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    It's possible that I'm not thinking about smoking every day. Just had a craving for a smoke a few minutes ago, and wasn't in any risk of lapsing, but it reminded me that I hadn't been on the forum for a few days. I guess that's how I know I haven't been thinking about smoking--I've been forgetting to post the daily pledge. The stressor this time was a tense scene while watching a movie. Triggers to smoke are fewer than I expected. I didn't expect to be at this comfort level with being a nonsmoker for many months.
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    Has it been two weeks already? Every now and again a quitter shows up who is just destined for success. Since day one here you have shown a good mix of commitment, grit, and humor. A great combination of attributes that will carry you through the process. We commend you for the way you are handling the process and congratulate you on two weeks of freedom. Everybody give it up for Helmethermit...
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    Hey @Iwantone Well done on your quit. It sounds a lot like anxiety - which given the times in which we live, is not surprising. If the deep breathing is working, then I think you’re all good. However, if get worse, give the medics a call. Quitting, I discovered meditation - and have been doing it ever since. I find it really helpful.
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    I always thought bakon suffered from some mental condition but it’s obvious now he’s just speaking some weird form of Australian. Am I right!
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    i am just that one wild cowboy i guess. seriously i would have loved to follow the rules and quit - slow and steady. but the quit this way was funnier. lol . thank you for whispering as to what was around the bend by giving me the endless links - lol, and making sure i was prepared .
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    Nope. I haven't been on here for a few days but I'm still quit.
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    Thanks for posting and congrats on 41 days! This happens to a lot of people but in these times, a quick consult with a doctor is highly advisable. That said, the fact deep breathing makes you feel better is a good sign. Deep breathing techniques probably wouldn't do much if it was the virus. When you're anxious, this is just what happens. Remember, smoking DOES NOT CALM YOU DOWN. Smoking will not help and in fact, make it worse. Nicotine is a very powerful stimulant which raises your blood pressure and triggers adrenaline to start coursing through your body.
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    thank you so much johhny5 i turn into the tough profile kid (you know which one - lol) whenever i am in doubt of a re-lapse. any crave would get beaten by this angry cute kiddo. thank you for all the strength and believe me that profile pic of yours inspired me more than a team of ten folks would. kiddo power - boom ! thank you for the kiddo.
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    Congratulations @helmethermit on your first 2 weeks smoke free. These are the toughest weeks and you are doing great. Keep up the awesome work.
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    hello GAD - so you finally write to me after an eternity. mind : is she ignoring me? soul : she is busy mind : but she can post a one liner, right ! soul : she is busy - unlike you she has a lot of patients to attend to mind : is she a nurse?? soul : yes - but in a very bigger sense. she heals the body, mind and soul together mind : wow, she sounds like a seer, a good sorceress - that is amazing soul : she is really all that and more. she is the godmother of our quit when it was a baby. she is the guardian angel mind : oh i see - that is why you call her GAD soul : yes - not just call her - i mean it too and so should you mind : agggggggh, (crying - i want a message from doreen, i want ne now, aaaagh) soul : stop crying - just scroll up - she just sent us one mind : NO- she sent me one - not to you. she sent it just for me soul : ok child - whatever - just be happy mind : mee- whoo, whee- doo.... (lol - quitting makes a guy go bonkers - anybody doing a scientific study will have tons of data supporting this claim in my quit and posts ) on a serious note - thank you so much for everything you did and for things you did but never told me about . ladies and gentlemen - please get ready to stand up, clap and salute someone who means so much to me and always will. A big shout out to my quit's Godmother and my Guardian angel this is the soulful doreensfree thank you GAD, you are so special - and you always will be.
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    Congratulations H ..... Your Rocking this Quit ... Your GAD
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    thank you jillar , truth is i was just the face - you were a big part of the shadow brigade - the real power source a big shout out to the jillar - the shy - power generator that hides in the shadow. thank you for all the strength. you must be a joy - just to be around i am sure of - no, i know it to be a fact, i can feel it. i feel so joyful just replying to your message. thank you again.
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    wow - i!!!! this is so special from the new family i made out here. that is one of the most touching things anyone has ever done for me - thank you from the bottom of my soul my good friend. i have no words or any way in which i can truly thank you guys. the applause is for us. this beautiful home and our family. a family that stands by each other. thank you so much - all blowing the gusts of winds beneath my wings. a beautiful and touching gift clearly reflects a beautiful soul. i am so proud to be a part of your beautiful life.
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    Congratulations on two weeks quit helmethermit, it's great to have you here and watch your journey
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    We offered support and advice. You gave us the opportunity to watch another quitter break free from the chains of addiction. It's a win-win situation for all involved.
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    dear helmthermit, Congratulations! Sailing along in your new found freedom....15 days, hurray Glad you have found guidance, inspiration, information and support from the folks on QT... for your new life of freedom. A non-smoker. May each day of your life be easier and more wonderous than the one before. Glad to have a seat with you on this train.
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    Hello iwantone, Glad you're here. Giant round of applause for your 41 days. My experience, so far, has not included the breathlessness feelings you are having. Sounds like many folks have given useful information, I'll just say again....welcome! Glad you're reaching out with questions. Keep your quit. Amazing the things that make us think we want to smoke. Breathlessness ... smoking will never improve that situation....or any situation. Deep breathing...what a gift. Glad you are finding them calming and useful.
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    Hello and welcome ..... Congratulations on your great quit .... I personally didn't suffer short breath ....just wanted to add ,any worries ,get it checked out ...it will ease your mind .... Our bodies have been battered over the years is smoking ,it takes time to heal... Glad your here ...
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    (ahem) I was calling everybody honey, baby, sugar, darling, doll from a very young age, mister boo. When we (Southern Older Women) use, 'Sugar darling' or 'Honey Man' you can be confident that we they have seduction in mind.
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    Congratulations, @helmethermit, on your Two Weeks of Freedom ! I agree with @Boo, it was obvious, right from the start that you were building a successful quit. It is a real pleasure to have you here. You are an inspiration to everyone that quitting is possible and do-able. It is just a mind-set. A commitment to yourself. Thank you so much for sharing your quit with us. S
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    I am so happy for you, @Kate18, building a successful quit. I know it has been rugged for you on past quits. So glad you are seeing better days ! Here is a great group discussion filled with resource links about Every Quit Is Different
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    You got this now Kate. Now keep looking ahead and never look back. Life is wonderful without smoking!
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    That's awesome Kate, I'm so happy for you I love to see someone who struggled succeed, you should be super proud of yourself
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    The fear of quitting kept many of us smoking for years. The reality of quitting made us wonder why we didn't do it sooner. Congratulations Kate. Enjoy your newfound freedom.
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    I don’t know what anyone is saying
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    Welcome to our merry little band of quitters, I. Congratulations on quitting smoking ! Here is a thread to help you navigate around QTrain 10 Ways To Effectively Use This Forum To Stop Using Nicotine Deep breathing techniques are very useful to conquer craves and for general well-being. Being able to calm ourselves with controlled breath, can truly help us through these anxious times. Here are some resources pertaining to your concerns. I hope you find them helpful. When You May Really Need To Talk To Your Doctor About Quitting Smoking My Smoking Helps Me To Breathe Better Is This A Symptom Of Quitting Smoking?
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    We had a similar situation here in Tennessee a few years ago. A man referred to an Indian store owner as "chief." The store owner assumed there was some racist connotation to it. Locals explained that men around here will often refer to other men they don't know as "chief", "big guy", or "boss man" just to name a few. I'm a white guy, very white in fact, and I've been called "chief" many times by many different men. Learning a new language is tough enough. Making sense of regional eccentricities adds a degree of difficulty to the process. Also worth mentioning, if you're a man and come down South some older women will refer to you as "darling" or "honey." They're probably not flirting with you, that's just how they greet you.
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    Yes, everyone does have different quit effects and yes, there's a lot of anxiety with what's going on in the world. The best thing you can probably do is call your Dr and tell them you quit smoking and what you're experiencing. They know you and your history and can tell you if it's something you should go into the office for.
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    I have been a lurker for awhile and this is my first post. I quite 41 days ago. I get this feeling of being out of breath and have to do some deep breathing to feel better. Even when I talk this happens. I am 99% sure I don't have corona, so lets bypass that please :). Can someone please share if this happened to them and if so how long it lasts after quitting or I need to be concerned? Its the one thing that makes me want to smoke...crazy as that sounds. Any help would be so appreciated.
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    Good news your feeling much better ....keep reading ...we have posts that cover more or less everything you want to know .. How about changing your name to...I NEVER WANT ONE......much more positive ...
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    Day 15 of 14 Day Challenge 60 sec plank - had to try twice because I couldn't hold it right after the squats. lol 30 squats walked a mile +, Mani, too Woo HOO!!! I did it. 14 challenge, skipped a day, but I got there. Doing my happy dance. forgot to submit yesterday... and today I have done nothing.... tomorrow looks good okay...finally got out for the mile walk with cat and man... geez am I lucky to have such great company!
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    @notsmokinjo I did not know there were appetite suppressing foods like that Still no gums , i am going to buy some regular gums in the evening Thanks a lot
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    Iso & Quarry are kinda here to stay I reckon. My brother and his mates have their kids running an iso Olympics. So the poor supermarket workers are copping a fair wake of verbal so they are a but fragile at the moment....last time I was down the shops the checkout chick burst into tears when the old bloke in front of me said "Thanks darl" as he left. Now here I am thinking it was happy tears cos someone was nice to her...yeah nah it was a language/cultural/accent issue. Being me I ask her if she's alright. She says it's too much she is sick of everyone being racist to her all the time. (Huh??)...yes all the time men and women are being racist to her and calling her "Darl"....huh?, How the fruck is calling someone darling (darl) racist...I do it all the frickin time...so I tell her 'i don't think they mean to be racist, they are just saying thank you'...."but just because I am indian why do they have to call me Darl"....an then I jerried....when an aussie says Darl it sounds like Dahl....so trying not to laugh I say....'yeah-nah they aren't calling you Dahl....they are calling you darrrrl...short for Darling...if they wanted to be racists an nasty they'd call you curry muncher. Girls and boys will both say it to you...sometimes ladies will say thanks love or thanks sweetie too. It's just that we don't say r properly." An yep as I walked off...thanks Darl. But at least she smiled this time.
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