travel to N.B. through the US. Love driving Route #2 from Burlington VT to New Hampshire then into Maine. Nice leisurely drive with lots of quaint small towns along the way. We stopped using that route when the Canadian dollar slide to 70 cents to the US dollar
  2. Not sure on the timing for lowering blood pressure Linda but I do know you're still in early days of your quit so keep at it. People tend to start getting wear of the constant battles with cravings and just always being on their toes 24/7 but trust me, it's worth the effort! It won't be long until things really start easing up and you'll get a little more breathing room. Do focus on benefits you are starting to see - that helps lift your spirits. Money saved, taste and smell improvements and I'm sure there's more. Remember the reasons you quit for. They're still important. Keep moving forward
  3. @Mee I thought it might be nice to post up travels as we might take them. I find it interesting to see other places I don't know about and it can, as you said, give you some ideas on places you might like to go to. Let me know if you do head for the East Coast of Canada sometime. I can give you some info. on New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Haven't travelled Nova Scotia or Newfoundland much but they've both got some great spots to see as well.
  4. Thought it might be interesting to some to share our travel experiences so that others get an idea of places they've never been to or in some cases never even heard of. I'm in New Brunswick Canada at the moment dealing with some family issues. Today the wife & I decided to have a break and take a short trip up the coast to a place called St. Martins which is located on the Bay of Fundy coastline. Here's some information on St. Martins & why people visit this place. https://stmartinscanada.com/local-attractions/tidal-harbour/ The Bay of Fundy is known
  5. We all were anxious about quitting before we started but once you commit to quit, that anxious feeling will disappear because you will be focused on the early days of your quit. We'll help you through and answer any questions you may have. There's also a wealth of information here so have a look around at the pinned posts top of a number of pages and there's a video library that addresses almost every aspect of quitting!
  6. Welcome to the quit train activeonly! You'll find a lot of support and information here that will help you on your quit journey. Everyone here is a nicotine addict, like yourself. We know what it's like to quit so it's good that you plan to hang out often. You'll feel right at home in no time. We love a quitter around here
  7. ^^^ Pretty sure that's either Aussie speak or French?
  8. Nice day here on the East Coast of Canada! Sunny & warm, at least for this time of year, so we took a drive down to my cousin's place. He owns a seafood wholesaling company. We grabbed us a few lobster fresh off the boat this morning and cooked those tasty little shellfish up for our meal this evening. You can't beat the taste of fresh from the ocean Atlantic lobster, cooked same day. They just don't travel well so we can't eat them at home any more. The taste is just never the same as fresh.
  9. 8 Whittering Is that French?
  10. 5 Sticks board of Chickerie has tabled a new game rule. "Rule #345: Third consecutive score posted by a chick must be posted by a different chick than those posting first and second score." All sticks in favor say aye!
  11. Now I'm sad I let my mates down by not being there to stop this slaughter.

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