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Pre Respond to your own SOS


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Baby you can do this!!! You've always looked up to shamans, Kung fu masters and Mystics for the reason of their wisdom and peace, there is no peace in smoking, it's always an anxiety. It's time to be reborn and see what my body is capable of as a non smoker, you know the life of a smoker, time for the beautiful unknown. All the time And extra money we will enjoy, using it positively to contribute to the greater good. Cigarettes hold us back from our full potential greatness. What a fool you were to think it was a part of an artists image to smoke and start to begin with, there is no glamour like the 1940s glorifies smoking to look like, it steals your shine, your worthy of shining bright like a comet!!! Stop romancing the idea of that stupid cigarette, it's gonna be hard but nothing worth it is easy! Now go shoot off into the sky and never look back! When the craving comes dismiss it off like its a creepy drunk guy overly trying to hit on you at a concert haha!! We got this! Love you! Wu Wei .... Warrior through...you choose don't be chosen... Light up the world not a cigarette :) xo -me

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To Michelle: Please dont give in. You have three days smoke free. You can take a deep breath. Your mouth tastes good. You smell good. Energy coming back. Why are you craving something that will kill you? Think about mom and aunt judy. They both died from smoking related problems. Imagine telling Chris, Lori Jessa and Alex you have a terminal illness. Youre 48. No matter how old you feel, u are too young to die!! Be strong for them until you can be strong for yourself. Dont listen to the excuses that the Just One Monster is giving you. They are just that. Excuses.

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Hey Girl

You've been quit 6 weeks as I write this. You've never quit before! You love it! You're proud of yourself, you've found self esteem, you don't get tears in your eyes as you fall asleep because you're so useless you can't even quit smoking. You don't stand outside in the wind and rain. You got this. You don't 'crave' a cigarette. You don't even like it. Stop being an idiot. And if you 'wanted' to smoke, you already would be. Now shut up. Love ya.

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.................   Uh, helllooo!   

                                    DO COME BACK TO CREATING WHAT YOU WANT FOR A MOMENT,                PLEASE AND THANKS.


                                            Been there,      done that.  



                                                                                   No need to repeat.


Whatever is happening in this moment will pass and you will feel differently.  

                                                                                   Choosing to smoke signs the deal on how you will choose to be feeling. 


                                                                                  MAKE A DIFFERENT CHOICE. LOVE ON YOURSELVES.


                                                                                   endless choices.      including~

                                                                                            walk with the feople (cats)

                                                                                            write letters or post & read here

                                                                                             mindful check in and breathe

                                                                                             whine and wail

                                                                                             paint or glue


                                                                                              sing and dance



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Seriously Karen?   How many times do you want to have to start over, anyway? You don't even know if you'll ever find the strength to quit again! Last time you screwed up you went on and smoked for about 3 more years ! In the heat of the moment you just THOUGHT you didn't give a shit anymore and you lit up a smoke and WHAT THE HELL DID THAT SOLVE???? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

You made a promise to dad on his death bed that you'd quit smoking and this has taken you 19 YEARS to make good on it. For Gods sake, you even quit on his birthday! Don't throw it all away, we know it's not worth the price we pay. So GET OVER IT ALREADY. Stay on the quitrain.

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Morgan - I am going to break down just a few of your quit smoking points. Think logically about this! 


- Stop spending money to choke yourself!!! x100 


- I am pretty sure there is no bigger time suck or waste of money than cigarettes - think about your health and financial future.


- Having a cigarette today just puts you back into your addition - why risk it when you are already free? 


- There is no such thing as one cigarette - the next time you consider having one, think about the thousands that will follow.


- If you can't make this quitting thing work - what is your alternative? Are you going to just smoke the rest of your life?? Seriously, quitting will be hard today, or tomorrow, or 10 years from now - how does putting it off make sense! Plus you are already through the worst of it - why start over now? 


- Are you in physical pain from this quit? NO! Stop moping and you'll feel better. 


- Why hope for something you wish wont happen - You've quit smoking, you're not going to smoke again - nothing bad has happened, in fact something GOOD has happened - just get on with your life.

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Whatever temporary discomfort you may be dealing with is well worth the effort to rid yourself of cigarettes.  The only thing smoking a cigarette offers is a brief nicotine fix that will silence the addiction on a very temporary basis.  A nicotine fix is a fleeting thing.  If you decide on one nicotine fix, you might as well commit to the thousands of cigarettes that inevitably follow that first one.  For one nicotine fix, you will chain yourself back to the cigarette.  You will continue to serve out your self-imposed life sentence of being a smoker.  Is a nicotine fix worth more than your freedom, health, and self-respect?  How much more are you willing to sacrifice for a never-ending series of nicotine fixes?


Remember that any anxiety, irritability, lethargy, depression, or any other less-than-desirable feelings you may currently be experiencing are not to be blamed on quitting cigarettes.  Withdrawal and all of the negatives associated with it are a result of having smoked cigarettes.  The cigarette is the cause.  The quit is the cure.


You are a non-smoker now.  You never "needed" a cigarette.  The cigarette has nothing to offer and there is no rational reason to ever smoke again.  Smoking is an exercise in futility that borders on insanity.  The whole act of smoking depends on an addicted mind continually falling for the same illusory tricks day after day after day...All that is needed to end the cycle is for you to decide and commit. 


The choice is yours and the power is within.  Proceed.

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Remember how happy you were the last time you quit smoking? You started working out and you were able to play the flute again (since you could breathe!) You also went to the dentist and got your mouth healthy and teeth whitened. You bought nice new stuff with the money you saved. You didn't have to feel embarrassed of being stinky when you met with clients. You didn't have to go outside in -20 degree weather to smoke.


You threw that all away for what?! Who even knows. You can't even remember why you smoked, yet above are all the reasons you can remember not to, ok?? Chain smoking a pack on a bad day will only make your day even worse, I promise.


Don't screw this one up!!! No excuses!!!

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It's not worth it. You've come so far to get back to being the healthy non-smoker you used to be. Don't give in to this craving. Don't fall back into the old routine. This is just a chemical/emotional reaction due to whatever's going on right now. It's not you. It's situational. You KNOW you don't want to smoke. The feeling you get from smoking... you're working towards having that be your norm without cigarettes. Smoking right now derails all of that, and you don't want to go through this again.


Go for a walk, eat a piece of candy, do some pushups, breathe... whatever you need to do to get out of the situation and the headspace you are in right now. Find a different endorphin rush.


Go read your journal from when you were so pissed you started smoking again after 9 years being smoke-free. Remember your reasons for quitting. Re-read your quit plan. 


And remember, this too shall pass. You've got this, girl. Stay strong and be proud of yourself. You've done it before, and you CAN do this again. I believe in you.



Your willpower


P.S. Contrary to popular belief, I DO exist!!

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So you're lonely. People help with that, not cigarettes. Yes, you're upset. Smoking won't help with that either. Hold onto your quit. People are there for you, and proud of the progress you're making. Just stick with it. You'll have all the attention you want on Sunday at game. You'll be with friends. And tomorrow your dad will be home all day. You can find something to do. Cry it out if you have to. But just don't smoke.

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Corey, you're just having a bit of a rough patch. Take your deepest breath, hold it, exhale... very... slowly. Now do that a bunch more.

Okay, now imagine punching Joel in the face. There, now you're starting to feel better.

Next, listen to your peeps. They have all been through this, it's just a part of the process, and can help if you just let them.

Remember, you are not in a good frame of mind, and aren't capable of rational thinking at the moment.

Okay, we're settling down. Just let it go.

Most of all, remember that you have no control. If you think you can just have a maintenance smoke now and then, you're lying to yourself.

Now just put that trip to the store you've started planning out of your mind.

It's all or nothing, you know this!

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This is a tried and tested idea I had a while back.


take a moment to write yourself a response to your own SOS.


no one knows you like you know yourself, and if you do post an SOS we can show you your own words, something that you will really listen to.


do it now while you are strong, as we know that when we are weak we can struggle to fight and to find the fight within ourselves.


I'll get this started..


Jonny, what ever is going on that has thrown you into this confusion, please stop and reflect on your achievements and restore that belief in yourself.


You know that you are free and that you have always sought and fought for that freedom, and that your freedom or imprisonment are simply states of mind that you control.


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This is my response to my SOS. If you are struggling today just remember watching your poor Mother go through surgery/Chemo and Radiation because of the evil habit of smoking. Remember how scared you all were as the Chemo and Radiation made her sicker. Hopefully by the time I need this SOS Mom's PET scans will all be clear. Take a good look at the pictures for the Lung Cancer Walk 2016. NO SMOKING!!!!!!!! You have kicked worse habits than this and have become the better for it. :-)


2/23/17 - In case the above isn't enough now also can remember watching your co-worker Stage 3 and can't breath (this was one of your smoking partners) you do not want to be her in another 20 years because that is what another 20 years of smoking will do.

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Smarten up Pig!!


You remember watching your father die with a plastic tube shoved down his throat to prolong his life? Do you remember cleaning your sister's house of the dark brown nicotine stains that covered her ceilings and walls after she had died from smoking? Even you as a smoker you couldn't believe how bad that was. Through all that you continued to smoke and ignore the clear evidence that smoking kills in a very ugly way.


Then years later you somehow decided to quit. You did something they never were able to do and now you're even thinking of throwing that away - don't you dare do that. Do anything but that!!

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My upto date pre-response to my own sos


No there's not just one.

It's not cozy to smoke, or tough... What smoking really is... Is nog Just one but the whole package, coughing and cursing as combined with asthma attacks.

THAT is smoking.

Not cool. It's way cooler to be a non smoker.

It doesn't help to smoke when I feel like shut Caz when I also smoke I not only feel like shit but my mouth taste like shit too... Plus the guilt, self hatred and disappointment.

All not cool.

Be cool and don't smoke.

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Nothing to see here.  Just some random procedure words of some soul on the other side of tomorrow.


Discordia Hibernaculum.  


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


Space/Time/Matter/Energy = Element/Form/Condition/Power


"It's your choice but I would prefer you didn't smoke."


You would mortgage your soul for a smoke?


One for sorrow,

Two for mirth,
Three's a wedding, 
Four's a birth.
Five for silver,
Six is gold,
Seven for a secret never told.
Eight for a wish,
Nine for a kiss,
Ten for a time of joyous bliss.
It hurts, embrace the pain.
It craves, welcome the desire.
It's empty, feel the void.
Remember what you care about.
Recall what is important.


Caricature of the Undead's and the thoughts inside their heads.


I am you as you are me and we understand multiplicativity.


Breath deep, sleep, dream, hold the ice till it melts.


Do not call up that which you cannot put down.


You can earn everything but the time you spend.


"Look at your hands!"

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You've come this far. Look at all the times you've literally cheated death from many incidents. You won't be so lucky next time if you choose to smoke.


Think of mom dying of COPD before your eyes in the hospital, angry 'til the end at you for not allowing her to smoke with her oxygen tank running. Both grandmas died from heart issues related to smoking. Think of all the people you've known who have died of smoking: aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends.


You quit for, what, over 20 yrs? And you chose to start again a couple years back. Stress is no excuse. You did quit before and you're doing it again. Done. Yay, you! You're stronger than you give yourself credit.


The awful stench. Ugh! Who needs that?


Please be kind to yourself and remember the risks of heart attacks, strokes, cancer and all the rest. You want to be around for your kids.♡


Now, move on with your day and remove smoking as an option from your mind, body, and soul.


I'm glad you're listening.

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