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    Hey Everyone wanted to check in and let you know how awesome this site is. I am 3 years cigg free and couldn’t have did it without everyone here. I am forever grateful!
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    Hi Lilley, We will support you in every way we can. From gentle encouragement to tough love if that is what it's going to take. It's hard work giving up smoking and kicking nicotine to the curb. People who have never smoked or had any type of addiction do not understand how difficult it really is to quit. Everyone hear on quit train understands . They have all been where you are . There are people in different states of their quit willing to help and encourage you. The big question you need to ask yourself is "Do you really want to be a non smoker and are you willing to fight for it". There is a lot of videos and articles here to help you in the right direction but you have to be willing to put in the effort and commit to 100% smoke free. So, stay safe, make smart choices and always remember to Nope ( not one puff ever).
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    So you know you CAN quit for a substantial period of time because you did that for a year so learning quitting tools isn't the issue here. What seems to be at issue is the you have never really quit in your mind. You're just abstaining and missing it all the while. In my opinion, that's the part you need to work on. Changing your mindset when it comes to smoking. Education about what smoking can do to us will help with that. We all avoid seeking out that sort of information when we quit because .... we don't want to know. Why not start researching that subject now. Reading about the link between smoking and all sorts of life ending diseases will help recondition your mind. If there are specific things you think you "love" about smoking, come here and say so. People can perhaps give you different perspectives on that. Make a list of the things you like about smoking. As I said, others may be able to give you a new outlook to focus on. And, what about the benefits you gained when you were quit? Maybe try to focus your mind on those next time you quit. Any one of us can change their way of thinking about something. That's the part you need to work on in my opinion.
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    Nope.... I refuse to smoke today
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    I knew if I lost this quit ...I probably wouldn't have it in me for another....I had lost hundreds of quits ... The difference this time is knowing I couldn't smoke ..no matter what was happening in my life ... Take smoking Off the Table ...my junkie brain took this on board .... I can understand you leading up till the 1 st July...but I think that's worse watching that day come close and closer ...knowing your smoking days are coming to a end ... It's like leading up to some thing huge.... My advice ..don't over think ..just trash the ciggs you have ....might as well start now ... Why wait ...????....why put more poison in your body ..just to get rid of it days later ... Make the positive decision ...you Quit !!!!..... You refuse to kill yourself slowly any more ...don't give those companies your money any more ... They get rich ...you die ....
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    t So true, we really need to comprehend this fact to kick this addiction. Hi Lilley, I'm really sorry to break to you, but the sad truth is that you are an addict, and so AM I. We're both Nicotine addicts. Like most smokers I've been denying it for years, but accepting this fact has been helping me to fight this addiction. I now realize I didn't really enjoy smoking, I smoked to feed the Nicotine addiction. I used to plan for all my previous quits as well, birthdays, new year resolution, anniversary, etc. But I believe all those plans were just excuses to smoke longer, again probably due to the "perception" of enjoying the smoke. I've done too many of those "planned" quits, they don't work if you still think you're "giving up" smoking on that date. On June 1st, I realized how pathetic I was with all the excuses, so I said to myself "the hell with the plan! ", I dumped all my vaping stuff, torches, cigars, etc., including 2 packs of Cuban cigars worth over $300. I guess I've had enough. If I had stayed with my planned quit, I would still be smoking right now instead enjoying 3 glorious weeks of Nicotine free so far. So the real question is: Do you really want to quit? If you do, right now is the best time to quit.
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    My advice is simple. Stop looking for an excuse why you keep failing and start looking for the commitment required to succeed.
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    This is tough love Lilly... Don't look at it negative .....if we didn't want to help we wouldn't have been bothered to answer your post ... Look at it as a positive response .... We are giving you support the best way each of us can .... So take your seat ..buckle up ....and read and watch .... If it doesn't sink in first time ..read it all again ...until the light bulb goes on ... You have quit ....you just needed to enjoy being a non smoker ...and believe in yourself .... Take the daily pledge ...get a ticker ....join in the board Newbies helping Newbies ...it helps your own quit more solid ... Have you quit Lilly ....or you still smoking ???
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    Lilley We have been around the block a little with this .....I seem to remember you got angry when tough love was given ....wrapping it up in cotton wool will not help you understand this addiction .... Your a nicotine addict ...as we all are ..!!!! You don't love smoking ...your hooked . Your still believeing all the lies ... You had a great quit going ....but it does sound as if you still hadn't got it set in your thinking smoking will do nothing for you ... Once you have COPD ...there is no cure ...none....I have just watched my hubby die of Emphysema. It doesn't just happen to everyone else ...it could happen to you .... Go back to basics Lilly..... But it does have to come from you !!!!.....we can support you as much as humanly possible .... But we carnt quit for you ..
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    Hi Lilly, I remember reading all of your posts when you were trying to quit last year. To me, it always seemed that you depended on other people too much. You wanted people to tell you the magic words to make you quit. Then you wanted people to tell you things to make you happy that you had quit. Looks like you are still doing this: This just sounds so wrong. You don't need encouragement to quit. You need to make a decision and stick with it. You need to do the work yourself. Nobody can do it for you. Nobody can quit for you. Nobody can make you happy that you quit. Do what you have to do to wrap your head around your addiction. Do what you have to do to get happier...to me it seems like you may suffer from depression. Then come up with your quit plan, commit to it, and do it!
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    How's this for encouragement lilley, I waited to quit until my breathing was so bad some days I couldn't walk to the mailbox without getting winded. My pulmonologist told me it was asthma but every time I got a cold my breathing got worse. Now four years after quitting I'm sitting here on oxygen, diagnosed with severe emphysema. Something as little as a chest cold can send me to the hospital or worse. If I had of quit BEFORE my breathing issues started I probably could of staved off most of this, at least for a few more years if nothing else. Don't be stupid like me. Instead of thinking about what you like about smoking think about what you like about being quit. As far as your friends and family not seeing your failure, they do see it. And if you want to know what they honestly think, ask them.
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    Jane, so sad to hear of your friend but glad you popped in. I miss you lady. You were such a huge help in my quit. I hope you are all settled in you new home and surviving the pandemic. Much love linda
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    Lily, Your 'quit window' has been open for many years. Every damn day you smoke, you could be free. Every cigarette you light could be your last one. Start at the beginning again even if you think you know it all because if you are still smoking it hasn't sunk in AT ALL. 10 Ways To Effectively Use This Forum To Stop Using Nicotine People come and go. Some quit, some relapse, it is the nature of Nicotine Addiction. If you are here to build a sturdy, successful quit and being Honest and Kind, we will be here for support.
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    @reciprocity Thank you for sharing that with me. It is awful. Her friends were going in there that night before she passed smoking with her... holding the cigarette up to her lips, giggling like little girls that she could manage even a tiny puff. It was just...idk...morbid? Sickening? I'm always baffled and taken aback in those moments, speechless even (doesn't happen often) but to each their own. This is the truth of smoking tho, and that's why I post it bare and unfiltered. It's not the quitting (because you can quit) it's not the staying quit (because once you quit that's all there is)...it's not even the dying... it's the people you are leaving behind. Grandbabies with no memories of their grandparents, daughters having to have her wedding at hospital bedside because you're not going to make it home, husband's selling retirement dreams to pay for your funeral... Man. I hate cigarettes. Rejoice, rejoice in the quit! Stand strong knowing that you only truly have to do it once. If you still smoke, please know there is light at the end of the tunnel...just put out that cigarette, get on the train and ride to it, my friend!
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    That looks like ham !!!!..... Did I ever mention here I like sausages ....just wondering .....
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    Congratulations on your great quit Latoya!
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    Hello Sarah, You'll be happy to realize that it's the best decision you've made to get on the Quit train to freedom, just stay close to the forum and you'll be fine. There are several others like myself just got on the Quit train this month, let's stick together and ride this train to our new freedom. John
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    Aww Jane .... I too have felt your pain ...lost my life long friend of over 60 years.. die of a horrible death due to smoking .. Watching her beg for that last cigerette broke my heart ... Also my hubby last year lost his fight after suffering for years with Emphysema.... I'm so sorry for your loss .... I too hate smoking with a passion ..... Hugs Sweetheart
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    Welcome back, Are you ready to put in the hard work and commit to quitting. This is where you make the conscious amart choice to be smoke free. You have been here before and you know what to expect when quit nicotine. So, board the train and kick that nicotine monster to the curb. You also know the truth about the wonderful support you will receive here. So, stay safe, make smart choices and always remember to Nope.
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    Hi Sarisaac. So happy your back. I am 65 and smoked for 43 years. Never thought I could quit until I landed on this forum. You have the power to do it to. Stay close to the forum, get to know us all and and we will help guide you through.
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    She was a really good lady, just "could never quit" because "she loved smoking". After I quit, I secretly hated going to her house because she couldn't get outside anymore so her house smelled awful and the walls were yellow. We knew the end was close but she wouldn't go into hospice care because of Covid-19 regulations would keep her friends and family from being with her and she didn't want to die alone. We took turns, the lot of us, spending the night, having bbqs, popping by...she was loved and never alone so I'm not sad; just mad. I hope you are all well and remember to wash your hands!
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    So Jeff..... What's it to be ???? Stay a miserable smoker tied to a addiction ....until you die .....or .... Set yourself free....we can only tell you how wonderful it feels to not be shackled to a addiction ... You have to get to Freedom and feel it for yourself .... You have been given the best advice from everyone here ...specially the newbies ...!!!!
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    As you know, we're all very different so I can only speak for myself. I spent a lot of time learning about nicotine addiction. I learned that smoking does not relax me. It does not help me to cope with stress. It's does not keep me occupied on long drives. The cigarette is not my friend. I learned that the cigarette doesn't do a damn thing for me. With that being said, why should I smoke? Does it make sense to pay for something to slowly kill myself? Do I want to die sooner than I have to? ...that is where my resolve comes from.
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    Jeff - No one is going to be able to slap some sense into you. That needs to come from within. Snap out of this disastrous cycle and get this done once and for all.
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    Set a higher goal Jeff, one month isn't long enough to really see all the benefits quitting offers. Get yourself a ticker for your signature. I used to love logging on everyday to see how much time, money and cigarettes not smoked I had accumulated. Stick close to the forum, a big part of my success was from the shear determination to not let my quit buddies down by failing. All for one, and one for all!
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    Hi Jeff, I am a newbie, so I am not as experienced as those pp, but I am 19 days into my quit. But if I may I think the problem is you. Now I don't mean to sound mean, but everyday you have to commit to your quit. You say that you never have an excuse for failing. I don't think that there is an excuse out there that makes relapsing OK. You keep failing I think is because the craves and urges aren't assaulting you daily, yeah they are there, but barely noticeable. So You forget to reaffirm your commitment to quitting each and every day. No matter how easy or hard the cravings are. I made myself a SOS video to help me in case I want to smoke. I got the idea from the pre-post S.0.S. from the S.O.S sub-forum. I knew a letter wouldn't work, bur hard to deny a video of you telling yourself that you are an idiot if you light that cigarette up would work better for me. Maybe you need to think outside the box to make sure that you can protect your quit. Maybe you should try putting things in your quit plan that helps with times like these. I believe that you can do this. I believe you really want this. So you just have to allow yourself to do this. Think outside the box to deal with the Junkie side of you that has been able to allow yourself to say that it is okay to smoke. It is never okay to smoke, but if you do relapse take what worked from this quit and previous quits and put them towards a new quit, figure out your problem areas from last quit and make adjustments. You got this and if you want someone to help or just be there for you to vent or what not. Message me. We all will help you through this, YOU just have to let us.
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    I have increasing numbers of white hairs....I'm not even going to start dying...because I had regrowth and it will cost a bomb.
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    Sucks big time Jane Keep the good memories close because that's what your relationship with her was all about. I remember having to clean up my sister's house after she died from a combination of smoking and alcohol abuse. Her bedroom walls, where she lay and smoked all day and night, were a disgusting yellowish-brown. Stained from years of cigarette smoke. Made me wonder what her lungs looked like yet I continued to smoke myself for another year. Who knows, maybe that did something to tip the scales for me. Can't say but now as a nonsmoker, looking back on that makes me mad too so I know where you're coming from. Congrats to all us quitters for taking the steps to shape our own futures!
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