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  1. Good job Jeff! 1st week is over - never to be seen again. That's worth celebrating! You've shown you CAN do this. You've made the cut!
  2. A Fall From Grace (Netflix) Not something I would normally watch but it was a pretty good "who don't it". Ending explains a lot.
  3. Every day you don't smoke is a day closer to being smoke free for life! It WILL happen given time. Be patient and focus on the positives you notice each day (even the small ones)!
  4. Going to work was hardest for me due to the brain fog I had, not to mention my shorter fuse. It all works out eventually so just hang in and ride the waves. You'll get there
  5. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    10 double digits (again)
  6. I live in a pigsty
  7. Don't be a dope. Just say NOPE!
  8. "food supplies that wouldn't normally be in my house" So you did order Pizza after all. I knew it!!

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